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Good Morning Friday 30th September 2022

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Michael12 Fri 30-Sep-22 05:57:30

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry outside at the moment in brackley .
Today , a small local shop to start for basics ,and then get bus to Bicester , return and go to get some Fish & Chips .
I contacted my sugary as to iron tablets using patients access and messaging my Doctor , reply was missing a few days will not hurt as the Iron Infusion I will be having will more than make up for it.
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 30-Sep-22 06:05:59

Good morning from a dark, dry E Kent.
My Spanish lesson went well, although I seem to have forgotten everything after over two years of lockdown, one one year without attending on Zoom, Y teacher was beside herself with the quilt and, by chance, she is seeing the little girl next weekend.
After my giving up, the bed etc., turned up in the early evening, so all is coming together for my friend’s arrival today, probably again in the late afternoon.
Hope all is/has been going well for everyone. Carpe diem. ????❤️

Ashcombe Fri 30-Sep-22 06:10:52

Good morning from a dry (so far!) Torbay.

I have a rare few ‘empty’ days in which I hope to restore my flat to some kind of normality after a busy summer, culminating in having my decorator in the back (dumping ground!) bedroom so everything from there is around the flat. No excuse to leave it any longer but it's not a job I relish.

All the best to you, grandMattie as you begin such a selfless undertaking. ? Such altruism brings its own reward.

Happy holidays to those who are away and kind thoughts to those having medical issues addressed. Take care, everyone! ?????

BlueBalou Fri 30-Sep-22 06:13:11

Good morning Mick, it’s dry here too at the moment in my corner of Wiltshire, rain’s forecast by late morning.
I hope your iron infusion helps with your health problems and that all goes well.
Apart from dog walk this morning I have a Zoom art tutorial late morning and I must get a list of life admin sorted too.
I finished cleaning out the greenhouse yesterday, I’m so chuffed ?. I rearranged the staging so that it’s along one side rather than L-shaped, I still have plenty of room for growing tomatoes etc next year. Talking of which DH picked all the tomatoes, there must have been at least 28lbs! I have given my neighbours bowlfuls, I have a large tray of green ones ripening on the side, it’s tomatoes with everything. The freezer is full (I don’t like chutney and cba to make it anyway!)
I hope you all have a lovely day, take care x

alexandraly1 Fri 30-Sep-22 06:16:47

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cornergran Fri 30-Sep-22 06:43:53

Morning Mick, owning All from a chilly and dark corner of Somerset

Yesterday went from stress to stress, here’s hoping today will feel lighter and space appears to do something I want to do rather than have to do. My fault for taking on too much.

Sounds as if it’s all coming together grandmattie, don’t forget to look after yourself. Sensible advice about the iron mick. Fish and chips may well be on the menu here today. Good luck with the sorting ash, I’m itching to get to some, just need the space.

Take care everyone. Hope Friday is kind to us all.

MawtheMerrier Fri 30-Sep-22 06:57:05


I turned up in the early evening, so all is coming together for my friend’s arrival today, probably again in the late afternoon.

Isn't this what Grandmattie just said?
Has the hospital bed "joined" GN ?

ginny Fri 30-Sep-22 06:59:49

Good morning everyone from a dull N. Bucks.
Awful night after my 4 th covid jab yesterday. All my usual joint pains are much worse today but hopefully will settle as the day goes on. No fever but had to put the heating on for the first time last night.
So a gentle day for me, luckily I had nothing much planned , maybe I’ll get my watercolours out.

Thoughts with all who are poorly or troubled. Let’s hope for a little bit of sunshine and a smile along the way.

grandMattie Fri 30-Sep-22 07:00:17

Obvs, ???
We need a bit more variety!

MawtheMerrier Fri 30-Sep-22 07:02:16

The same troll spammer has posted spam elsewhere.

brook2704 Fri 30-Sep-22 07:12:47

Good morning everyone from DD1s house in Cambridge where it’s a grey wet start to the day
Thank you all for your kind messages, my journey down here yesterday went fine with no problems and it’s lovely to see everyone again.
Nothing much planned for today as theres school and work etc. but tonight I’ll be looking after the boys whilst DD1 and Sil go out for a nice meal somewhere
Sorry to hear you’re feeling bad after your covid jab ginny good idea to have a restful day and look after yourself
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings ?

grandMattie Fri 30-Sep-22 07:28:50


Obvs, ???
We need a bit more variety!

Hadn’t realised that. At least in this case, it is harmless…

grandMattie Fri 30-Sep-22 07:29:45

Bummer. Meant to quote and reply to Maw. ?

BlueSapphire Fri 30-Sep-22 07:34:45

Good morning everyone from a very grey Northampton; rain forecast by lunchtime; by which time I hope to be back from the hairdressers.

Yesterday's funeral of our walking friend went well, with a lovely humanist kind of service led by a celebrant who spoke very movingly. Afterwards we repaired to a pub where drinks and refreshments were available. There were about eight or nine of us from our walking group present, and we were most touched that donations were in aid of local walking groups.

Book club this afternoon, and for the first time I have still not finished the book! It is coming with me to the hairdressers this morning, where I hope to complete it.

Hope all goes well today grandMattie, and that your friend settles in comfortably.

Wishing all a pleasant Friday.

Grandmabatty Fri 30-Sep-22 07:40:43

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 12°, wet and windy. Mick I'm glad you got your iron issue sorted.
Yesterday I had a lovely time with dgs2 who is a delightful baby. Then dgs1 arrived and was a delightful three year old. I've seen them when they aren't so charming so I'll take that as a win!
Today will be a quiet day. I have a bit of a headache and a tesco delivery later so no need to go out. I'm making the most of it as next week will be busy. Have a good day all.

Pittcity Fri 30-Sep-22 07:41:35

Good morning from sunny Seville. I can't see the sun from our apartment as we face a shady courtyard. It rained yesterday evening but today will be hot and dry.
We visited the Alcazar and Plaza d'espana and really got our steps in.
I really should've taken Spanish lessons GM but I'm getting by. DH lets me do the talking.
Love to all ? x

Gala Fri 30-Sep-22 07:46:40

Good morning all. Dull & dry here in Sefton but rain forecast for later.

Zoom exercise class this morning but no other plans for today. I'm sure there are lots of little jobs to be getting on with if I look hard enough. But I have a book to finish & a new cross stitch kit to start.??

Hope all goes well for you & your friend grandMattie.

Gingster Fri 30-Sep-22 07:47:29

Good morning all and it’s very misty her on the Suffolk Coast. Lots of spiders webs on the gorse bushes. Autumn at its finest! ?
I’m sad my pumpkins haven’t materialised (yet). Lots of flowers but no fruit ?.
We spent much of the afternoon tidying the garden, pruning, clearing out pots of dead annuals, harvesting tomatoes and chatting to our lovely neighbour. Mr Grumbly (next door but one) didn’t look our way. ?. Who cares!

Today we will go to the local nursery, just plants and shrubs, no cafe or gift shop. Winter flowering pansies and a cabbage or two. As we aren’t here all the time, they have look after themselves. .

Another here for fish and chips this evening , I think.

GM - I hope all goes well for you and your guest today. ?.

Wishing good days for you all ?

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 30-Sep-22 07:53:35

Morning all from Norfolk. We are heading back home at 10 am so hopefully the journey will not be as hideous as our journey here! We will return via Cambridge and Milton Keynes rather than the M25. I always look forward to getting back home and seeing the cats, although various medical appointments loom over the next few weeks. I have a bone density scan and colonoscopy lined up, together with covid and flu boosters. OH is probably having a urological procedure shortly. Oh well, all part of life’s rich tapestry! Have a good day everyone.

Chrissielou Fri 30-Sep-22 07:56:26

A very misty and damp start to the day here in Oxfordshire. Wonderful news yesterday; my DD1 is clear of cancer and in full remission. We are overjoyed and so very thankful to the incredible skill of the Trial Team and the Oncology Unit in Oxford. Thank you too for all your support over these difficult months.

I am looking forward to weekend, its been a very busy week which included an archery lesson which I loved, but wasn't very good at, and a watercolour session, not very good at that either smile. It was for a team day which I had organised at work.

I hope you are all blessed with sunshine today.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 30-Sep-22 07:58:57

Chrissielou, that’s wonderful news!?

monk08 Fri 30-Sep-22 08:04:07

Good morning all from the Black country.
Managed to tidy another cupboard yesterday so have another bag for the charity shop, have taken 2 round already this week.
Meeting friends this evening at the club.
Hope all goes well with your guest grandMattie
Enjoy your Friday everyone and may you all find some ?.

Grandmabatty Fri 30-Sep-22 08:05:05

Chrissielou that's excellent news.

NannyJan53 Fri 30-Sep-22 08:06:06

Good morning from a misty and damp Black Country.

Such a contrast to the last 10 days spent in sunny Portugal. We arrived home yesterday around 6pm, feeling very chilly.

Covid jab this afternoon, then over to DD's to look after 11 year old DGD as parents and older sister are off out. We will go out for a meal at the local pub. It is not very often I have her to myself.

Holiday washing on, but doubt it will dry outside.!

Wishing you all a lovely day

monk08 Fri 30-Sep-22 08:06:23

Wonderful news Chrissielou flowers