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Good Morning Sunday 2nd October 2022

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Michael12 Sun 02-Oct-22 05:54:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its dry this morning in brackley .
Yesterday , I went direct to Bicester ,as I gather from friends who I normally see when I go via Buckingham , there had been road accidents causing bus delays , anyway we spoke in Bicester .
Today , having brought a half yearly diary so I sort out my medical appointments and booked trips pencilling in and making sure there are no clashes
Today , watch some of the London marathon with cycling in afternoon.
Take Care,

Ashcombe Sun 02-Oct-22 06:26:42

Good morning, Mick and those who follow from a wet Torbay. I feel sorry for the holidaymakers here.

Last Sunday, while we were away, several holiday makers were evacuated from a nearby hotel due to a fire which was thought to be the work of arsonists. The cynical amongst us suspect an insurance fraud as it is not unknown. In the last decade there have been three other such fires at failing hotels in Torquay.

I plan to attend church this morning - it must be six weeks since I last went, prompting a concerned email from the parish priest earlier this week.

Every blessing to you all. ??✝️??

grandMattie Sun 02-Oct-22 06:46:44

Good morning from a dry, barely dawning E Kent.
My friend was rescued from the floor by two delightful paramedics. She then slept for four hours and I woke her up for lunch. Her afternoon and evening were much better.
She needs a lot more help than indicated by a very airy OT, and was discharged with a bags of medications, but nothing else. She needs a great deal more attention than indicated, but it’ll get better with time. Unfortunately, I have a very busy coming week, I may have to cancel things.
Iris is 10 today. She had a pool party last evening, with a chocolate/vanilla marbled cake. The party bags went down well. I’m Skyping her this morning.
I’m at Junior church this morning, ending in church today as usual. What isn’t is the sour vicar retired two weeks ago and the Bishop of Dover is presiding! She’s a dear friend of my lodger so may well visit in the coming weeks.
Hope today is gentle with you all. Carpe diem. ????❤️

grandMattie Sun 02-Oct-22 06:54:32

sour vicar= That our vicar… ?

Urmstongran Sun 02-Oct-22 07:07:33

No Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dark and damp. We must have had rain in the night.

I had a bad night owing to aching all over from my Covid + ‘flu jabs yesterday. Every muscle aches. I feel as though I’ve done several rounds with Mike Tyson!

Himself is showering and shaving in preparation for today’s journey up to to Wester Ross. I plan to do even less than my usual, resting and taking paracetamol. How are you Blossoming? You had your two jabs yesterday too.

Glad you had a better night grandMattie but sorry to hear this is going to be a harder task than you first anticipated. How on earth would your friend have coped without you?

ShazzaKanazza Sun 02-Oct-22 07:10:42

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a lovely Menorcan morning.

It’s my parents final day here today so they want a day around the pool and relaxing. DH and I are going to Cala Galdana beach for the day so we will meet them for dinner this evening.

Yesterday we visited the Tayolytic settlement of Trepuco. It was fascinating as I enjoy history. We then went off to a lovely beach called Alcafar and went back to join them in a late lunch and then dinner in the evening. Dad is realising it’s more of a struggle than he anticipated.

Happy birthday to Iris grandMattie.
Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. Special thoughts to those with stress and illness. ??

BlueBalou Sun 02-Oct-22 07:29:05

Good morning everyone from a decidedly wet Wiltshire, lounging in bed with a coffee here ?
grandMattie that’s my (extensive) experience of OYs here, underplaying the patient’s abilities for discharge from hospital sadly. The number of readmissions I had to do was sad, simply because the ability in in a hospital with smooth floors, adjustable height beds etc didn’t translate when in a home environment. Things like walking with a frame on a hospital ward well but can’t manoeuvre on a carpet with limited space.
I do hope things go well for your friend and that you are able to still go out.
Yesterday I made stuffed marrow (yummy), 3 apple cakes so will deliver a couple to friends this morning. I cleaned out the fridge (long needed!), covered the garden furniture properly and managed to get a few more tasks done so a productive day.
Big pile of ironing to do this morning but nothing else planned.
Have a lovely day everyone x

brook2704 Sun 02-Oct-22 07:32:31

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s looking grey and damp but I think we have a sunny forecast for later.
Good idea with the diary mick to keep track of all your appointments
We had a lovely day yesterday, I enjoyed browsing round the shops in town and seeing the amazing buildings. We’re all off out somewhere for the day today but not sure where yet.
Wishing Iris a very Happy 10th Birthday gMattie and thank goodness you’re there to support your friend. I hope you don’t have to cancel much of what you’d planned
Hope you’re feeling better soon Urms and anyone else feeling unwell today
Safe journey to all those travelling today and take care all whatever the day brings ?

Abitbarmy Sun 02-Oct-22 07:35:02

Good Morning everyone from a bright and fresh North Yorkshire. Looks like being a lovely sunny day, hopefully less windy than yesterday as I would like to sort some plant pots outside, ready for spring bulbs and maybe some tidying of the borders. Six weeks to the birth of the twins, one of each, so need to get lots done before then so I can be available to help when needed. Have a good day all. flowers

Pittcity Sun 02-Oct-22 07:36:30

Good morning from sunny Seville.
The temperature is creeping up each day, which is unusual for October we are told. It's only 15° now but will be 30° plus by 5pm.
Yesterday we browsed the markets, ate a late lunch in the shade and watched a big religious parade. We then retreated to our apartment for a shower and siesta before venturing after dark over the bridge to Triana for drinks and tapas.
As it's Sunday the shops are all shut, so we plan to take it easy today.
Love to all ? x

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 02-Oct-22 07:45:42

Good morning Mick and everyone from a dull Oxfordshire.

Not much to do today, apart from sealing up some cupboards in the kitchen, after I’ve done lunch and cleared it away, ready for the chap to come and sand the worktops whilst he is here doing the conservatory floor. Trying to keep the dust out of all the cupboards to save having to empty them.

Happy Birthday to Iris ?? hope she has a lovely day.

Granmattie it is hard work helping someone after an op, especially if it leaves the friend disabled. We did a wall chart for MissOops meds, so that we can tick them off as we give them to her, it stopped us all trying to remember what time she had what pill.
It worked last time and when she has her op on the 11th the chart will go on the wall again.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Sar53 Sun 02-Oct-22 07:55:52

Good morning from a very grey Essex by the sea.

We are off to Upminster this morning for a rugby festival for the boys. I'm going along for a change of scenery, my Kindle is packed.

Have a pleasant Sunday everyone xx

GrannyGravy13 Sun 02-Oct-22 08:15:50

Morning all

Urmstongran I had my Covid jab in Friday, and during the day yesterday I became increasingly achy, tired and not myself (even my eyes hurt) the good news is that I have woken up feeling normal this morning, it’s a day for #lazygran x

I should attack the ironing which I had intended to do yesterday, other than that the only thing I have to do is cook a roast this evening (beef)

grandMattie I do hope that you can get some help with your friend, you have been through so much this last year, it should be you time now ???

Enjoy the rugby Sar53

Have a peaceful Sunday dear friends ??‍♀️

karmalady Sun 02-Oct-22 08:16:23

good morning, very wet here in s somerset

Seeing relatives in wiltshire this morning and looking forward to the drive and to getting used to my new head unit sat nav

I will spend some time later today, learning how to listen to a podcast, never heard one and people say they listen to them all the time. Would be lovely to listen while sewing

I am happy with my thermostat settings now, neither too warm or too cool. It was trial and error. I liked the quick 10 minute manual boost, warmed up the en suite lovely for my shower and quicker than the electric would have done

Marydoll Sun 02-Oct-22 08:16:50

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where its currently 11°.

Glad to hear you have bought a diary Mick, hopefully no more confusion about appointments.

GM, I had a similar experience with my mother and the OT dept., because she was blocking a hospital bed. She was not as incapacitated physically as your friend, but I refused to hand over her house keys, knowing she would need lots of nursing care. I was made to feel that I was an uncaring daughter, until a geriatrician assessed her, agreeing, she could never go home.
In the end it was decided that she needed full time nursing care.
OTs are under such pressure to help free up beds.
Its a huge undertaking and you need to look after your own physical and mental wellbeing, GM.

My Zoom conference was a bit of a disaster yesterday. I decided to do it from bed, resting on doctor's orders but my tablet kept crashing and a lot of bad words were said.
Eventually, I had to log into my PC. It was a live conference in Glasgow, but I knew I wasn't up to be going physically, (a lot of hills to climb), so Zoom seemed a solution.
When I eventually logged in, my name came up on the screen and I was invited to give my opinion on the question being discussed. I was caught unawares and so embarrassed, but giving my opinion has never been a problem. ?
Then the doorbell rang, an unexpected visit from DD. She had brought me a huge coleus, which the garden centre were giving away for free.

Today I need to go to church to pin down new volunteers, who need disclosures. because, they are not responding to my emails. Sadly I need to be blunt, arrange a disclosure or no volunteering with children! I cannot understand why people can be so reluctant.
I also need to keep up to date with the parish census, its a huge job.

Hope you feel better in time for your holiday, Urms, and no side effects for you Blossoming, a necessary pain, but worth it!
For all those on holiday, enjoy. Pitt, I am green with envy. I have such happy memories of my visits to Seville.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

Wyllow3 Sun 02-Oct-22 08:23:17

Good Morning from a sunny S Yorks.

It will be nice if it stays for the day.

Well done grandMattie for getting things sorted for now, but clearly a lot to do before she has enough support for home alone.

Flu jab yesterday, Covid Wednesday but they dont (cross fingers) seem to have an impact.

Quakers today and pop into the gym. I couldn't go to Quakers last week and missed it so much. After that, as little as possible, done in by yesterday.

I enjoy holiday postcards! ShazzaKanazza do you live there all the time?

May you all have the best day you can whatever it brings.

EkwaNimitee Sun 02-Oct-22 08:24:14

Good morning Mick and everyone from sunny Carlisle.
I think I'm suffering from after effects of my covid booster on Thursday...headaches, temperature, aches and pains. It came on Friday evening though in spite of that I went on my usual Sainsbury's shopping trip. Probably a wrong decision as it brought on a migraine and I went home, passing up on a planned trip to the garden centre. I'm a tad better this morning but plan just to sit about and finish the weekend papers. It's not covid itself though, I tested to make sure. I'm glad I didn't have the flu jab at the same time.

I'm adjusting to having a lightning fast computer, I'm so used to having a thought or two whilst waiting for the whirling rainbow to stop! I'm pondering what to do with the old one as I never have any confidence that I've totally obliterated my data.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Blossoming Sun 02-Oct-22 08:25:34

Good morning Mick and everyone. A cool and sunny morning in this corner of Lancashire.

Yesterday I had my Covid booster and my ‘flu vaccine, both in my left arm. My arm feels heavy and sore at the top and I can’t lift it very high, but I can’t use it much anyway. I have to hold my stick in my right arm so can’t have jabs in it.

We are off to Liverpool to visit my sister today as it was her birthday a few days ago. I will catch up later.

Happy Sunday ?

Jaxjacky Sun 02-Oct-22 08:31:34

Good morning all from a rainy S Hants, I’ve a machine load of washing to do so hope the sun is out later.
We had the grandchildren yesterday afternoon, we played Rummikub, picked all the green tomatoes ready for chutney and went for a walk.
I hope everything settles more gMattie it’s an heroic undertaking.
Get well soon Urms hopefully a 24 hour reaction.
Lovely pictures Pitt thank you.
Enjoy your day all ??

Grandmabatty Sun 02-Oct-22 08:35:50

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 9° with blue skies. The windows were cleaned last week and the state of them after the last few stormy days!
Yesterday my lovely aunt by marriage who is younger than me visited unexpectedly. It was just as well I had completed the housework by then as her house is immaculate. We had a good blether and laughs. She and my uncle are going abroad for a month and I'll miss them.
Today will be quiet as I had a bad night's sleep. A bit of gardening if it stays dry and a little ironing. Gammon for dinner. Have a good day all.

monk08 Sun 02-Oct-22 08:40:05

Good morning all from the Black country where it is sunny again.
Urms the covid booster made me achey and nauseous I was like it for about 36hrs just slept, DH just had a bad headache.
Really enjoying these holiday snaps Seville looks amazing shall have to put it on my list of places I would like to visit.
Roast beef for dinner.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone and may you all find some ?

dustyangel Sun 02-Oct-22 08:46:20

Good morning everyone, I haven’t caught up with you all yet but wanted to tell Urmstongran, before I forget, that I’m much, much better today after my two jabs on Friday. I’ve still got sore injection sites but don’t think that will last long.
Hope you all have a good Sunday.☀️

BlueSapphire Sun 02-Oct-22 09:03:53

Good morning everyone from a bright dry Northampton. Just watching the start of the London Marathon; the wheelchairs have just set off.

Enjoyed my shopping trip yesterday but I don't know how a new tunic top ended up in my trolley.... By the time I got home I was too worn out to walk to the garden centre, so I watched the rugby on tv, and read the Saturday papers.

Planning on putting a chicken casserole in the slow cooker late morning, as I am going to the cinema this afternoon to see 'Mrs Harris goes to Paris'; it's the story of a cleaner whose dream is to have a Dior dress. I have a jumper to exchange in Primark, so will be able to do that before the film.

Hope today goes well for all.

ginny Sun 02-Oct-22 09:12:46

Good morning from a dull but dry N. Bucks. I’m a bit late this morning although we were woken around 6 by our neighbour who was tidying his front garden. Goodness know what was making sure much noise.

We’ll be going down to the rec’ in an hour to watch DGS2 in his first actual rugby match.
Otherwise a quiet day, the ironing can wait until tomorrow.

Kind thoughts for all who need them in any way. Hope Sunday is good to you all.

Gingster Sun 02-Oct-22 09:30:02

Good morning all and it’s a bright morning here . The sea is glistening and very calm. On Friday the sea was steaming!

Reading about all your flu/Covid jabs, I’m a bit concerned as mine are due next week. I’m wondering whether to have one done and then the other a bit later on. ?.

I’ll pop into town soon and buy a chicken to roast. I couldn’t be bothered yesterday!

Yesterday we walked in the pine forest and the smell was amazing! With the rain the night before and then the warmth of the sun, it reminded us of our camping holiday in France the year we got married. 1971. Smells are so evocative aren’t they! ???⛺️???.

Love and best wishes to you all .?