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Good Morning Monday 3rd October 2022

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Michael12 Mon 03-Oct-22 05:45:10

Good Morning Everyone,
Still dark but dry here in brackley this morning .
A nice easy day for me today , no plans apart from a paperwork sort out .
Plus housework .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Mon 03-Oct-22 05:57:44

Good morning, Mick and other early risers from a dry Torbay.

I’m expecting an early call from DD2 who often rings (hands free) as she drives to work. Her busy life leaves few free chunks of time to catch up with me, even at weekends. I expect others on here have offspring in a similar position.

A Lidl shop beckons after that then I'm at home until this evening when I'm a Front of House steward for the opening (charity) night of 39 Steps at our theatre. My ex-DH is Front of House Manager tonight so it will be like old times (sort of!)

I hope today is the start of a good week for all, especially those with challenges to face themselves or with those for whom they are caring. ?????

grandMattie Mon 03-Oct-22 06:06:19

Good morning from E Kent. Haven’t opened the curtains yet.
FYI, my friend has lost only her right leg, so is much more mobile than some of you think.
We had a busy but easier day yesterday. I left her for two hours while helping out at Junior church. The bishop who was presiding at the service came round to visit, being her personal friend. (My friend is a retired vicar). She was racing off to London, but I managed to persuade her to have a bowl of soup, so she didn’t go on an empty stomach.
Then another of her friends came in the afternoon, and is organising her, taking care of all sorts…. (Thank goodness).
Today, more visitors, more stuff to arrange, probably a call from Social Services, etc.
Hope our own dear Mary feels a bit better today, or at least, a little calmer. The best to all in difficulties.
Carpe diem. ?????

Gala Mon 03-Oct-22 06:37:50

Good morning all. No idea what it's doing out there. It's still dark & I'm not getting up to look.
Lunch out yesterday with the local Lions Club went well. I really appreciate a 'no cooking' day & the speeches, thankfully, were very short.
Singing (for non-singers) group this morning - motto 'Sing like no one is listening' & library this afternoon. That's enough plans for today though I really should fit in a load of washing somewhere.
Take care.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 03-Oct-22 06:38:13

Good morning Mick and everyone, from a still dark but very cold Oxfordshire.

Floor sanding chap is due at 7.30, everything from kitchen is in dining room, so left over roast to be zapped for dinner, no actual cooking for 3 days…..

I woke up so early, I’ve done something to my shoulder and it’s giving me serious gip, it started before I began moving furniture so I haven’t done anything to it, so just about to take some pain killers, I’m staying out of the way today so an easy day.

Pleased that your stint as a nurse Is going well GM you are a very good friend indeed.

Have a good day everyone, let’s hope some sun shines on us.

BlueBalou Mon 03-Oct-22 06:41:12

Good morning everyone from a dry start in Wiltshire.
It’s a GP appointment for me this morning and Covid+’flu jabs for both of us this afternoon.
I also need to tidy up the flowerpots and tubs on the patio and drop some bits off at the charity shop.
I hope you all have a good week, my thoughts are with those having difficulties x

cornergran Mon 03-Oct-22 06:50:41

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark and I think dry corner of Somerset

Decent day yesterday. Unreasonably proud of ourselves for learning via the web how to sort our misbehaving dash cam. Our reward was a trip out in warm sunshine, a bit of a stroll followed by tea and cake.

Weary this morning as I’ve been awake since 2.30. Why? No idea! Spent a while watching a fox wander about before returning to bed to read. Sorting clothes for the change of season this morning, an observation session for my embryo volunteer role and a package to colllect this afternoon. All pretty mundane but ok

Things seem to be settling grandmattie. Good to hear. Sorry you’re in pain oops, please get your shoulder checked if it continues to be bothersome.

Wishing you all the best day it can be.

BlueSapphire Mon 03-Oct-22 06:58:21

Good morning everyone from a still dark Northampton, at least I can see that it's dry out there.

Up early this morning as it's yoga; then afterwards a friend is picking me up to go to a ''knit and natter''. It's at a local pub, and hasn't been going very long.

Yesterday's film was quite good, a gentle comedy, although a bit far-fetched. Also managed to pop into Primark to exchange my jumper.

Hoping today goes well for all.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 03-Oct-22 07:06:47

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Usual Monday, I think. Waitrose shop and laundry. OH is playing croquet after lunch. I have to let one or two people know that our neighbour died over the weekend. My neck is still sore but I think improving.

Georgesgran Mon 03-Oct-22 07:08:28

Good morning from Durham. Posting early to thank all the Tunnock’s caramel wafer lovers for their kind messages yesterday, especially Maw.
Have just sent the plumber a text about the leak - it’s in the most awkward of places and I fear a lot of damage/disruption to find the problem.
Can’t think of anything else today, other than this.
Have a good day.

Pittcity Mon 03-Oct-22 07:15:08

Good morning from sunny Seville.
Had a quieter day yesterday with a walk along the river and stopping for a drink in the park. Back to our apartment for lunch and a rest as it reached over 30° in the afternoon. Out again after dark for an evening meal.
Today we are getting the train to Cadiz.
Love to all ? x.

ShazzaKanazza Mon 03-Oct-22 07:16:13

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Menorca. Another hot day forecast.
We said goodbye to Mum and Dad last night after a beautiful dinner. I think Dad will think long and hard about going on holiday as usual for Christmas. Also insurance for him is nearly as much as his holiday but he has enjoyed it. I will miss him.
Today we are going to travel around the west coast popping in to various villages and beaches along the way to explore.

Time to get dressed for breakfast. I’m a bit disappointed because they can’t cook me fresh eggs in the hotel as they only have one hot plate so cook all the breaded items on there too. It’s a small hotel. I’m having cold boiled eggs. It’s nothing but I do love an omelette in a morning.

Have a good day everyone and virtual hugs to those struggling with illness and worries??

Marydoll Mon 03-Oct-22 07:20:34

Good morning all, especially the early risers like me!
The golfer is golfing, so of no chance of sleeping on!
It's 12°C, so not too cold.

GM, thank you for your kind words. I'm relieved you have clarified your friend's situation, like many on here, I thought she was a double amputee.
It"s also good to hear that you have some support.
I was sorry to hear yesterday, that both Corner and Georgesgran, have had stressful times.

I don't have much planned today, apart from a little bit of church admin. I have a little office in the parish house, where I can hide away in peace.
The only distractions will be the PP's large dogs. I am afraid of dogs, but the dogs follow me about, nuzzling in and trying to chew my shoes! The PP thinks its hilarious, he calls them my pals, especially the baby, who is huge, but has taken a shine to me.

Yesterday morning was very pleasant, I caught up with a few people at church, oh how I love to chat! It was a real tonic.
We have a parishioner, who is a retired GP and whom I find rather formidable and aloof. She stopped me to ask, how I was and gave me an enormous hug, when I told her what had been happening. I was quite overwhelmed by her kindness.

I ended up not attending Mass, because I was so breathless, especially because there was rather a lot of incense and I've never seen the church so busy. It was a bit overwhelming for me. I'm very wary of crowds!
It was probably, a good thing, as both priests saw how fragile I am at the moment.
A bit of makeup and a nice outfit go a long way to covering up, you would think I was very healthy! ?

The two priests said some lovely things to me later, suggesting I set my own agenda and go at my own pace and that the most important thing is my wellbeing, so not to overdo things. (Heard that before, somewhere).
You see my problem is that my brain, never stops whirring, it's my body which lets me down!!

I will come back later to catch up with all your news.
Ash, I hope all goes well tonight. I have read the Thirty Nine Steps so often, I almost know it off by heart.
Also hoping all the sore arms have eased!

Wishing you all the best of days!

Jaxjacky Mon 03-Oct-22 07:24:03

Good morning from a grey S Hants. Housework this morning and an eye test this afternoon. I know I need new glasses, if nothing else my current ones are scratched and hard to clean.
Hope your MIL is still improving SunshineSally and gets home today.
Have a pleasant day all ??

Greyduster Mon 03-Oct-22 07:24:25

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from South Yorkshire where there was a fabulous pre-sunrise sky this morning. Not sure what that will herald, but red sky in the morning is usually shepherds warning. I don’t have a lot it do today - the ironing basket will need some attention. Home made bacon and lentil soup for lunch so will walk to the supermarket for some rolls. Dinner? No idea!
Have the best day you can folks!

NannyJan53 Mon 03-Oct-22 07:33:15

Good morning from a cloudy but fairly mild Black Country.

Monday morning walk, we usually cover 5 - 6 miles. Luckily rain isn't forecast.

The meal out last night was ok, but for the price was not really worth it. Doubt we will go there again.

Wishing you all a pleasant day.

kittylester Mon 03-Oct-22 07:37:59

Good morning all from a now cloudy North Leicestershire where we had a beautiful sunrise about an hour ago.

Expecting a visit from DS2 and a phlebotomist this morning - I know which I will enjoy the most.

I have no hope of catching up with everything that has been going on over the last 3 weeks so I just wish everyone the best day possible.

brook2704 Mon 03-Oct-22 07:38:44

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s a bright and dry start to the day.. It’s my last morning here as I’m off on a flight back to Inverness early evening after another lovely stay. The two gorgeous DGSs, aged 5 and 7 are growing up far too quickly so I like to visit as often as I can.
Hope the plumber can get the leak fixed easily georgesgran and it’s not as bad as you fear, try not too worry
Lovely pictures Pittcity, I really like Seville too. I’ll be interested to hear about Cadiz as I’ve not been there
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings ?

Gingster Mon 03-Oct-22 07:43:22

Good morning all and we’ve had a glorious sunrise here in Suffolk by the sea. The weather has been lovely since we arrived apart from the one wild night of gales and torrential rain. We haven’t had the heating on or lit the woodburner , the cottage is so warm. You would think we would be chilly as we overlook the North Sea.

We planted up lots of pansies in pots yesterday and will take the rest home tomorrow. They survive our neglect and always look cheerful when we return.

Today will be an easy day ?. Dh will give the lawns a last mow before the winter. It’s amazing how they’ve greened up after the long hot summer.

‘Home’ tomorrow - it’s been a quick visit but peaceful and therapeutic. Hopefully back before not too long. ?.

Hoping you all have a pleasant day ???

ginny Mon 03-Oct-22 07:44:57

Good morning everyone. Dry but cloudy here in N. Bucks.

Some tidying and ironing to do this morning. Art class this afternoon and on line class this evening.

Wishing all a pleasant day.

Beechnut Mon 03-Oct-22 07:48:30

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is cloudy.

I had my flu and covid jabs on Saturday and have been cold and shivery. I put it down to the covid jab. Last night I took some paracetamol, heated some milk and took myself off to bed early.
I’m taking the car to be mended today and will tidy up the house and do some crafting.
I like your motto Gala. That’s the sort of group I would have to join.
You’ll be like the ladies on the series Virgin River BlueSapphire, they knit and natter in a bar.

Wishing all a good day ??

monk08 Mon 03-Oct-22 07:59:52

Good morning all from the Black country, after 2 lovely sunny days it's a bit cloudy.
Shall declutter another cupboard today, getting there bit by bit.
Nothing else planned.
Best wishes to anyone celebrating, safe travels those on the move and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your Monday and may you all find ?.

baubles Mon 03-Oct-22 08:00:55

Good morning all from dull and grey South Lanarkshire.

I’m a little bit stressed by something silly which DH managed to do a few days ago but which we only discovered yesterday. Long story short, he’s lost a laundry basket full of bedding, towels and childrens’ jackets from DS’s house. We will have to replace all the lost items at considerable expense. I know he feels terrible about it but ?hmm! I’m not showing my annoyance (and slight worry about him doing daft things).

Take a telling Marydoll and slow down. smile

Good to hear things are settling down with your friend gM.

Good luck with the show Ashcombe.

A day at home today, a little light housekeeping and Tuscan Chicken for dinner.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Wyllow3 Mon 03-Oct-22 08:04:30

Morning all from S Yorks.

Greyduster beat me to it with the photo - I got up and took a near identical one!

Good to read of everyone's doings. Am slowly getting to know names. Good choir there Gala.

Important Zoom late afternoon for Governers Board I'm on but...attender not responsible.

Its been so busy recently that today is just for pottering before that, as long as my top half and hair get done for the Zoom.

May poorlies be as well as they can and appointments go well.

Grandmabatty Mon 03-Oct-22 08:06:10

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 10° and grey. The wind has dropped a bit though. Good to see you back kittylester. Take it easy. And you too Marydoll. Take it easy if you can. Safe journey home later Brook.
As forecast, yesterday was a quiet peaceful day spent pottering and resting. I feel better for it.
Today I'll have to get light bulbs and I might pick up some autumn stuff at the same time. Then dd is coming for a visit with dgs2. She's bringing me a homemade steak and sausage pie for tomorrow's dinner. Tonight I'm meeting friends at the cinema to see Mrs Harris goes to Paris. I don't fancy it much but as I don't do the organisation of it all, too bad. It's a night out after all. Whatever you are doing, have a good day all.