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Tumble dryer problem, can anyone help?

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Best4me Tue 04-Oct-22 11:47:42

Please, can anyone recommend a good tumble dryer? Mine has been pulling threads on flannels, towels and similar items, something which hadn’t been a problem with my previous one. It is now on its way out and I’m worried my new one will do the same, I would welcome any help/suggestion's you can give me. Thanks in advance.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 04-Oct-22 11:54:21

Bosch but check that the model is European made as opposed to Chinese. Usually European ones have a five year guarantee, Chinese two/three.

Franbern Tue 04-Oct-22 12:27:55

Whichever make you decide - get one that is Heat Pump. Slightly more expensive to purchase, but large savings in cost of running it.

Nannagarra Tue 04-Oct-22 12:46:46

I’m sure there was a thread on here not long ago about Bosch tumble dryers. I can’t do links but recommend you read it.

TwiceAsNice Tue 04-Oct-22 15:03:41

Please don’t buy a Bosch they are awful

NotSpaghetti Tue 04-Oct-22 15:43:38

I have just read this - it was on a forum and wax originally talking about a washer-dryer:

Dryer vent was snagging and twisting and tearing all my clothes. Called LG and they said to schedule repair. Instead, I searched further and took out my dryer lint trap and noticed it was all clogged up with lint in the bottom, causing the corner of the trap to stick up and snag clothes. I took a metal coat hanger and cleared out all the stuffed up lint in the bottom of the trap. The lint trap slides in completely flush, again, and no more snagging of clothes, etc!

Read more:

DanniRae Tue 04-Oct-22 15:58:00

I have a Bosch tumble dryer and I am very pleased with it.

MandL Tue 04-Oct-22 17:42:24


I have a Bosch tumble dryer and I am very pleased with it.

Me too!

Best4me Wed 05-Oct-22 22:07:21

Thank you all those who left comments about Tumble Dryers, it was helpful.

MawtheMerrier Wed 05-Oct-22 22:10:28


Please don’t buy a Bosch they are awful

I have a Bosch and it is excellent.

Norah Wed 05-Oct-22 22:42:38

We have had excellent luck with Asko.

dragonfly46 Wed 05-Oct-22 22:51:43

My Bosch is great - I have had it about 15 years.

Bodach Wed 05-Oct-22 22:52:03

You can’t do better than a Miele heat pump dryer.

Happysexagenarian Thu 06-Oct-22 13:52:07

Miele or Beko, both great brands. We bought a Beko condenser tumble a few months ago to replace our 20 year old Bosch. It's great - fast, efficient and the preset programs are just right for mixed loads, towels etc.

karmalady Thu 06-Oct-22 14:17:57

miele heat pump, very gentle and eco