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Good Morning Wednesday 5th October 2022

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Michael12 Wed 05-Oct-22 05:44:55

Good Morning Everyone ,
With a dark and dry start here in brackley this morning.
Autumn seems to be slowly emerging with leaves beginning to fall.
Today , maybe a trip on the bus to Bicester , as I am starting to feel more confident in how far I can walk without having a sit down.
I do not get out of breath either , proves medication is working ,and also the added bonus from the Endoscopy is I do not burp or have hiccups , only odd burp if I have eaten .
Take Care,

grandMattie Wed 05-Oct-22 05:53:04

Good morning . Like Mick in Bracknell, it is dark and dry, but we have showers forecast.
An easier day yesterday, but too many visitors and stuff for my friend. Her friend , although very, very helpful, doesn’t seem to notice when she needs a nap, or is too tired. I’m a better gatekeeper.
I had a lovely T’ai Chi class and great lunch with my friends. I was very tired so needed a nap ?.
The afternoon was taken up with the friend organising this and that, more visitors…
We both retired to bed early. It involves all the stuff like toothbrushes, commodes, etc., which take time before I can take myself off.
Have a gentle day, one and all. Carpe diem. ???

Ashcombe Wed 05-Oct-22 05:58:49

Good morning from a wet and windy Torbay.

It’s good to hear of your improving state of health, Mick. I’m glad others are helping with your visitor, grandMattie and it sounds like you are managing to maintain your interests, too.

A recent critical fire safety report on our theatre means those of us on the Committee must meet this morning to look at the points raised. Inevitably, implementing the recommendations will involve expense we can ill afford. However, the safety of patrons and members is our prime consideration besides wanting to avoid enforced closure!

I was saddened to hear of the sudden death of a lovely friend from my previous church due to a massive stroke. She was a wonderfully compassionate and kind person, a true Christian in her desire to put the needs of others before her own. Her place in heaven is assured ✝️ as are the memories of those whose lives she touched with her kindness. RIP.


BlueBalou Wed 05-Oct-22 06:10:36

Good morning everyone from a dry village in Wiltshire- it won’t last , rain is forecast by 10.
I started some Somerset quilting yesterday, it’s so simple but effective. I have a very clever friend who’s teaching us, the needlework she does is exquisite, I wish I had her attention to detail (I have far less patience!)
Today I collect my ‘new’ car, I have to be at the garage for 9. Yesterday it took me nearly two hours of waiting on a Chat line to ‘speak’ to the insurance company. They don’t have a phone number for enquiries, only for claims and breakdowns. I was really not happy. Having to sit and wait was really frustrating and a waste of time.
Never mind, patience was never my strong point ?, I should know better.
I’m going to have a go at using a rotary cutter to cut out my quilt squares later, my friend makes it look so easy!

SunshineSally Wed 05-Oct-22 06:17:37

Good morning Mick and everyone from a still dark south Hants. I know it’s dark as I’ve just put the cat out - through the bedroom window (s’okay we live in a bungalow!) so as not to wake the dog, asleep in the sitting room!
DH is still fast asleep - but I’ve been awake for hours ??.
Today we have the plasterer coming to start on the walls and ceiling of one of the bedrooms. DH has already taken the radiator off that wall and has placed it in front of our bedroom radiator. Of course, I hadn’t realised this until I went to put the cat out the window and stubbed my toe on said radiator! ??
Ashcombe so sorry to hear about your friend
Mick don’t overdo things
grandMattie good that you’re looking out for your friend.
Will try and come on here later when others have posted and to catch up on their news.
Have the best day you can
Hugs and ? for you all x

Grammaretto Wed 05-Oct-22 06:39:06

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Dry and mild so far.
Like sunshinesally I've been awake for hours so will be tired later on
My NZ, DS and family fly away today on the next stage of their round the world trip.
Yarn group today and badminton later.
I'm glad you are better Mick.
Sorry about your friend Ash.
I hope things settle down a bit in your house gMattie. It must be so tiring for you. I'm sure your convalescent friend will be benefitting so much from your tender care
Enjoy your day everyone.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 05-Oct-22 06:48:09

Good Morning Mick and everyone from a dark and blustery Oxfordshire.
Had a useful day yesterday after the pain killers kicked in! Gave the lawns their last cut (hopefully) and moved some pots around, just the pots with spring bulbs to move into place but that isn’t urgent.
Last day of the flooring chap today, so I can get the house back to normal soon, although we can’t move everything back into the conservatory for 10 days which is a real pain.
GM I can only imagine the relief your friend feels knowing that she is being so well looked after.
Mick pleased you are feeling better, but please wear your mask when you can.
That’s it, off to make a quick (decaf) coffee, have a good day everyone.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 05-Oct-22 07:03:13

Morning all from a dark and blowy West Oxfordshire. I have a stack of ironing to do today. Plus WI admin and then a committee meeting this evening. After that I will be watching an online talk on the history of Covent Garden in London. My sprained neck is much better but still a bit stiff. I broke a bone in it many years ago during a motorbike accident, so it’s always been a bit stiff anyway! Gosh, it sounds windy outside.

All the colonoscopy stuff arrived yesterday. I had one in 2019, I think, and the laxative taking part was the worstsad

Pittcity Wed 05-Oct-22 07:04:09

Good morning from Seville where the sun is about to rise on a hot, hazy day.
We are an hour ahead of home and heading back this afternoon.
Breakfast and packing before sitting at a bar by the river until it's time to catch the bus to the airport. Public transport is convenient and cheap here.
Love to all ? x

monk08 Wed 05-Oct-22 07:05:11

Good morning all from a dark and very windy Black country.
Nursery pick up today then once we've dropped little one with his mom will go shopping.
Sorry about your friend Ash
Will catch up later, enjoy your day everyone and may you all find some ?

ShazzaKanazza Wed 05-Oct-22 07:08:18

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Menorca.

It’s our final full day today and it’s been lovely. We’ve made sure we’ve been to places we’ve never been to this time. The beauty of having a car. We’ve seen some beautiful sights and experienced a little culture which is much more my thing than DHs.
Today we are visiting a small quaint resort and a lovely fishing village before spending our last afternoon down in Mahon.

Ashcombe what lovely words to describe your friend who died.?

Enjoy your day everyone and hugs to those struggling today??

Sarah74 Wed 05-Oct-22 07:21:29

Loving your pics of Seville, Pittcity. We went just before the pandemic and loved it.

kittylester Wed 05-Oct-22 07:24:10

Good morning all from a cloudy and windy North Leicestershire.

Slept badly presumably because I am doing nothing all day. Sainsbury's order to do and that's about it.

Have the best day possible all.

Wyllow3 Wed 05-Oct-22 07:37:02

Morning all from a dark rainy S Yorks. But I tell myself it's worth it to fill the reservoirs.

Safe travel home but I've liked the pix from those abroad.

Sorry for your loss Ash and well done GranMattie

Covid jab in strange bit of the area for me, will print out a google map. (I haven't graduated to sat-nags yet.

Take care and best days earlies.

NanKate Wed 05-Oct-22 07:39:46

Morning Mick and All.

A cloudy day here in South Bucks.

Sorry to hear Kitty about your bad night’s sleep. ?

Still awaiting a call from the hospital giving DH an appointment, which we were told would come on Monday ☹️

Forcing myself to clear up a mound of paperwork, what a drag.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 05-Oct-22 07:46:12

Morning all

A dry day is forecast here in S E Essex. Just given the 7yr old his breakfast and made his packed lunch. He has a before school sports club at 8 am and then it’s Stone Age Day at school so he will have to put his cavemen outfit on himself, no idea how that will go ??

My arm is sore and I have a headache a consequence of flu jab yesterday.

Lovely holiday pictures, Spain is my happy place ❤️

Have your best day folks ??‍♀️

Greyduster Wed 05-Oct-22 07:49:47

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Grey and wet in South Yorkshire. It was a night of extreme discomfort peppered with ridiculous dreams about broken cups, fish and chips and water coming through a ceiling! Son in law and I are off on a car hunt again this morning. Yesterday I went on my own to look at the VW Polo. The last time we test drove one it was awful, but they seem to have upped their game since then so I may arrange to drive it. The whole thing is starting to do my head in now! Other than that, I have sone cleaning to do this afternoon and I’m going to bake a cake (if I can stay awake that long).
Have the best day you can folks.

ginny Wed 05-Oct-22 07:52:36

Good morning from a dull and very windy N.Bucks.
DD3 and smallest DGS will be here soon and staying for the morning.
This afternoon I have craft club . We are making a clay wall vase .
This evening is WI meeting, the speaker should be interesting.

Love seeing the holiday pics. Hope to post some next month.

Take care not to overdo it Mick and others who have medical issues.
Wishing all a pleasant day even if the sun doesn’t shine.

baubles Wed 05-Oct-22 07:59:47

Good morning all from soggy South Lanarkshire.

Beautiful holiday photos, I’m quite envious. Safe journey home Pittcity.

Today is my first day at work for four months. I wanted to return a few weeks ago but had to wait for an occupational health assessment, the result of which is that I have been given a schedule for a very slow, phased return over several weeks. I’m a little nervous but delighted to be going back.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Gala Wed 05-Oct-22 08:04:19

Good morning from a very wet & gloomy Sefton. Does feel a lot milder though. The wetness is forecast to last all day...I am telling myself that we need it.☔️

Dance exercise class on Zoom first this morning, then some food shopping & possibly a Covid booster jab if we can find the walk-in centre that seems to be on our way to the supermarket.

It was lovely to meet up with our friends yesterday lunchtime. The drive home was somewhat unnnerving due to the torrential rain & spray thrown up by vast lorries which seem to be getting longer & higher (or should that be taller??)

Enjoying your photos of Seville Pittcity. A beautiful & interesting city.

Have good day all & ((hugs)) to those of you that may need one.

harrigran Wed 05-Oct-22 08:04:31

Good morning from a wet and windy NE.
Got all the washing and ironing done yesterday and still found time to watch some TV, trouble is I usually nod off when I sit down.
SIL coming today and we will go shopping, hoping we don't get soaked.
Lovely to read about holidays in the sunshine as it is really autumnal here in the north, trees are beautiful colours.
Take the opportunity to rest kitty and regain your strength flowers

Grandmabatty Wed 05-Oct-22 08:04:35

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 12°. It's very dark and gloomy this morning. Ashcombe it's such a shame about your friend. It's hard to lose good people. Grannygravy I'm laughing at your seven year old caveman.
Yesterday was my last art class. I'll miss going. Our tutor hopes to run a couple of slightly longer workshops before Christmas so that will have to do. She's an artist and has a number of exhibitions coming up so needs to devote her time to her own work. I had some of the steak and sausage pie which my DD had given me. It was very rich so I have enough left for tonight. I felt a bit gloomy myself last night so I took myself to bed early and read for a while.
Today I'll visit mum unless she cancels. Then I'll visit my friend and sort out the arrangements for traveling to Glasgow on Friday to see James Taylor. I can't drive on motorways at night now because of my cataract. The oncoming lights dazzle me. Have a good day all.

brook2704 Wed 05-Oct-22 08:05:11

Good morning everyone from Inverness, it’s bright and not raining just yet, but probably will later
Lovely holiday pictures, Pittcity, Sarah and Shazza thanks for sharing and safe journeys
A busy day ahead, I’m off to the gym for a couple of classes, then lunch with my friend. It’s my eldest DGSs 9th birthday today so we’re off to DD2s house later to drop his present off and have some birthday cake.
Gentle hugs to those in need and take care all whatever the day brings ?

Marydoll Wed 05-Oct-22 08:18:16

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, with more rain expected.

Ash, what sad news for you to deal with.

Yesterday's visit to the optician was very fruitful. My reading and distance prescriptions have changed again, my cataracts are growing slowly and the opthamologist has written to my GP about my painful eyes. A new drug, targeted specifically at patients with Sjogrens, has been developed and can now be prescribed by GPs. I will try anything that may help!
I picked a pair of purple frames and the other one is a tad blingy, all done in five minutes.
I did try on a sedate pair and DH said they were just not me!!!!?
However, the shop was heaving, too many people and apart from the staff, I was the only customer wearing a mask. The staff were telling me that they were concerned about the rise in Covid too. I felt quite anxious and stood in a corner out of the way. I have my 6th Covid jag and 'flu vaccination on Friday, so don't want anything to get in the way, if possible. I have too many hospital appointments coming up.

Afterwards, we had the most delicious Chinese lunch. It's years since I tasted one as enjoyable and DH enjoyed a good bit of mine too! The restaurant was empty, because we went early and we plonked ourselves in a corner out of the way.
It was a real tonic for me and a break from cooking!
I was very tired and breathless, when we got home, sat down in the conservatory with a cuppa and woke up two and a half hours later, covered in a throw. DH had decided I needed the sleep!

This morning, I have a hairdressing appointment, more of a social event, then over the docs to pick up a new prescription for my stomach problems.
I need to keep my hair manageable, as I'm back to

DS2 is coming to dinner and to watch the football. I've decided to make sweet and sour chicken. The chicken balls can be made in advance and are even tastier, reheated in the air fryer. I am working on making him miss his dear old mum's cooking! ?

Safe journey to all the travellers. So lovely to see you posting again, Kitty.
A special mention to Baubles on her first day back at work.

I echo what Oops says here, Mick. I hope you are wearing a mask, but really can't understand why you are jeopardising your appointments, by going on public transport, when the appointments are so important for resolving your health issues. Sorry to be so blunt, but we all care about you. It would be a shame if you picked up a virus, any virus at this late stage.

Have a good day, everyone. I will go back and read all the posts in the comfort of my bed.

Marydoll Wed 05-Oct-22 08:22:03

I should have said that I'm back to wearing wrist splints, so washing my hair has become painful again!