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Ink Black Heart

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Hildagard Wed 05-Oct-22 16:27:48

Hi, is anyone else reading this latest Cormoran Strike book?
I’m having real difficulties with it, all the abbreviations, Twitter conversations. Would love some feedback

Farmor15 Wed 05-Oct-22 16:32:36

I didn't know there was a new one but will look out for it as enjoyed the others

TerriBull Wed 05-Oct-22 16:48:05

Yes we have it at home, my husband read it recently, I think he said something similar about abbreviations and on line 3 way conversations which didn't make it as easy to read as some of her others I'm told. I loved her last one, Troubled Blood, like The Ink Black Heart over 1,000 pages which isn't a problem for me unless I can't get into it, so for the time being I'm putting it off. I know it has been discussed over on MN in their book section, "What We Are Reading" it may have spoilers though, so I haven't looked there yet.

Chardy Wed 05-Oct-22 16:52:13

I have it on Audible. Good story, but I find listening to the online conversations hard work.
It came out in hardback a month ago.

Jaxjacky Wed 05-Oct-22 21:53:13

I’ve had it for a month, awaiting our next short break to start it, looking forward as I’ve enjoyed the last four.

Humbertbear Wed 05-Oct-22 22:16:04

I simply ignored the online conversations. The book is overlong and needed editing.

Rosie51 Wed 05-Oct-22 22:19:32

I heard it on Audible too, and enjoyed it. I did wonder if I would have found reading it harder.

downtoearth Thu 06-Oct-22 06:08:29

Have read all previous Strike series,have started to read and shelved due to the conversations a few chapters in.

Mamie Thu 06-Oct-22 06:44:03

I sent it back, as the online conversations were impossible to read on Kindle.

Calendargirl Thu 06-Oct-22 07:04:29

It’s waiting to be collected from the library.

Have been on the waiting list for a while.

Calendargirl Fri 14-Oct-22 07:27:25

Am about 300 pages from the end.

Yes, I agree about the online conversations, I tend to skim read them, but they do form a major part of the story. They confuse me, but then the ‘proper’ writing enlightens me.

I am enjoying the book, so much so that I am consciously limiting how much I read at a time, to spin it out.

As always, it’s the Strike/Robin ‘relationship’ that hooks me, more than the actual crime itself.

CatsCatsCats Fri 14-Oct-22 09:22:27

I'm halfway through it, and finding it a bit tedious. But - I've started so I'll finish. I skip the online conversations. Agree with Calendargirl that the relationship between the characters is the more interesting part.

A criticism is that JK Rowling's books are getting too long. This one is 1,012 pages and I feel it would be a much better book/story if she limited herself to under 500 pages. CJ Sansom is going the same way - in his case, his last book was too much historical detail at the expense of the detective/crime element.

Calendargirl Fri 14-Oct-22 10:46:47

Just counted (roughly) the pages with online and Twittertype conversations in the book.

Just over 200!

Yes, the book would be quite a bit shorter without them.