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Soop's welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

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soop Tue 01-Nov-22 17:01:27

Here we are again
Happy to be together
All good pals
and jolly good company.

WELCOME to you lovely lot.

Naughtyneine Tue 01-Nov-22 17:03:57

I'm bursting through the see everyone.

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 17:07:26

We have a selection of new chairs. There are few of those clever recliners with a variety of settings. There is a rocking chair. We even have beany-bags for the sprightlier Kitcheners. I won't be using one. If I managed to get into one, I would most certainly not be able to get out (without a fireman's lift) [wink}

I am considering hiring a butler. Someone who would happily fetch and carry refreshments when we've had a tiring day. What do you think?

soop Tue 01-Nov-22 17:09:19

Naughtyneine Pop the Champagne cork and enjoy the buffet that we have laid on. I swear, it's all virtually calorie-free. grin

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 01-Nov-22 17:19:26

Oh, a new kitchen! I love a buffet - I’ve just made a batch of lemon ice cream and another of caramel ice cream. I’ll put a few bowls out! So that’s what I’ve been doing today apart from an extra trip to Waitrose to collect two Guinea fowl and a couple of bottles of fizz and a bottle of Martini. I’m not a sprightly Kitchener so would love a nice upholstered chair.

cornergran Tue 01-Nov-22 17:27:03

Thank you soop. Superbly , comfortable furniture in here. . I’m heading for the rocking chair, always wanted one and never quite got there. Lemon and almond cake for the buffet which is looking fabulous.

Good day here. A former colleague and friend I’ve not seen for about 15 years was passing through with her husband. Heading back to Scotland, eventually, after two weeks charging round the South West. We all sat and nattered without pause for two hours. Mr C had never met them and I’d never met her husband. Really pleased we were all so relaxed together, it’s really boosted me.

Our poorly friends are holding their own, family seem to be trundling along, legal issues here have calmed. Not bad eh?

Take care everyone. TOYA.

Blossoming Tue 01-Nov-22 17:29:02

Hello there! I’m sure BladeAnnie mentioned a birthday so Many Happy Returns BA and I shall add a nice jam sponge cake to go with the fizz 🥂🍾🍰🍰

GrannyGravy13 Tue 01-Nov-22 17:31:14

Hello friends, I bag the beany-bag as long as I can have a blanket also. Love the new kitchen ❤️

I am feeling much better today, although I still haven’t got an appetite (not a bad thing as I still haven’t lost my lockdown lard).

We have the 7yr old for a sleepover so it will be an early star tomorrow as he has to be at school for 8am, fortunately it is only next door but one.

The weather has finally changed here in the S E, I have put socks on and a jacket to pop to the shop. It was grey, wet and windy until 12 noon then sun came out the sky was clear blue, it lasted for a couple of hours and then back to really heavy rain and high winds.

Wishing you all a cozy evening 🙋‍♀️

GrannyGravy13 Tue 01-Nov-22 17:31:45

Oops Happy Birthday BladeAnnie 🎂🥂🍾

Blossoming Tue 01-Nov-22 17:33:07

You sound much happier Cornergran I’m glad things are progressing.

I love anything lemony and our kitchen is the only place I can enjoy cake with a dollop of ice cream with absolutely no calories (or guilt!)

dustyangel Tue 01-Nov-22 17:40:20

Nice to see you Neine, I hope you’re fully recovered soon.
soop if it’s calorie free I might be able to squeeze some delicious morsel in and I’m sure a glass of champagne is a digestive wink
I think a butler would be a very good idea. It would give you a chance to put your feet up (on your new recliner?) You sound a little weary today.

My colonoscopy was a little while ago now and didn’t show anything sinister thankfully. My diagnosis was IBS and is the reason I don’t eat meat which for some reason seems to have cured that problem. If or I or Google put colostomy I’m sorry, I think I’ve got it in my brain as I’m concerned about DH. If I scroll back to see I’ll lose this.

DN called in last night with his lovely cloud of a dog Annie. She is much fitter than she was and her coat has grown so much since she had to be shaved.

dustyangel Tue 01-Nov-22 17:48:02

My apologies soop. I see I did put that DH has to have a colostomy when I meant a colonoscopy! I’m an idiot. I do know the difference honestly. DH is worrying about it so much that it’s beginning to prey on my mind.

Grandmabatty Tue 01-Nov-22 17:52:31

I'm so glad to be in the new kitchen. I won't have a beanbag if you don't mind, as my knees are rubbish. I'll bring some Bloody Marys if I may. A roast chicken dinner for me tonight. I'm off to prepare the veg. Have a good evening Kitcheners

Nannytopsy Tue 01-Nov-22 17:57:13

Hello everyone! The kitchen is looking lovely! There’s a bottle of fizz in the fridge with some smoked salmon.
DD and DGS are coming tomorrow so I need to get on with the ironing.
We had the mother and father of a thunderstorms this afternoon with a white out of hail. It’s clear again now thankfully.
Enjoy your evenings

Yiayia4 Tue 01-Nov-22 17:57:57

Hello New Kitchen.Deilia’s spiced apple cake for you all, goes well with fizz.
Happy Birthday BladeAnnie. 🎈🎂🍾
On double steroids will be at the gym tomorrow🤣🤣
Have a pleasant evening.

ShazzaKanazza Tue 01-Nov-22 17:58:19

Good evening dear Kitcheners and I like the new kitchen Soop it’s great what you’ve done with it. The smell is heavenly and the corks popping for BladeAnnie’s super 60th.🎉🥂 I’m two months younger than you x

I’d normally plop myself on a bean bag but my lower back is playing up at the minute for some reason. Ooh and I like the idea of a butler.
Right I’d best go and cook my hubs his dinner. He’s still recovering from his 4th covid jab on Saturday. Sea bass for us.
Speak soon🌻x have a lovely evening everyone TOYA

Naughtyneine Tue 01-Nov-22 17:59:33

This was supposed to be the last post but I got bumped into the closed kitchen door.

Eek Dusty do you mean a colonoscopy? Your meal sounds wonderful..where did you go?
BladeAnnie... You are a mere babe. My 60th...(7 years ago) was a riot. I had. Rocky Horror Show party and changed costume 3 times... Ending up in suspenders... Stockings and a Basque...singing Older Ladies ( Google it). My daughters just stood there open mouthed. It's making me giggle just remembering it. DOH days he wished he had been there..( I think that may have something to do with the stockings etc though. )

Pittcity Tue 01-Nov-22 18:08:46

Can somebody please pass me a cuppa? I seem to have been enticed in to the warm kitchen and got stuck in a comfy beanbag!

SueDonim Tue 01-Nov-22 18:16:03

I’ll just slip into the new Kitchen and sit quietly in the corner, if that’s ok. I’ve put a pistachio and lime cake on the table for sharing. Xxx

Doodle Tue 01-Nov-22 19:14:54

Oh I want the rocking chair Corner I’ve always wanted one too. May I have a go after you please. In the meantime I’ll relax in a recliner. Wish BladeAnnie happy birthday
Oh suedonim I love pistachio. Thank you.
Buffet and champagne. Wonderful. Thank you Soop another warm and welcoming kitchen.
Hello everyone. If I nod off in this comfy chair and start snoring just give me a nudge.
Grannygravy trust you to choose the George Clooney Ben bag to recline on. 🤣

Ali23 Tue 01-Nov-22 19:52:56

Good evening kitcheners.
Love the new kitchen, Soop, and as always the company is as warm as the snuggly sofa .

Urmstongran Tue 01-Nov-22 20:01:10

‘Evening All’

Oh a new kitchen, how lovely! Musical chairs now as we all decide on our favourites! May this little haven continue to provide warmth and solace to us all in our times of need amongst our virtual friends. Thank you soop.

👋 to you Doodle!

Grannmarie Tue 01-Nov-22 20:47:27

Happy New Kitchen everyone! 🎉
Happy birthday dear BladeAnnie 🎶 🎂

Soop, once again you have excelled yourself in creating a welcoming, comfy and cosy new Kitchen. May I sit in the rocking chair? Mind you, I might doze off, I was at Aquafit this morning, and had a wee park walk with my friend this afternoon... then we walked to a local hotel for tea and scones. So if I start snoring 😴 please dunt me in the ribs!

I've brought cheese 🧀 board, crackers and caramelised onion pickle, please help yourselves, what a wonderful spread you have put on!

Jaxjacky, thank you for keeping me right with the days of the week, my brain, such as it was, has turned to mush since I had Covid...well that's my excuse. 🤣

TOYA, especially those with worries, illness or sorrow. Enjoy your first evening in our gorgeous new kitchen, NNGB 💕🙏

Grannmarie Tue 01-Nov-22 20:51:50

Oops, I'm just catching up on your posts and I see there is a queue for the rocking chair, apologies, Corner and Doodle, let's work out a rota.👍💕

Doodle Tue 01-Nov-22 21:00:55

That’s ok Grannmarie you can have my turn. This recliner is so comfy I think I’ll stay here. Cooee Urms 👋

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