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Alexa- Anyone else having trouble with her?!!

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Curlywhirly Sun 27-Nov-22 15:03:17

We have an Alexa in our kitchen and have to say we don't use it much, but I find it handy for listening to music as I'm preparing our meals. We have had no issues with it until recently - she has started to randomly make unsolicited comments! She has announced on a few occasions that someone is at the door, but, we don't have a camera door bell! The first couple of times there was no one at the door, but yesterday she piped up that someone was just as my husband was coming in! Scary. I've unplugged it!

B9exchange Sun 27-Nov-22 15:14:05

When I learned that Alexa recorded conversations and sent them out to India for training call centre operatives in English, I vowed never to get one! grin

grannyrebel7 Sun 27-Nov-22 15:19:01

That's so funny Curlywhirly! We've got three Alexas and I love them all, so handy.

Pittcity Sun 27-Nov-22 15:19:05

Mine flashed the other day. I googled and it said that meant she had a message for me. I asked her to read my message and she asked if I wanted to know the football results??

Daddima Sun 27-Nov-22 15:29:02

Mine is getting a bit bold. She asked me the other week if I wanted her to give me some cleaning tips!

And B9 where did you hear that Alexa recorded conversations? Sounds a bit odd.

Kate1949 Sun 27-Nov-22 15:31:50

Ours told us recently she would no longer be telling us what was in the parcels we were expecting, as it would spoil Christmas surprises.

Grandmabatty Sun 27-Nov-22 15:36:08

Mine drops in the odd cleaning tip too. She must be able to see the state of the house!😱

GrannyGravy13 Sun 27-Nov-22 15:41:14

We turn ours off when not in use as the GC constantly ask her to f**t and tell jokes.

Sparklefizz Sun 27-Nov-22 15:41:50

I was watching a TV programme about technology in the livingroom the other night, and in conversation the presenter mentioned Alexa.... and suddenly I heard voices in the kitchen 20 feet away, and she had responded and was telling me something. Yikes!!

JaneJudge Sun 27-Nov-22 15:44:44

mine sometimes responds to the television

cornergran Sun 27-Nov-22 15:44:52

We’ve got four now, useful things for music and the news. When not in use the microphone is turned off, she doesn’t hear a thing then. No random comments so far.

Daddima Sun 27-Nov-22 16:00:31

I’ve just been listening to my recordings. Nothing noteworthy.

MiniMoon Sun 27-Nov-22 16:09:46

You can delete all your conversations with Alexa.
We have four. One in the bedroom, with the camera turned off blush, one in what GH laughingly call his office, and one each in the kitchen and living room.
We love them all. I changed the voice and name in the living room. Male voice with the name Ziggy.
We haven't had any strange comments though.

B9exchange Sun 27-Nov-22 16:11:05

Just two examples. I just don't like the thought of being listened to...

Charleygirl5 Sun 27-Nov-22 16:32:42

My 3 are good weather forecasters. Very occasionally I will ask about the local weather and discover what is happening in India. She will respond if a name close to Alexa is heard on TV.

I asked her today where my "stuff" was to discover I had not sent the request. She does have a few uses.

Kim19 Sun 27-Nov-22 17:28:51

Yes. I want rid of her completely but have comp!etely failed so far. She has actually messed up my iPad considerably. I now have to enter through a back door and this frustrates me no end. My incompetence knows no bounds.

Floradora9 Sun 27-Nov-22 21:12:25

I love mine we have two shows ( with a screen ) and two dots. Ours are used every day for radio, weather advice and I use mine to read my kindle books . I love to be able to play my playlist of favourite classical music and to be able to say a meal is ready to all the rooms .

crazyH Sun 27-Nov-22 21:29:14

I have two. The downstairs one, I hardly use, but the one in my bedroom is great, for news, soft music, quizzes (if I can’t sleep) ,followed by monsoon sounds , to remind me of hone and send me to sleep . Love it !

crazyH Sun 27-Nov-22 21:29:35


imaround Sun 27-Nov-22 22:22:22

I love my Alexa, though she does seem to go a bit random at times.

I do not care if she is recording our conversations and sending them to India. All they will learn from me is choice American curse words at best. I have been known to tell Alexa off when she gets crazy.

Callistemon21 Sun 27-Nov-22 22:44:54


When I learned that Alexa recorded conversations and sent them out to India for training call centre operatives in English, I vowed never to get one! grin


Ours wakes up sometimes in the evenings, lights up, whirls around for a while, even if no-one speaks to her.
mine sometimes responds to the television
Ah, perhaps she's responding to the telly.

The spy in the corner of the room 🤔

Oldbat1 Sun 27-Nov-22 23:10:34

My downstairs Alexa switched herself on during the night! I was blaming my rather odd neighbour for the music but it was our Alexa. She has been doing odd things recently - perhaps she needs a reboot.

LadyGracie Sun 27-Nov-22 23:21:43

We have a show, 3 dots and 2 other things that respond to Alexa, I love them, you can ask them anything and you'll get the answer. I use them as kitchen timers, my shopping list, reminders, appointments.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 28-Nov-22 07:26:08

I use my Alexa all of the time, like LadyGracie.
But the other day I asked her to play my playlist and she went a bit doolally, I asked her what on earth she was doing and she told me she would contact my Emergency Contact, MissOops called me and said that Alexa had said I was needed urgently!

This thread reminds me of a joke I heard a couple of years ago.

Neighbour: I’m very concerned that the Government are spying on us.

I laughed, my husband laughed, my Grandchildren laughed.

Alexa laughed……….

Lollin Mon 28-Nov-22 07:33:25

We have pondered about having one. recently stayed in a cottage that had one. We found it great fun for making silly requests and listening to music instantly. If it recorded I’m hoping all will be well as I’m sure we only made really positive comments about the lovely property, not sure what I may have grumbled about my DH though!