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I am NOT expecting many to get back to me BUT...........

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Maywalk Mon 28-Nov-22 14:59:56

What would you buy for a lifelong friend who will be 100 years old on the 3rd of December.

I have a present for her already but I wont tell you yet what I have got her because I am just curious to find out what others would think of getting her to celebrate her centenary.

I did not want to get her flowers or any ornaments because I expect others will get that sort of present.

She was a very talented woman and an ex Land Army Girl. Unfortunately age has now stopped her doing her wonderful paintings and craft work but she can still read.

She lives on her own although her daughter goes twice a day to make sure she takes the right dose of medication.

She has just received a birthday card signed by both from the King and his wife with a lovely photo of King Charles and Camilla the Queen Consort on the front of it.

My lovely friend must be one of THE first to receive something like this before the King is crowned.

I feel honoured to have had my friend aboard my train of life.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 28-Nov-22 15:01:55

Audio books

Mixed CDs from when she was younger or from a singer she loves.

A Kindle for books that she can enlarge the print on if needed.

Ziplok Mon 28-Nov-22 15:08:13

Similar suggestion to above really. Perhaps a book about the Land Army, if there is one that she hasn’t already seen.

Ziplok Mon 28-Nov-22 15:10:06

Posted too soon - perhaps a dvd about the land army (there are quite a few films out there).

crazyH Mon 28-Nov-22 15:14:10

Alexa (Amazon Echo Dot) - plays music, reads stories, quizzes, you name it, it does it - highly recommend

crazyH Mon 28-Nov-22 15:15:18

Btw - happy 100th bday to your friend. 🥂🎉🎂🎶💐

Baggs Mon 28-Nov-22 15:17:19

I would find out what her favourite cake or biscuit is and make some to take to her. 🍰🍪

If her sight is still good, I'd give her a temari that I've made.

OurKid1 Mon 28-Nov-22 15:18:06

Does she enjoy a bath? If so, what about some luxury bath products? I have a 98 year old friend, who always appreciates them. Maybe check to see if has any skin problems first which may need hypoallergenic stuff.

OurKid1 Mon 28-Nov-22 15:19:08

PS Why are you not expecting many to get back to you? #justwondering

Ailsa43 Mon 28-Nov-22 15:19:10

I agree with the Echo Dot or Google Nest Hub. Both provide music, quizzes, stores, information, even the time, alarms and the weather forecast . What they also do is provide a voice to have a conversation with, and for someone living alone, that means a huge deal

grannydarkhair Mon 28-Nov-22 15:24:46

A newspaper dated the day she was born.

If she can use a iPad or other tablet, you can download painting apps - would she manage to use something like that?

A hamper with a mixture of her favourite food and drink.

A charity donation of £100 to her favourite charity/good cause in her name.

Name a star after her.

grannydarkhair Mon 28-Nov-22 15:29:07

Plant a tree, maybe somewhere she worked when in the Land Army.

I also think the Echo Dot/similar is a great idea.

volver Mon 28-Nov-22 15:30:24

I'm not very good at suggesting presents Maywalk but I wanted to say, what an interesting post about your friend, and what a good friend you are to her.

Maywalk Mon 28-Nov-22 15:33:53


PS Why are you not expecting many to get back to you? #justwondering

Because OurKid1 when I first came back on here, after an absence when I had been looking after my hubby with Dementia, and stated my age and being an old member I got one or two rude remarks about being an older person.

I may be old but I was brought up to respect others.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 28-Nov-22 15:37:21

I think the idea of planting a tree is an excellent one. Although I am far (less far than I might like to think I am...) from my hundredth birthday, I find that I have too many Things already, and would appreciate something like having a tree planted in a place I know. Another idea would be sponsor an animal in her name through the WWF, or isn't there a scheme for sponsoring toilets in developing countries - I'm sure someone on GN will know about that.

Happy birthday to your friend, and thank you for an interesting thread.

Maywalk Mon 28-Nov-22 15:47:42

My friend is NOT technically minded so anything to do with phones or the internet is out.
She would also get flummoxed with Alexa.

Well done grannydarkhair you have stated what I have got her.
A newspaper that is 100 years old printed on the day she was born.
She loves history and I can just visualise her face when she is reading it.
Her daughter is over the moon about it because it is something the family can treasure and for my friend to enjoy.
Both the newspaper and her Royal card will be passed on through the family.

Maywalk Mon 28-Nov-22 15:49:51

Thankyou to those who got back to me.

Ziplok Mon 28-Nov-22 15:50:37

How lovely, Maywalk. I’m sure your friend will enjoy her gift from you. 😊

jenpax Mon 28-Nov-22 15:55:07

I think i have seen online that you can get a book of your life or this?
One front page for each of her 100 years.

Maywalk Mon 28-Nov-22 15:55:19

Many thanks Ziplock.

I have also put it up on our local Facebook page about her birthday and she is getting some lovely messages which her daughter can show her.

Ailidh Mon 28-Nov-22 16:05:26


I would find out what her favourite cake or biscuit is and make some to take to her. 🍰🍪

If her sight is still good, I'd give her a temari that I've made.

I had to Google temari - how beautiful!!

GrannyLaine Mon 28-Nov-22 16:07:50

For my Mum's 90th I made her a photobook, uploading photos of the weekend of family celebrations where we rented 2 adjoining properties and adding messages and poems. Sadly she didn't make it to her 100th birthday, but the book is a wonderful reminder of that happy weekend

grannydarkhair Mon 28-Nov-22 16:12:39

Maywalk I hope your dear chum gets lots of enjoyment from reading her gift.
Also, you said in your op that she is a “lifelong friend”. I’m just being really nosy now but are you coming up for 100 yourself?

Maywalk Mon 28-Nov-22 16:50:31


I think i have seen online that you can get a book of your life or this?
One front page for each of her 100 years.

I got one of these for my sons 70th birthday jenpax.

It is really nice but they are copies of the front page of the newspaper over the years.
I had thought of that for my friend but the books are rather big and a bit too heavy to hold when one gets older.

That is why I chose the original newspaper.

Kim19 Mon 28-Nov-22 16:59:17

I would give her a surprise visit from yourself. Time is far more precious than stuff and you certainly have a relationship to celebrate.