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Things that make you blub - unexpectedly

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schnackie Wed 30-Nov-22 13:42:08

I am fairly unemotional, most of the time. When the lovely Queen died in September, I was very, very sad but I can't say I shed a tear. However I recently saw a short video on social media of the family on the balcony (probably from the Jubilee) and Princess Charlotte was watching her great granny, and when she (the Queen) started waving, Charlotte took the cue and began waving herself. All of a sudden I burst into tears!! Not just a drop either. It occurred to me that this wonderful lady who we are so used to seeing on a regular basis, is no longer alive. Then, again on social media, today I saw a post which said (I'm not quoting) that a woman said to her daughter "I hope I don't get Alzheimer's" and the daughter replied "Don't worry mum, if you do, I'll love you and look after you every day" Then it said the woman had had Alzheimer's for 14 years (or similar). I'm weeping just recounting this story!! So unlike me. What things make you suddenly just lose it?

Esspee Wed 30-Nov-22 13:50:59

I find the playing of ANY national anthem often reduces me to tears. I have no idea why.

Oreo Wed 30-Nov-22 13:55:26

Oooh loadsa things!
None of the ones you mention tho.
Anything involving sad cases with children or animals, the sound of children singing a happy little song, other pieces of music that bring back memories, beautiful pieces of music or hymns and carols, anything emotional in films, seeing disasters on tv, seeing real bravery, I could go on.
Got worse as I get older😳

Aveline Wed 30-Nov-22 13:55:31

The Queen's speech on TV during the pandemic did it for me. So well judged and delivered so sincerely.

Retread Wed 30-Nov-22 14:34:17

Oreo I'm the same - when I'm anywhere near children singing, I go to pieces. I have to scurry past any "little choir of angels" singing hymns at Christmas time, head down and clutching for a tissue!

Sago Wed 30-Nov-22 14:38:06

The last post always does it for me.

pandapatch Wed 30-Nov-22 14:42:13

I am awful when it comes to crying - I have been known to cry at TV adverts - my family find it VERY amusing - it is usually the music that does it.

MadeInYorkshire Wed 30-Nov-22 14:44:35

My daughter died unexpectedly on Thursday, I cannot stop blubbing, I am heartbroken ....

GrannyGravy13 Wed 30-Nov-22 14:48:58


My daughter died unexpectedly on Thursday, I cannot stop blubbing, I am heartbroken ....

So sorry MadeInYorkshire (((hugs)))

Kate1949 Wed 30-Nov-22 14:55:22

Oh MadeInYorkshire flowers

schnackie Wed 30-Nov-22 15:00:34

Oh, dear MadeInYorkshire I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine your grief. flowers

kittylester Wed 30-Nov-22 15:19:19

Oh my goodness, MadeinYorkshire, that is so sad.

Aldom Wed 30-Nov-22 15:20:36

MadeinYorkshire I am so very sorry for you. I too lost my adult child suddenly. My heart goes out to you and your family. flowers

M0nica Wed 30-Nov-22 15:22:55

*MadeinYorkshire, all my sympathy.

M0nica Wed 30-Nov-22 15:23:54

What makes me blub? Any unexpected reminder of my dear sister.

Calendargirl Wed 30-Nov-22 15:24:18


Sincere condolences, cannot imagine anything worse than outliving your children.

Kalu Wed 30-Nov-22 15:26:15

My heartfelt sympathy MadeinYorkshire. Much love and strength for the days ahead.

Pigma Wed 30-Nov-22 15:26:22

Oh my goodness, Made in Yorkshire. So unbelievably tragic and I am so, so sorry for your loss. Take care and go steady.

Blossoming Wed 30-Nov-22 15:32:18

MadeInYorkshire you must be heartbroken. Losing a parent is sad, but losing a child is far worse. My deepest condolences xx

Kalu Wed 30-Nov-22 15:39:08

What makes me bubble, children singing O Holy Night, certain pieces of classical music always hit the spot, likewise, Flower of Scotland and the Marseillais, also whenever I hear bagpipes. I once listened to a young group of pipers rehearsing in the grounds of Inverary Castle with tears rolling down. It’s happening at the moment, listening to a neighbour’s son rehearsing for St Andrews dinner this evening. Such haunting melodies.
Certain films, An Affair to Remember and many others too long to list.

timetogo2016 Wed 30-Nov-22 15:47:02

Oh MadeinYorkshire,i am so sorry for your loss.
That news in itself has me teary eyed.

Barmeyoldbat Wed 30-Nov-22 15:49:57

So sorry MadeinYorkshire, I cried just reading your post as my daughter also died this year. That’s it end of post

Lexisgranny Wed 30-Nov-22 15:52:52

I am not a ‘cryer’ but when watching the Service at the Cenotaph this year having just laid her wreath, a female black diplomat turned her head and said ”Thank you”. To my surprise tears sprang to my eyes and I choked up. Also despite being English I start to fill up every time I hear the Welsh National anthem. I think it is just the passion with which it is sung, but I can feel a tingle down my back every time.

ginny Wed 30-Nov-22 16:22:17

Firstly , my condolences to MadeinYorkshire Your grief is unimaginable.

Songs and music often moves me to tears .
Strange that this should come up as today I have twice felt tears falling.
Firstly whilst speaking to a gentleman who is on our cruise. His first holiday alone and although he was enjoying the cruise was obviously finding it difficult without his wife who died last year
Secondly, as I stood on our balcony leaving the ships berth in Cadiz the tears flowed as I thought how lucky I am over the years to have seen so many wonderful parts of the world and to have a comfortable life and beautiful family to go home to.

supergirlsnan Wed 30-Nov-22 16:29:31

Made in Yorkshire, my condolences and thoughts. So very sorry. x