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CanadianGran Mon 05-Dec-22 23:02:57

I had two wonderful experiences this weekend.

We were invited to a Holiday Sail-past, with decorated boats all lit up sailing (motoring) past the town. We were warm and cosy inside the boat which a friend owns. It is an old converted fishing boat now a pleasure craft. I made a hot crab dip, and we tootled along behind other decorated boats, around a dozen in total. The water was flat calm, and seeing the town lights and the other boats reflected in the water, along with the moon was something I soon won't forget. At the end, there was a fireworks display on a barge in the harbour, which we watched from the boat. Spectacular!

And then yesterday we had a phone call from DS that a local small lake was frozen safely enough for skating, so we dug out the skates and joined the family for a skate. The weather was just under freezing, the sun was shining, and the ice was clear enough that you could see the frozen lily pads and grasses under the ice. I haven't pond-skated for a few years, and love when we get the chance. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon in December, embracing what winter has to offer.

Have any of you had some nice experiences lately to share?

AussieGran59 Tue 06-Dec-22 02:14:14

No but the sail past sounded fantastic! What a wonderful thing to experience.

fiorentina51 Tue 06-Dec-22 07:40:37

That sounds wonderful CG. 🙂
For me, it was back in October. My baby granddaughter had just learned to walk holding onto a hand and I took her out into the garden. It was a glorious autumn day, blue skies and sunshine.
We stood beneath a huge black walnut tree and admired the patterns and colours of the canopy. There was a bit of a breeze and every now and then we were showered in leaves.
We spent a good 20 minutes or so picking them up and tossing them in the air or floating them in a bucket of water.
For me it was just magic, watching this small person experience her first autumn.

Kim19 Tue 06-Dec-22 07:59:19

Thank you for sharing this so graphically CG. Quite uplifted my spirits. I've already shared my current not on the Good morning thread but suffice to say I had a lovely bit of ballroom dancing at Christmas lunch yesterday. Exhilarating bit of exercise and such fun.