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Nanascats Wed 07-Dec-22 12:38:24

I hope this isn't too an intrusive question but I would really like to know other peoples experience with their menopause and particularly their Hot Flushes and Night time sweats.

So, A. how old you were when it started and B. How old you were when it finished.

Real question how many years? Many thanks for reading this

Blossoming Wed 07-Dec-22 12:43:33

I didn’t have any.

MrsKen33 Wed 07-Dec-22 13:22:14

Neither did I

FlexibleFriend Wed 07-Dec-22 13:34:56

Mine lasted 14 years.

DaisyAlice Wed 07-Dec-22 13:46:04

I had a few hot flushes in my 40s but mainly started about age 52. I wish that I had taken HRT but my doctor discouraged it so I struggled on for over ten years. I'm 66 now and still getting an occasional hot flush.

IamMaz Wed 07-Dec-22 14:32:57

I didn’t have any.

FlexibleFriend Wed 07-Dec-22 14:41:34

I was given Hrt but unfortunately it triggered an auto immune condition that I had no knowledge of which went on to and still causes me no end of problems. I had to stop the Hrt but by the time they made the connection I already had my first stroke. I was put on Warfarin to avoid any further strokes but that didn't work and it took a while to find a blood thinner that suited me. I now have to inject myself on a daily basis but after 3 strokes that's a small price to pay.

Alioop Wed 07-Dec-22 20:50:30

FlexibleFriend I'm on HRT patches and have just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Sjorgens. I'm waiting on a hospital appointment, but my doctor never said anything about maybe my HRT being a cause.
I'm now wondering do I mention it to my practice nurse. I hate asking, but do you mind telling me what autoimmune disease you have please.
I'm sorry you have had so much trouble and worry with yours, it must be awful for

NotSpaghetti Wed 07-Dec-22 21:11:08

No hot flushes or sweats - but I did use a lot of soy milk and tofu etc which is known to help.

My problem was that I just had endless heavy periods for a couple of years. 🙄

PoppyFlower Wed 07-Dec-22 21:21:05

Started aged 42/43 - escalating anxiety and a giant panic attack (didn't know what it was!). Then a breakdown, depression, more anxiety. Now hot sweats, joint pain, bursitis etc. Now 49 and still going thru it. Periods still relatively regular, but very light. When will it end?!!

AussieGran59 Wed 07-Dec-22 21:40:31

Started in my forties, hot flushes and anxiety. HRT patches really helped and completely stopped anxiety. I am 63 now and still have hot flushes but only at midnight ( can set your clock by them.) Every time I tried to stop HRT patches the anxiety returned. Did my research and patches, estrogen only, are not associated with any increase in breast cancer etc. Will be on them for life.

FlexibleFriend Thu 08-Dec-22 10:57:32

Alioop yeah it's no secret, I have antiphospholipid syndrome yet have very few of the common symptoms. I have a specialist at st Thomas's, one of the top specialists in the country.

Alioop Thu 08-Dec-22 11:18:25

Thanks FlexibleFriend I'm on a waiting list to get first my consultation at hospital. I had 3 different doctors at my practice looking at my autoimmune blood results before one finally worked out it's Sjorgens and that took 9 weeks! I think I might ask about my HRT in case it's adding to the problem, although then the hot flushes, etc will probably come rushing back. Great...

FlexibleFriend Thu 08-Dec-22 11:52:59

Alioop They took a year to figure out my stroke was caused by my autoimmune condition. There was a lot of head scratching because they struggled with how someone so fit with no contraindications could have a stroke. I was finally diagnosed by a young Doctor Hepatologist (don't ask lol) I was passed from pillar to post with nobody wanting me.

Nanascats Thu 08-Dec-22 16:25:12

Hi I started a new thread yesterday about the menopause and have no replies. I wonder if perhaps its being ignored in case people think its for research; its not. I am simply asking because of my own on going Night Sweats and would be interested in how long others have had the same as me.

Nanascats Thu 08-Dec-22 16:37:01

I'm sorry as I couldn't find the replies until now. So thank you.

My problem is due to extremely heavy periods and clotting I had a full hysterectomy at 47 due to cancer of the womb and was put on HRT for 10 years.
Didn't seem to make any difference but Black cohosh tablets did help a little.
The day time Hot flushes weren't that bad but I had and still have Night sweats; sometimes 3/4 a week and sometimes 2/3 a night.

I am 80 next week and is this very unusual?

Nanascats Thu 08-Dec-22 16:43:19

Poppy that really is my question, when will it end. Its 33 years now.

Nanascats Thu 08-Dec-22 21:20:35

I am really not used to this so I apologise to everyone. I cannot for the life of me get passed what I had/have typed. But it appears I didn't start the thread properly!

Alioop Fri 09-Dec-22 07:15:25

Oh my, still having the night sweats at 80, that's awful for you. Black cohosh did nothing for my sweats, I took sage, menopause supplements and they were all a waste of money and that's why I ended up on HRT patches. I still have night sweats, but I think they are down to what else is wrong with me. Maybe a wee blood check at your GP would do no harm to see if there is maybe something else going on that's giving you sweats. I'm sure you are exhausted most days getting so much disturbed sleep. I'm sorry I've no answer for you Nanascats some sail through the menopause with no symptoms and others, like yourself, it's never ending.
My friends mum has had cancer twice, she had to have a hysterectomy at 84 yrs old because of womb cancer. She gets night sweats and has herself convinced its because of the chemo she had years ago when she had breast cancer.

Hetty58 Fri 09-Dec-22 07:39:53

Nanascats, it really won't help you to ask - as it's an individual thing. I asked my mother how long night sweats go on for. 'I still get them!' she replied (in her 80s) - really depressing.

I checked with the GP who couldn't find anything else wrong, then got a breathable mattress and linen and bamboo bedding. I sleep in a cold room with the window open - except in this icy weather, of course.

I hardly ever get them now, so mainly from ages 50 to 67.

Maggiemaybe Fri 09-Dec-22 08:25:00

I hadn’t realised that menopause symptoms could go on for so long. I’m so sorry.

You need help from your doctor, Nanascats. Have you asked them recently? Even if there was no support on offer for you when all this started, there may be something they can do now.

Nanascats Fri 09-Dec-22 10:14:09

Well if anyone is still here, its just to say I still cant get back on to my thread!

Nanascats Fri 09-Dec-22 13:08:50

Back on !!Thank you all for your replies and sorry I am so silly trying to find the thread again.

Sound like I am not the only one Hetty58, so glad about that. Not glad for your mother tho'!
But, as I think because its "normal" for me I tend not to bother the GP.

I believe that HRT is somehow different now, so perhaps I'll give them a call. Although after 2 miscarriages I was in hospital for 12 weeks having Hormone injections which continued till I was 7/8 months before giving birth. And I think that caused quite a few problems for years after till my hysterectomy.

But I can only ask. So thank you all very much. Would do a smile if I could work the damn thing

Siope Fri 09-Dec-22 14:14:10

I wouldn’t assume that night sweats are because of a long-past menopause. Mine started at the menopause, and continued after other symptoms ceased, because they were by then caused by thyroid issues. I had, at diagnosis, no other thyroid related symptoms.