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Celebrity nightstands (bedsides) what’s on yours and what does it reveal about you?

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Sago Wed 07-Dec-22 13:56:59

There has been a recent craze for celebrities to post pictures of their “nightstands”.
Elon Musks was very interesting.
Mine was getting a polish earlier so decided to take a snap, I think it says I’m boring with dry skin!

What’s on yours?

Please share.

Sago Wed 07-Dec-22 14:34:09

Forgot the pic!

FannyCornforth Wed 07-Dec-22 14:41:40

Wow! It says that you are impeccably tidy!
There’s no way I’m taking a pic, but it says that I drink a lot of water, take a lot of medication, have far too much perfume, and spendy skin care, and use loo roll instead of tissues. And that I have a torch.

tanith Wed 07-Dec-22 14:44:05

Mine says I have a tv in my bedroom 😊

NotSpaghetti Wed 07-Dec-22 14:44:23

I don't have a nightstand (or even a bedside cabinet)...

MerylStreep Wed 07-Dec-22 14:44:30

Nothing much to see.
Book and glasses.

FlexibleFriend Wed 07-Dec-22 14:45:43

I don't have a bedside table so what ?

FlexibleFriend Wed 07-Dec-22 14:46:01

does that say?

FannyCornforth Wed 07-Dec-22 14:46:52

I love your colour scheme Meryl

henetha Wed 07-Dec-22 16:00:34

Bedside lamp. Torch. Phone. And indigestion tablets.

Nannylovesshopping Wed 07-Dec-22 16:08:34

Meryl l too love your colours, that wallpaper is fab!

Chestnut Wed 07-Dec-22 16:18:08

This isn't my actual bedside but I do have one of these lights by my bed. They are fab! Much better than an electric one (unless you need a bright light by your bed) as there is no messing around with switches. It is about the size of a coffee mug and you just tap the top to switch on or off. If you hold it the intensity goes up for or down, so you can have it fairly bright or very dim. I love it!

Blossoming Wed 07-Dec-22 16:22:51

Medication, eye drops, tissues, glasses case, clock, lamp, contents of pockets, hair grips, comb, iPad docking station, mobile’phone.

DaisyAlice Wed 07-Dec-22 16:29:57

My Kegel8 and a book

MerylStreep Wed 07-Dec-22 16:30:28

Thank you Fanny & Nanylovesshopping

mrshat Wed 07-Dec-22 16:59:36

Kindle, 2 books, clock, phone, tissues, hand cream! Not very inspiring!

BlueBelle Wed 07-Dec-22 16:59:56

It reveals nothing it has my bedside light, my contact lense case an earring or two and my mobile phone when I get into bed ….boring eh

ShazzaKanazza Wed 07-Dec-22 17:10:09

I don’t know what mine says about me other than I’m a tidy person perhaps.

TwiceAsNice Wed 07-Dec-22 18:15:35

Lamp, box of tissues, medication, night cream, pen, ( I do crosswords in bed) jewellery box , small China dish with earrings in, glasses case, coaster for hot drink , bookmark.

paddyann54 Wed 07-Dec-22 18:16:02

phone and alarm clock ,we dont have lamps we have wall lights

TwiceAsNice Wed 07-Dec-22 18:16:36

At night my phone is charging on it too

CanadianGran Wed 07-Dec-22 18:21:20

Tanith, I just looked up your book, it sounds good! I will look for it for a light read.

MerylStreep - your wallpaper is lovely. Can't see the book title though!

I'll post a photo of mine a bit later... it's not near as neat and tidy!

Callistemon21 Wed 07-Dec-22 18:27:38


Forgot the pic!

I would have said dust but my dear DD has cleaned today while I've been out enjoying myself 🙂

Did you pinch my lamp while I was out? 😲

Lamp, kindle, handcream, two coasters and some gemstones.

Too many books on the shelf underneath!

peli Wed 07-Dec-22 18:28:36

Feeling too lazy to get up & take a pic, but mine has a lamp, small photo, mini torch, & a few Werthers Originals.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 07-Dec-22 18:31:27

So, books - about 6, lampshade, photo of grandsons, Teasmade. Oh and hand cream.