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Good Morning Thursday 8th December 2022

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Michael12 Thu 08-Dec-22 05:46:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and its dry outside but cold here in brackley this morning.
I intend to do my usual visit to Bicester this morning on the bus , yesterday I brought more gift cards so presents out of the way .
I will sort out what I am taking this weekend for the one nighter , but also prepare for next week as well more later on those trips.
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 08-Dec-22 06:02:48

Good morning from a clear, cold E Kent. Wasn’t the full moon something this morning? It was brighter than the street lamps. Gorgeous.
Had such a busy day yesterday that I didn’t even have time to read the paper. Was at the supermarket early, but bumper to bumper traffic for over a mile. Serves me right driving at that time of day!
Then went to the church service and talk after. As usual very, very few had any input. Do they not have an opinion, do they not want to share their experiences? It is a tiny group..
In the afternoon, I made a cake or two, printed out some recipes for DL’s Christmas present.
She follows me from room to room, like a dog, poor thing, for comfort. I do my best to cheer her up, but it is becoming really hard. She takes rather private calls in my presence, so I have to leave the room. When it is done, she then joins me where I am, and the whole pantomime restarts. I don’t know what she’ll do when I’m no longer there. Or, for that matter, what she did before coming here.
Spanish today, with a little fiesta. I shall be giving my teacher the beginning of the “Belen” (nativity scene) with the Holy family completed, but not much else. It’s a start.
May everyone start warm and safe today. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩

BlueBalou Thu 08-Dec-22 06:22:32

Good morning Mick and granMattie, a -3° start here on the edge of Wiltshire, the cars are well frosted in the road outside.
Yesterday I had a really good tidy up, I really do hate mess and muddle.
DDog had a very long walk with DH, she was pooped! Both of them spent much of the afternoon asleep.
Today it’s embroidery club for the first time this afternoon, just a small group, something new to go to for me, I’m looking forward to it.
I need to collect prescriptions and a Christmas wreath for the front door while I’m out, need some milk too.
Stay warm everyone x

Ashcombe Thu 08-Dec-22 06:32:55

Good morning, all, from a frosty Torbay. (-1deg)

Yesterday we enjoyed an engaging talk from one of our theatre members about Oberammergau. She is in her 80’s and has attended the passion plays several times in her lifetime. I had no idea that the plays originate from the days of the Plague!

Keep warm, everyone! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Susan56 Thu 08-Dec-22 06:46:15

Good morning from Shropshire.

A long drive home from West Wales last night and an early start to North Wales this morning.

It was sad leaving MIL seeing a marked decline in her health since her fall five weeks ago.

Today we will take DGD to school then back to Shropshire for H’s playgroup nativity where he is a shark🤦🏼‍♀️I don’t like shepherds grandma, I don’t like kings, I will be a shark🤷‍♀️Love that boy🥰

Home after collecting DGD from school and dropping them home then a brief 24 hour hiatus before a busy week.Feel tired but blessed to have friends and family to spend time with.

Hoping all struggling with illness and worries have a better day.

Have the best day you can everyone🎅🏼🎄

Abitbarmy Thu 08-Dec-22 07:00:03

Good morning everyone from a chilly North Yorkshire. You’re right GM the moon was amazing last night/this morning when I was up getting a cup of tea at 4am. Was coughing a lot and didn’t want to wake DGd sleeping beside me. Hope DH will drive her to pre-school this morning, not keen on driving in icy conditions. Will spend the rest of the day with housework and maybe writing more Will be an early start tomorrow for shopping in York, hopefully get the last presents. Have the best day you can everyone and keep warm.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 08-Dec-22 07:10:55

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. It’s still dark but lightened by the wonderful moon.

An early start today for me as I have a train to catch. I’m off to London for the day. By coincidence the friend I met for coffee yesterday is also on the same train! She’s going with her mum for a nice lunch at the Ritz. We will share a taxi on arrival to where we need to be and she’s invited me to join them for a glass of fizz before they have lunch. It was very kind of her and I was delighted to accept. After that I am off to the theatre to see Mary Poppins. I saw it a month before the lockdowns and it was amazing. I said to myself I’d love to see it again so that’s what I’m doing before it ends in January.

There seems to be a lot of coughs around Abitbarmy the time of year I suppose.

Have a good day everyone.

peli Thu 08-Dec-22 07:11:19

Good morning everyone! Feeling quite tired, so I think I'll schedule myself a lazy day.
I agree grandMattie, the moon was v bright & clear!
Urms I love hearing snippets about the doings at yr railway station - I'd love to live that close! Btw, I'm down south.
Wishing everybody has at least 1 bright spot today, & sending a comforting hug for anyone who needs one.

Kalu Thu 08-Dec-22 07:17:12

Good morning all from Glasgow where it is still dark and frosty.

I had a couple of hours with DD1 and the girls before Imhad to leave for my hairdresser appointment. They stayed for another couple of hours which delighted DH, having his girls all to himself. The best medicine. L, who does my hair has been my hairdressers since he was a junior, he is now 52! Lots of blethering and catching up as he worked his usual magic without any input from me. Very pleased with the outcome but not so pleased when I returned to my car in the dark and it was covered in frost. Quick spray of de-iced, heating full blast and headed home to a welcoming chilled glass of rose.
Meeting up with DD1 for lunch and a wander around TKMaxx cue, more blethering as we enjoy a mother/daughter day.
Christmas shopping done, I will start on decorations at the weekend. It was so pretty driving home last night with views of different gardens sparkling with fairy lights covering trees and shrubs.

Best wishes to all for a pleasant day. Stay safe in these icy conditions if going out today. 🥶

Kalu Thu 08-Dec-22 07:20:52

Didn’t proof read!🤦🏼‍♀️

Jaxjacky Thu 08-Dec-22 07:21:18

Good morning -3 here too in S Hampshire, very frosty. MrJ will be off to work soon after scraping the car.
Busyish day yesterday, quieter today, an upstairs clean, tweaking of grocery delivery lists and final check of Christmas presents accumulated.
Another window opened on your countdown gMattie
Have your best day if you can 🦩🦩

NannyJan53 Thu 08-Dec-22 07:31:05

Good morning from a very icy Black Country.

Thursday walk today, but I may give it a miss as I am not keen on driving in icy conditions!

Lovely Christmas buffet yesterday with Monday walking group. Far too much choice of food though.

Keep warm and safe everyone.

kittylester Thu 08-Dec-22 07:31:13

Good morning all from a freezing, glittering North Leicestershire.

More online present shopping while dh does another volunteer drive. At least I'll be warm.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 08-Dec-22 07:31:31

Morning all from a freezing West Oxfordshire. An orange sky and heavy frost. Our cleaning ladies are coming this morning. I intend popping into Oxford. My iPad needs a new battery and I may do a few Christmas things. Oh, I have a book to collect from Waterstones. This evening I will be going to a friend’s house. Before I set off this morning I must take something out for dinner. There is some chicken so I could make a curry. Just remembered that I have to type up the notes from last night’s WI meeting. I was recovering from a migraine so who knows if I can interpret the Pitman’s squiggles! Have a good day.

Gingster Thu 08-Dec-22 07:37:42

Good morning and goodness it’s chilly! Frosty and deathly still and quiet. A real December morning.

DD took little gd to see Mary Poppins last evening Grandmadinosaur and she said it’s the best she’s seen. 👍.

Yesterdays Christmas lunch was lovely. Our bridge group is a friendly, happy crowd and fun was had by all.

Today I have bowls club (some of which are bridge group) .
and I will shop later this afternoon.

I’m taking little Dg to school (she’ll be so tired). So I must warm the car up and defrost the windows. Hate going out in these mornings!

Take care today, all. It’ll be slippery ❤️

Wyllow3 Thu 08-Dec-22 07:45:10

Good morning from S Yorks: still and dry, clear sky, with the first rays of sunrise on the horizon.

Haircut today - aka good old natter. Not known her as long as yours, kalu, 10 years.
Last Divorce paper signed yesterday, just needs my solicitor to check its been filled in properly and send off.

I sent off my cards yesterday, all pressies got now. Only problems is how to heave a 4 year old Christmas tree in a big pot in from outside - I'm thinking of dragging/sliding in on a sheet.

Another wondering how DL will cope, GM.

Take care poorlies and may all enjoy outings.

brook2704 Thu 08-Dec-22 07:46:57

Good morning everyone from Inverness, we’ve not got any snow yet but it looks very frosty and icy.
I’ve got a quiet day today, DH is off to work and I’ll be finishing putting up the decorations inside. I’ll pop out to the shops later whilst DH goes to watch DGS play football. I’ve also some Christmas wrapping to do and a check on my Christmas list to see what else is needed.
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

ginny Thu 08-Dec-22 07:50:22

Good morning everyone. Another very frosty one.
This morning I have some cakes to ice and to finish the preparation of a small project for sewing club. We are having a little Christmas party there this afternoon
Must look at my lists to decide on this evenings jobs and pack a bag for a couple of nights away.

Stay warm and safe.

glammagran Thu 08-Dec-22 07:50:31

Good morning to you all. I’m hoping for a quieter day today as I’ve had 3 days of childcare (though only Tuesday was F/T) and I’m on my knees. DGD was off school on Monday after complaining of earache during the night so we had her from midday and DD took her to her GP early evening. As she was very cheerful she thought she was probably fine but she had a very bad ear infection and was prescribed antibiotics for only the second time in her life. Back at school on Tuesday while we had her brother who for a change, was well. Then school pickup yesterday after I’d attended a DEXA scan at hospital.

Had a weekend away in Cheltenham which we really enjoyed. On Monday morning got the Christmas cards written and posted.

We have caved in and have had the heating on all day this week. Hope everyone is managing to stay warm. 💐to everyone feeling under the weather.

Grandmabatty Thu 08-Dec-22 07:53:14

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently -3 and frosty and clear, like many of you. Grandmattie you really need your own space now. Following me about would drive me mad. Grandmadinosaur enjoy Mary Poppins. Kalu that sounds like you had a lovely day.
Yesterday I visited mum as usual. Then in the afternoon I visited my friend. It was a hard visit to my friend as she was still groggy from surgery and quite upset. I think she's in shock and who could blame her? In the course of just over a month, she has multiple investigations then major surgery and will need chemo to survive a little longer. Last night I finished putting up the Christmas tree and it looks very nice snug in its corner in an attempt to keep baby fingers away.
Today I have a delivery of Christmas gifts arriving and I might brave the frost and make an early jaunt to town for some presents. I've cut right back this year so I don't have many to still get. Macaroni cheese for dinner. Have a good day all.

baubles Thu 08-Dec-22 07:56:09

Good morning from dark and frosty South Lanarkshire.

Your poor DL must be so anxious about the future Mattie but you will be glad to have your home to yourself again.

Ashcombe that jogged a memory fume. I first heard of the Oberammergau plays from one of the Chalet School books which I adored. Sadly I’ve never actually attended.

We spent the day at DS’s yesterday to help out as DDoutL is feeling fluey and all the children are at home. The eldest is recovering from chickenpox but some of her spots are infected so she needed an antibiotic, the middle one is probably brewing the pox and the baby has a rash which the gp reckons is a milder dose as he is breastfeeding so will have some protection.

The traffic was horrendous on the way home and our normal journey length doubled to three hours! I was home in time to grab a sandwich and go back out to my yarn group as we are powering through the final Christmas projects. Photo of our tree which was put up last night.

Today will be a repeat as it’s our normal day at DS’s house.

Wishing you all the best day possible.

Pittcity Thu 08-Dec-22 07:57:33

Good morning from a bright and frosty Colchester. Not getting above zero today but the sun will be out to cheer me up.
I didn't wake early enough to see the morning moon but took this photo yesterday evening of the moon and Mars.
Thursday is housework and shopping as usual.
Love to all 🦩 x

Urmstongran Thu 08-Dec-22 08:02:31

I’m having trouble loading the Matt cartoon. Will post it soon hopefully....

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s frosty on the rooftops but we have a beautiful apricot and blood orange sky as the sun comes up, outlining the ridge of the Pennines.

We have no plans for today until tea time when we pick the Boy Wonder up from school, take him home for a pre football practice sandwich and then fetch L’il Miss from her after school gymnastics which she’s loving!

Enjoy Thursday all who can and my thoughts are with those who have woes or worries. I cannot believe we’ve been home from Málaga four weeks already! Another four to go then we fly back.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 08-Dec-22 08:05:48

That is a an amazing photo Pittcity!

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 08-Dec-22 08:07:27

Good morning from a warm but overcast Lanzarote, we fly home at the weekend, hopefully to the same airport we flew out of, hearing forecasts of snow in the U.K, so fingers crossed. It won’t be the first time we’ve been plonked down a long way from our car.
I’m beginning to think that I will have a busy time when I get home, at least MissOops has put the heating on for a longer time for us, so we will be warm - although no money will be saved whilst we are away!
So tree up, shopping being delivered, cards to write and gifts to buy and wrap. What could be easier, oh and if they are all recovered from Covid an early Christmas for the Cornwall half of the family a few days after we return..
I’m making a list ready for when we get home.
Have a good day everyone, beware of ice and stay warm.