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Good Morning Sunday 29th January 2023

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Michael12 Sun 29-Jan-23 05:58:37

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry here in brackley this morning.
I went to Bicester via Buckingham yesterday , saw some friends as well, Buckingham was quite as to the Flea Market very few stalls,and then caught the bus to Bicester , I decided not to have a coffee but do a shop and then get the bus home.
The air was chilly and with my condition not all helpful.
Take Care,

Ashcombe Sun 29-Jan-23 06:41:47

Good morning from a chilly Sarthe where the temperature has dipped again to -3. 🥶

Our kitten, named Perdito by DH, continues to thrive. He is very playful besides eating and sleeping well. I’m fearful of falling over him first thing in the morning when his desire for food makes him rub against my legs as I (try to) walk!

No plans for today apart from catching up with phone calls to my DD2 and a friend from school days whose husband has Stage 4 oesophageal cancer, poor man.

Have a blessed Sunday! 🦩🥰✝️💐🦩

grandMattie Sun 29-Jan-23 06:44:19

Good morning from E Kent. It is still dark and chilly.
I had an uneventful day yesterday except for the second viewing. I was called in the afternoon with an offer £50k below the asking price. But what stuck in my craw was that they don’t want to complete before the end of the academic year.
I haven’t replied yet, wanting to speak to my own man first. He’s not available until Monday. The clients were shown round by his associate.
Church today and sorting out DH’s stuff…. Chicken tagine for dinner.
I hope everyone has a quiet day. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

BlueBalou Sun 29-Jan-23 06:44:30

Good morning!
A dry start here in Wiltshire, we off out to lunch today 😊 A rare treat for us, and we’re meeting old friends who we haven’t seen for years but kept in touch. I’ve known them for nearly 50 years, my DH for longer.
Yesterday I spent the morning sorting out crafts stuff, I will do more later.
Have a lovely day everyone x

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Jan-23 07:11:55

Good morning from the South Downs. +3 rising to +9c today but a dull dry day is forecast.

Had a productive day in the garden yesterday, and will continue today finishing off the weeding and tidying the terraced areas. They Look much better. Next is to start pruning all the climbers.

Only one more day and hopefully the ceiling will be down. I am hoping the replacement won’t be too long and then back to normal. Before they take the ceiling down they are emptying the loft. 45 years worth of mostly rubbish😲. We are going to ask them to bag it and put it into the garden rather than store it, so that we can sift through it and then skip what I hope will be 99% of it. Hope the rain holds off. Still job done for the children when we pop off!

Fish pie for dinner.

Enjoy your day one and all.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Jan-23 07:12:52

Oh * bluebalou* I meant to say enjoy your lunch🙂

harrigran Sun 29-Jan-23 07:47:09

Good morning from a dry NE where it is 3 degrees.
Sister safely home in Germany but haven't heard from DD who was flying to Orlando from Schipol. It is a long time since she did a long haul business flight.
Yesterday afternoon I bent over and my back went, made for a painful evening with the family.
Sorry to hear that potential buyers are taking the proverbial grandMattie, I thought that might happen.
When we sold our second home the first buyers asked to pay for all the alterations they wanted doing before they moved in, we refused. They would still proceed if we just dropped the price a little oh and by the way we live abroad so it will be the end of the academic year before they could complete. Final message from their solicitor " they are bankrupt, will you still proceed " ? They wasted nine months of DH's final year of his life.

Sar53 Sun 29-Jan-23 07:51:24

Good morning from a dry but dull looking Essex by the sea.
We had a lovely meal last night. Thank you for all our anniversary congratulations.
I also had two lovely long chats with 2 of my brothers. We don't talk very often but it was really good to catch up.
Today DH is off to rugby with the boys then it's a small celebration for one of his son in law's birthday.
Have a super Sunday everyone xx

Urmstongran Sun 29-Jan-23 08:03:09

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s just beginning to get light. A pale grey wash of a sky which makes it look chilly out.

No plans today other than calling in at my stepfather’s with a small bag of groceries from Sainsbury’s that he requested yesterday. He doesn’t plan going anywhere until after his follow up ENT appointment on 6th February. He’s also not had a whisky since NYD. He’s not left the house apart from going out to his bin. He says it’s too cold. Which of course it is. However I hope this is a choice and he’s not losing his confidence.

I will ask Himself to nip downstairs when Sainsbury’s opens at 11am for something for our meal later. I fancy putting a small casserole in the oven when we drive out so that it can cook for a couple of hours on a peep. Maybe beef, onion and carrots in beer.

grandMattie what a rubbish first offer! I’m sure you can do better than that and I’d be very surprised if your estate agent goes for it. Enjoy your lunch BlueBalou! And those bags from the loft will contain many surprises Whitewave. You can pretend it’s Christmas!

Enjoy Sunday all who can. x

GrannyGravy13 Sun 29-Jan-23 08:09:03

Morning all

No weather forecast as I haven’t left my bed (waiting for a cup of tea from DH)

The GC were very good, they went home well fed and tired, we collapsed for a couple of hours before a joint effort cooking dinner. We didn’t make it to the butchers yesterday so DH is going to pop out to a supermarket and buy a joint of beef for this evening. We are having a day of doing very little, the only thing I would like to achieve is to sort out the drawers in one of my wardrobes.

grandMatte selling/buying a house is such a palaver filled with time wasters and cheeky low offers.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday 🙋‍♀️🦩

dragonfly46 Sun 29-Jan-23 08:11:44

Good morning from cloudy Leicestershire.

Nothing planned today except to build my terrarium. I now have all the ingredients.

I posted a letter to the Dutch tax authority on 19th December and it has just arrived at the delivery office in Holland. I used tracked and signed for so it should have arrived on 21st December. I shall receive compensation but that is only the cost of postage as it contained important papers.
Its delay could cost us a lot of money in the long run.

Hoping everyone has a good day.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 29-Jan-23 08:13:05

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Church this morning at the smallest church in the Benefice. Such a tiny church where it would be too small to swing a mouse, let alone a cat! Then lunch at our favourite Sunday lunch place. We will take younger son who isn’t going back to London until this evening. He cooked us a delicious lasagne last night. Annoyingly I had another migraine yesterday. Have a good Sunday.

Gingster Sun 29-Jan-23 08:18:51

Good morning all and as Sar has mentioned, it’s dull here in Essex.
I’m glad you had a nice anniversary meal. 👍.

GM house selling and buying can be so frustrating! What will be, will be. Try to go with the flow!

Harrigran take it easy with your back today.

Whitewave - a good idea to have a sort out while the ceiling is being done. Therapeutic too!

Today I will pick up Dd and little gd , take her for her swimming lesson and back here for lunch. Twin gs’s aren’t coming but I’ll cook a chicken and a small ham anyway. That will keep Dh and me fed for a few days.

Yesterday I watched the old Anne Frank film (1959) as it was Holocaust Day and lit a candle in remembrance. It still beggars belief what happened ! 🙏

I bought a couple of games at the charity shop yesterday and we’ll play them this afternoon with little gd. Should be fun! 😉.

Enjoy your Sunday !

Susan56 Sun 29-Jan-23 08:20:01

Good morning from Shropshire.A high of 8 forecast for later.

My X-ray appointment went very smoothly.In and out ten minutes before my appointment time.

The rest of the day didn’t go as planned.H was ill, had been sick several times.DD phoned to ask if we would prefer to go there to look after them.We certainly would.They would normally have cancelled going out but it was a meal arranged by friends to celebrate SIL and his friends birthdays.H was very cuddly and just wanted me to stroke his head.Just had a message and he is fine this morning.

No plans for today as we were meant to still have the children.I think I will change the bedding and try and get ahead ready for a busy week ahead.

I definitely wouldn’t rush to accept that offer grandMattie.Sounds like they are trying it on😡

Enjoy meet ups with family and friends and have the best day you can everyone🦩

Alygran Sun 29-Jan-23 08:23:09

Good morning from the High Peak. No idea about the weather as I am still in bed at DD2s.
I had a successful shopping trip yesterday, picking up some tops for next month’s holiday in Central America. Lovely Italian meal locally last night too.
Today it’s DGS’s 14th birthday so we are off to watch him play football then all going to DD1’s for bacon sandwiches and birthday cake. Then I’ll be heading home to North Yorkshire.
Sorry to hear about the miserable offer on your house GM.
Have a good day everyone.

Grandmadinosaur Sun 29-Jan-23 08:23:18

Good morning all from Manchester. 👋 to you Urms down the road.

Yesterday we went to Liverpool en route and went in the Beatles museum and then the Liverpool museum.
On arriving here late afternoon we had a nice Italian meal in the evening. We were amazed at trams going past packed like sardines. Our hotel is lovely the only blot being able to hear the drone of the trams going past.
Today we are meeting DIL from the train. Then she and I are going to see the matinee of the Strictly tour. First time for her so she’s very excited. It’s why we couldn’t go home a day early Jaxjacky . Luckily DH can watch football whilst we are there. Not sure how he will get on as his team is the one down the road that are M enemies!
Then home at last.

That’s a bit of a low offer GM I’d stick it out if I was you.

Have a good day everyone.

Grandmadinosaur Sun 29-Jan-23 08:24:20

Belated anniversary wishes to you Sar and Mr. S 💐

Ali23 Sun 29-Jan-23 08:27:29

Grandmattie, I’m glad you’re getting interest in your house so quickly. I suspect that it’s very unlikely that you would complete before the end of the academic year if you agreed a sale now anyway. Maybe they will increase their cheeky offer and a compromise can be made?

A quiet weekend for us. I made a brooch yesterday and visited my DS. Just tootling along today.
Have a good Sunday everyone.

Grandmabatty Sun 29-Jan-23 08:28:43

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 7° and dry. Low clouds though which forecast rain.
Grandmattie that's very annoying. Selling houses can be a grim business. Dragonfly that's very annoying for you too. BlueBalou and Ladyleftfieldlover enjoy your respective lunches.
Yesterday ended up a very different day from the one I expected! Early on I got a message from dd to say she was being constantly sick and had horrific pain under her ribs and her abdomen. I rushed up to watch the boys while she phoned. Sil came back from work and was really upset to see her. She'd gone upstairs as she didn't want the boys to see her. The upshot was, I took dgs1 to my house and dgs2 went to his other granny. Dd had a consultation in the afternoon and has gallstones and a ruptured eardrum. They are not connected! She has antibiotics for her ear and has to go to her doctor if the gallbladder pain returns. I had been thinking appendicitis which is bad enough. Her and sil popped in on their way home to see dgs1 who had been worried about his mummy. He's been very subdued but brightened up once he'd seen her. So here I am with a tiny dinosaur sitting beside me on the couch. He slept well and is quite happy. I had to cancel my visit to my friend in hospital but I'll catch up with her.
Today I'll take dgs1 home and then potter about. I'm going to make a chicken casserole for dinner in the slow cooker. Have a good day all.

brook2704 Sun 29-Jan-23 08:29:50

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it looks cloudy and windy, it’s a bit milder though about 8º
That’s so annoying dragonfly, especially as there’s nothing you can do. I hope the delay doesn’t have too many consequences
A quiet day today with just a bit of housework waiting, hopefully I’ll get out into the garden for an hour or so too.
Hope your back eases a bit soon harrigran
Enjoy your lunch bluebalou!
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

kittylester Sun 29-Jan-23 08:30:08

Good morning all. My bit of North Leicestershire is also cloudy.

We had a lovely time yesterday at DD1's celebration/thank you party. All 5 of our children were there, which happens rarely, most of our dgc, lots of DD's friends and work colleagues and the daft dog.

DD2 and family are here and will leave after lunch - roast pork etc.

Have the best day possible.

aggie Sun 29-Jan-23 08:31:20

Good morning from a very dull Co Armagh, visitors still in bed
I’ve stripped my bed and put a wash on
Oops I hear stirrings ,
My lovely cleaner will be here in an hour and we decamp to next door where Daughter and Son in law will be doing pancakes and bacon ,
It will be sad to see my youngest daughter and granddaughter off to fly home this afternoon

cornergran Sun 29-Jan-23 08:31:51

Morning Mick, morning All. Looks like another grey, gloomy start and maybe finish for our corner of Somerset.

We quite enjoyed our taxi stint yesterday. Good to be able to chat with our son. He kindly treated us to lunch as a thank you for driving him around. Also saw our granddaughters Mum, a pleasant surprise. A visit to a garden centre before home then it was feet up for the evening.

No idea of the shape of the day today. Mr C is about to bring me tea and toast, haven’t thought any further ahead.

Is that the beginning of a negotiation or a final offer grandmattie? There’s a fine line between negotiating and offending a home owner, especially this early in your marketing process.

Look after yourselves everyone. Hope Sunday is kind to us all.

Pittcity Sun 29-Jan-23 08:35:41

Good morning from a grey but feeling a bit milder Colchester.
DH and DGS1 have left early for a fishing show. I am relaxing in my PJs with a cuppa and will walk into the City centre later for a mooch. DS won't surface until afternoon. He comes home to catch up on lost sleep.
Roast lamb this evening.
Love to all 🦩 x

Greyduster Sun 29-Jan-23 08:43:55

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a brightening South Yorkshire. Watery sunshine at the moment. DS and DiL are coming down for the day and we are trying a new venue for Sunday lunch. Their suggestion - we have passed it several times on walks. I would have liked to have scoped it out first but sans car it’s not been possible. Hopefully, I should be back driving next week. Now that they have finished resurfacing the road, my son in law is coming round to take me out on a trial run. I made some headway with the family photos yesterday. Very nostalgic. I managed a walk down to the supermarket and back in the afternoon and carried a few very light things in a shopping bag.