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Looking forward to the next few months?

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henetha Sun 29-Jan-23 12:08:15

In view an the excellent thread about us often looking backwards, let's have a thread about looking forwards then.
So, have you anything planned for the next few months?
Would you like to achieve something? Go somewhere?
Learn something new? Meet someone new?
Anything, as long as it involves looking forwards.
I would certainly like to travel somewhere new and hope I achieve that at least.

henetha Sun 29-Jan-23 12:09:05

Error... In view of the excellent thread.....

halfpint1 Sun 29-Jan-23 12:20:16

I used to enjoy trips away but now with all the life changes -
The COVID years and climate change, I find I'm more enjoying being at home and have little to no intention of seeing 'the world'.

Grandyma Sun 29-Jan-23 12:21:09

I’m very much looking forward to having a new patio laid in place of the old decking. The weather being warm enough to enjoy sitting on it with a book

Kate1949 Sun 29-Jan-23 12:31:03

I'm going to see The King and I at the theatre with my daughter and granddaughter in March. Also they are taking me for a meal for Mother's Day. Going with DD to see Matt Goss (just to keep her company grin ) and we have tickets for James Martin Live in October. Quite a lot really.

Georgesgran Sun 29-Jan-23 12:39:25

Going to Crufts in March with DD2. Missed several years due to DH’s illness and Covid. Lots of doggy hugging and a couple of nights in a swish hotel - only hope the weather is kind for our drive there and back.
Got rid of my decking this time last year Grandyma and very pleased with the Indian stone that replaced it.

Kandinsky Sun 29-Jan-23 12:39:57

I don’t look forward to much anymore tbh.
I feel ( at 59 ) that the best is over.
And that’s not me being morbid or unhappy, I just don’t feel the same about life as I did when I was younger.
My children are all adults now with their own lives. I used to love planning for them, ( us ) now it’s just me & dh it’s quite often boring.
life is good, but there’s no hunger to achieve anything if you know what I mean.
We’ve done it all.
But I am looking forward to warmer weather 😊

tanith Sun 29-Jan-23 12:43:15

I’m looking forward to visiting my son and family who live abroad and the warmer weather and lighter days.

BlueBelle Sun 29-Jan-23 12:52:32

Kandinsky I feel a bit the same as you although I m much older nearly 20 years and I didn’t feel like that when I was 50/60 s but it has hit me more this last few years
It’s not Covid it’s not really climate change ,it’s not the awful situation our country is in its not the war its a bit of everything it’s going from the carer, the bringer upper, the being needed …to the swing over towards the other way which I can see on the horizon
I ve stopped wanting to travel far, to go to parties, or ‘dos’ seem to need a much simpler lifestyle perhaps it would be different with a partner
I have to get some work done in my bathroom very soon and
I m looking forward to that but trying to find a genuine, not too expensive tradesman is proving difficult
Life just seems too complex and I find it hard to look forward to things sorry to be a pooper

dragonfly46 Sun 29-Jan-23 12:56:14

We are going to stay in DD's new house next weekend.
In March we are going away for a few days with friends and visiting my SiL in the Peak District.
No doubt we will be going to Brighton to see DS and GC at some point.
Seeing the world also does not interest me but then it never did. I much prefer spending time with friends and family.

Smileless2012 Sun 29-Jan-23 12:57:01

I'm looking forward to seeing 'Madam Butterfly* next month and going back to our holiday lodge in March as we haven't been since November.

dragonfly46 Sun 29-Jan-23 12:57:27

Oh and we are having a new downstairs cloakroom in April!!

FannyCornforth Sun 29-Jan-23 13:01:11

Lovely thread Henetha

(🤫 I’m going to pester you about the 🐱 situation)

HousePlantQueen Sun 29-Jan-23 13:02:09

I am looking forward to a summer spent in the garden; I plan on doing more sitting with a book, less working in it, so to this end I plan on getting a gardener in to dig out a lot of stuff and replace with easier to maintain shrubs, and a deep layer of bark to minimise weeding. We also have a couple of holidays booked. My garden time shall coincide with my plan to read more books.

VioletSky Sun 29-Jan-23 13:03:57

I am looking forward to better health

I was ill for some time with Graves Disease and it did so much damage to my body. I've been off medication for a while now and it looks like I'm in remission.

I have been existing for some time. Being maxed out on energy with work but I've also gradually increased my hours over some time so didn't notice the benefit.

I've suddenly taken notice that I am actually recovering and I have more energy as well as my muscles and joints improving...

So now I'm realising I can keep pushing and plan more walks and days put and enjoy more of a social life again.

Thanks for your thread, I'll make sure to plan some real experiences 🙂

mumofmadboys Sun 29-Jan-23 13:06:49

I am going to Llangranog in West Wales in May. I'm looking forward to that a lot as I love walking the coastline there.

Gingster Sun 29-Jan-23 13:14:01

We have had a very active life , visited most of the countries we wanted to and experienced lots of different adventures. When we watch tv we say, we’ve done that, we’ve been there, we’ve seen that, so we’ve done very well indeed.
Now Dh isn’t what he was and I am content . We have our cottage by the sea, so we don’t crave holidays especially abroad.
I hate airports and all the preparations.

I love socialising with my friends and family , and enjoy groups with the U3A. And coach outings where I don’t have to think about driving or planning. I don’t want to go to quiz nights, dinner and dances, or really anywhere at night.

I suppose this is old age but I’m quite happy with that.

Aldom Sun 29-Jan-23 13:14:10

Next week my daughter is taking me to see Giselle, Royal Ballet. We're having a meal out before the ballet. This is part of my ongoing 80th birthday celebrations. I've celebrated with family and friends recently. Another couple of lunches arranged for early February. I also have an exhibition to see at the Ashmolean museum in Oxford, followed by coffee /lunch with a dear friend.

Smileless2012 Sun 29-Jan-23 13:23:58

Ooh how lovely Aldom I love going to a Ballet, have a wonderful time smile.

Blossoming Sun 29-Jan-23 13:24:54

Right now I’m looking forward to my new all singing all dancing Panasonic combi microwave being delivered this afternoon. I’m looking forward to trying it out and fingers crossed the ease of use will allow me to do more of the cooking for Mr.B and I.

Blossoming Sun 29-Jan-23 13:26:13

I haven’t been to the ballet for years, have a fabulous time Aldom.

Katyj Sun 29-Jan-23 13:27:17

Yes I’m looking forward to spring. I’ve been really fed up for the last few months, so decided to give the house a bit of a makeover, nothing drastic bit of decorating, new curtains etc.
I’ve also made the effort to meet up with friends, just for a coffee, but it’s lifted my spirts no end.
I’m also 66 soon and retiring 🎉 not before time I’m so tired. We’ve arranged to visit our friends for a few days in April , plus a couple of uk holidays for later in the year. I’m a homebird and neither of us are interested in going aboard now. But a few things to look forward to 🤞

AreWeThereYet Sun 29-Jan-23 13:27:31

Off to the North East for a couple of weeks in May. Looking forward to seeing MrA's family for the first time in nearly two years and nice long walks. Plus a quick trip over the border to see some of my family. We've been planning to walk Hadrian's Wall for about 5 years now since before lockdown so maybe this year we will actually do it.

Jaxjacky Sun 29-Jan-23 13:28:00

Family meal out in February. Going outside without my fingers going white (Raynauds), doing a bit of garden work and sowing the first seeds indoors. Meeting up with MrJ’s family in March, I haven’t seen them for four years as I cant fly (Northern Ireland). Not planned beyond then.

Calendargirl Sun 29-Jan-23 13:29:35

Not sure I’m ‘looking forward ‘ to it, but am going to have the porch, kitchen and dining room flooring replaced in the near future. Get rid of the dreadful seagrass in the dining room. (Yes, my idea, a huge mistake!). Also going to have the bedroom carpets professionally cleaned.

Replaced the bathroom last year, dreaded it but so pleased to get it done.