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Dog in accident (warning..upsetting content)

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Kateykrunch Sun 29-Jan-23 13:48:19

On our way home today, I warned hubby about a Dog just about to run out into the road, but the poor Dog was run over by a car coming in the opposite direction, from my view, the Driver wouldnt have been able to see the Dog and the car actually went fully over the poor animal (sorry if I am being too graphic, just really need to tell someone). The car stopped, obviously as the driver knew she had done something. The poor Dog was just still, I cant imagine he/she could have survived. It looked well cared for, had a lovely little coat on and was just by the Park, such a pity it didnt have a lead on though!! I have never seen anything like it before and I was so shocked and upset. A number of cars stopped to aid and there were people about, so we continued on. Thank you for the opportunity to offload this.

Iam64 Sun 29-Jan-23 13:53:15

That’s a shocking experience. I’m just back from a 3 mile walk round the reservoir with my well behaved spaniel. It was chaos with so many off lead dogs whose owners had no control or recall. I ended up putting my girl on her lead to stop her being jumped on by bigger, badly behaved dogs.
I fear we will reach a point where all dogs are on leads. They should be anywhere near roads. Have a cup of tea x

Smileless2012 Sun 29-Jan-23 14:00:36


Baggs Sun 29-Jan-23 14:22:07

Oh dear, Kk. Hope you can calm down gradually after this horrible experience flowers

Jaxjacky Sun 29-Jan-23 14:25:59

I’ve just seen a local report of a German Shepard chasing deer through our local woods, not the first time. The irresponsible owners are the ones who make it worse for everyone.
I’m sorry you witnessed this Katey dreadful for the driver too.

Aldom Sun 29-Jan-23 14:28:04

I've just seen your other thread where you speak about the bad experience you had in the supermarket this morning. You've had a really upsetting time today. Hope you are feeling better now. Sad about the dog and of course, the lady who was driving the car. She must also be feeling shocked.

Iam64 Sun 29-Jan-23 17:35:10

Jaxjacky - given a chance, my lab would chase deer. He doesn’t get the opportunity, much to his disappointment. Deer are everywhere and if they aren’t, sheep are

Grammaretto Sun 29-Jan-23 18:02:34

That must have awful to witness Katey.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 29-Jan-23 18:08:21

It is a shocking experience for all involved - if the owners had kept their dog on its lead this wouldn’t have happened. I simply don’t let my dog off lead outside our property, even though we live in a rural area. I know her and she would chase any other animal on sight, her recall totally forgotten. Zero road sense if prey is spotted.

Maya1 Mon 30-Jan-23 08:03:15

I agree with GSM. We learnt a very hard lesson. Our previous border collie died in a car accident.
He was off lead in a country park near us in what we thought was a safe enclosed area. He loved it there and we went every week.
One Friday afternoon he ran ahead and then suddenly disappeared. We spent what seemed liked hours looking for him only to find a large 4 bar gate missing, travelers had stolen it.
Our boy had run down the hill and got onto the A14, it took us 3 hours to find him in the Central reservation. There wasn't a mark on him but of course he was gone.
Our lovely old boy now is never off the lead except in the enclosed dog field.

nanna8 Mon 30-Jan-23 08:10:42

Years ago one of our dogs, a scotch collie, got out and was hit by a car. He survived but always had arthritis after that. Our girls were little at the time and were besides themselves, thank goodness he survived.

25Avalon Mon 30-Jan-23 08:25:45

How awful and distressing. Can I just add in case anyone doesn’t know you are legally required to report an accident with a dog to the police. Also horses, sheep, goats, donkeys, cows and pigs.

foxie48 Mon 30-Jan-23 09:32:51

I was driving my horse lorry and I was aware of something running out in front of me. I couldn't slam the brakes on as I had horses on board and tbh I would not have avoided the collision. Sadly it was my neighbour's lovely young springer spaniel. She died on the way to the vet's. It was truly terrible and I can still hear the thud as I hit her but I wasn't travelling fast and thank goodness her owner took total responsibility for her being loose on the lane and we are still good friends. She did make changes to her fencing though.

Kateykrunch Mon 30-Jan-23 10:11:38

Thank you for all your comments, it was very distressing to witness and so sad. 🌸

Lovetopaint037 Mon 30-Jan-23 10:28:10

When I was young and with my dad in London I saw a dog run over outside the Duke of Yorks in Kings Road. Even more upsetting another dog ran over to him and was licking him obviously very upset. That was about 70 years ago and I have never forgotten it.

Shelflife Mon 30-Jan-23 10:43:26

Such a distressing incident to witness, hope you are feeling ok today. Take care. 💐

Kateykrunch Tue 31-Jan-23 21:23:08

Thanks again for the further comments 💐