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Did you say yes?

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1987H2001M2002Inanny Sun 29-Jan-23 17:07:01

Hoping for some tales of romance...How/where did he propose.

Hellogirl1 Sun 29-Jan-23 17:47:24

No actual proposal as such, he just told me, on the way home one night after going out for 3 weeks, that we were going to get married. We did, 7 months later, it lasted till he died after 53 years and 3 months of marriage.

MrsKen33 Sun 29-Jan-23 18:03:23

I did and we hitch hiked to his Gran’s and she gave him one of her mother’s rings for my engagement ring. Sadly I lost it in a house move. Nearly 60 years ago.

Humbertbear Sun 29-Jan-23 18:31:17

He said something like ‘we have to move so I think we should get married’. That was 55 years ago. Still married.

1987H2001M2002Inanny Sun 29-Jan-23 18:41:26

Fabulous ladies and married so long !

MerylStreep Sun 29-Jan-23 19:19:29

I’d worked with 1st ( only married once) husband closely for 2 years. On the first date he asked me to marry him. I did, 6 weeks later.
We lasted 10 years.
I’ve been with my partner 42 years.

M0nica Sun 29-Jan-23 19:19:41

I think it was arrived at by common consent, after skating round the question for a week or two.

Fleurpepper Sun 29-Jan-23 19:25:14

yes, 53 years ago. And a very long story - Mills and Boons eat your heart out.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 29-Jan-23 20:19:15

Some would say it wasn’t too romantic, but… we had been living together for a year and OH had his name down for a 2-year stint in Seychelles. His employer would only pay for me if we were married. In the meantime he went away for a week-long diving course. On his return he proposed. That was in 1976 and the rest his history.

Galaxy Sun 29-Jan-23 20:59:08

Top of the Eiffel Tower.
I am in my fifties so have done 25 years so far wink

Judy54 Mon 30-Jan-23 14:20:03

How about you 1987 what is your romantic tale? Please do share.

timetogo2016 Mon 30-Jan-23 14:29:03

My Dh asked me to marry him the day after my birthday,he said he wanted to ask me on my birthday but didn`t just in-case i said no and that would have spoilt the day.
I said yes,(fool that i am) lol.

1987H2001M2002Inanny Mon 30-Jan-23 14:34:47

Judy54...Ok to that. Seven weeks after meeting on-line,we were in the shower.I had my eyes closed and he said my name. Mmm I relpied.He said my name and said look at me which I did and he said "Will you marry me". Without hesitation I said "Yes". We married later that year and have been very happy eversince. I guess some people plan a certain place and time but our experience was beacause we knew at that moment it was right.

Norah Mon 30-Jan-23 14:35:10

Yes. I was 16 and surely ready for married life with my sweet kind husband. It's been over 62 years - I'd love to do it all again.

AGAA4 Mon 30-Jan-23 14:55:58

We were sitting on a bench in the park. Both of us quite young. He said "I want to get engaged to you". I told him we were too young. We were married 4 years later.

Luckygirl3 Mon 30-Jan-23 15:42:10

It was a mutual decision based on the fact that we seemed to have trouble stopping me getting pregnant! We only had to smile at each other and ..... bingo!!

1987H2001M2002Inanny Mon 30-Jan-23 17:25:54

Super for everyone it's worked out for !! ain't love grand ?

foxie48 Mon 30-Jan-23 17:58:44

I was an older divorced woman with a child, he was a self sufficient, solvent bachelor. We discussed children and marriage and decided it was a definite no to both. Five years on I was pregnant (thought it was the menopause!) and he rang his parents to let them know. His parents were delighted and Ma said, well I suppose you'll get married now. It was hardly a romantic moment so I said, no we weren't but a few weeks later I changed my mind. I have never regretted it. he's been a brilliant father and a wonderfully , kind supportive husband. he's still not remotely romantic though.

thisisnotme Mon 30-Jan-23 18:06:12

We were sitting in the car following a second date when he told me he had fallen in love - I asked him who with?
We married 4 months later.

42 years on and I still have no romance in my bones!

1987H2001M2002Inanny Mon 30-Jan-23 18:25:00

thisisme... thats so funny. It's strange how we just know but so glad we do!!

muppett1 Mon 30-Jan-23 18:56:26

My late husband proposed after 3 hours of our first date. We were together for over 30 years til his death. My DH proposed after three weeks of our first meeting. So very happy. The right decision both times. Special men. I’m so very lucky to have found then.

1987H2001M2002Inanny Mon 30-Jan-23 19:02:43

muppett1...lovely to hear this,best wishes.

Scribbles Mon 30-Jan-23 23:27:05

I proposed to him just before midnight on new years Eve, 1972. His Yes was almost drowned out by the bongs of Big Ben!

JackyB Tue 31-Jan-23 09:49:07

I honestly can't remember.