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Eurekkla! I have finally found the perfect……?

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Sago Sun 29-Jan-23 18:19:59

I have got more knickers than I know what to do with.
This weekend I threw away all the bottom creeping, narrow gusseted,high waisted and generally horrible knickers.
I was left with not enough.
So I went shopping with my favourite pair in my bag, they are pretty, not too big and the perfect shape.
I found the same shape fabric etc and bought 9 pairs.
I am thrilled.
I did get some off looks though as I lay the shop knickers on top of my “ handbag” knickers😬

Granmarderby10 Sun 29-Jan-23 18:40:30

I have a preference for “midis” sago and have bought loads of them from Sainsbury’s in many different colours, they have some lace at the front, a “proper gusset and don’t come up to my armpits and….. in my size, so Yay! know just how you feel. …..Just hope they don’t discontinue them because I just can’t do thongs, Brazilians or shorties.
The hunt for the perfect bra continues though.

Pittcity Sun 29-Jan-23 19:00:16

I buy my knickers from Modibodi. A bit expensive but a perfect fit and with added protection from little leaks.
I had found perfect M&S bras too until they discontinued them. The alternatives are more expensive and uncomfortable.
My Eureka was when I found Maybelline brow mascara. I had never found a mascara that didn't give me panda eyes. My brows started going grey so I bought a brow colour, tried it on my lashes and Eureka....2 birds one stone!

Witzend Sun 29-Jan-23 21:41:40

I did the same a year or so ago, Sago chucked a load of ancient, faded ones that refused to wear out, and treated myself to a dozen new (3 for 2) pairs from M&S. 🙂
They still look like new.

sodapop Mon 30-Jan-23 12:37:53

I've just looked at Modibodi Pittcity they certainly are expensive, out of my price range I'm afraid.

Grannytomany Mon 30-Jan-23 13:38:34

Sloggi maxi for ever!

Davida1968 Mon 30-Jan-23 16:27:24

I agree wholeheartedly, Grannytomany!

Pittcity Mon 30-Jan-23 16:29:11


I've just looked at Modibodi Pittcity they certainly are expensive, out of my price range I'm afraid.

I always buy in the sale.

BlueBelle Mon 30-Jan-23 16:29:20

Hi legs for me

1987H2001M2002Inanny Tue 31-Jan-23 12:16:53

Bridget Jones big knickers,hold the wobbly bits in and stuff it if they're not sexy!!