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dementia is just the worst

1 anonymose

Drying the washing.

218 Nannan2

So much choice in cosmetic products now

65 hollysteers

In my point of view this is ridiculous and needs stopping

126 sazz1

only fools beep their horns

1 infoman

Family returning home

14 crazyH

Walk this way

24 nanna8


146 Coco51

Soup throwing again

324 Glorianny

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

306 Jaxjacky

3 years ago today……

103 Sorchame

do you ever get days like these?

37 MadeInYorkshire


7 Marydoll

Good Morning Friday 31st March 2023

52 Grammaretto

"Bunking off" school as a child.

75 Skydancer

The demise of town centres

51 sodapop

Look after yourself. Light observation.

11 Aveline

Phillip Scoffield…

49 FlorenceN

Best sound in the world!

11 Curlywhirly

The film Allelujah have you seen it?

22 Kim19

I should feel good about it but....

46 kittylester

Memory Lane

21 nanna8

Fake profiles and accounts

43 nanna8

Insomnia - What works, what doesn't, for you ?

95 FannyCornforth

Jackie Lawson e-cards

54 LiverLover

Cooker clock!

63 Carenza123

Bear Grylls meets Volodymyr Zelenskyy

1 NanKate

Today I learned...

68 DutchDoll

The SNP is in a ‘tremendous mess’ apparently.

407 Joseanne

Missing a Gransnet poster

4 HannahLoisLuke

Believable dreams

8 Keeper1

Good Morning Thursday 30th March 2023

46 biglouis

How much do you spend on your pets?

56 Delila

The demise of writing?

28 NanaDana

BBC Maestro courses

21 FannyCornforth

Amazon pass the parcel

2 Callistemon21

Have found 'Streetlife' so useful

101 steve144

Tourist tax

6 Primrose53

That ad I keep seeing about icing a sponge cake….

24 Callistemon21

Anyone around Fowey area ? Re. Taxis

3 ginny

Good Morning Wednesday 29th March 2023

47 brook2704

Night owls?

54 Nanderin

Which accent do you absolutely love?

132 FannyCornforth

Good Morning Tuesday 28th March 2023

50 hollysteers

How crass can you be ?

62 Mosie

I just overheard...

78 Callistemon21

What does your typical weekend look like?

48 CanadianGran

The King’s trip to France has been postponed

51 Joseanne

Air fryer meal suggestions please .

88 cc

Good Morning Monday 27th March 2023

46 Cossy