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Fringe benefits.

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Sago Wed 01-Feb-23 14:59:19

About 5 years ago I asked my lovely hairdresser to never allow me a fringe again.
In 5 years a lot has changed….. and sagged and wrinkled!
So today I had plead with her to cut me a fringe.
I feel and hopefully look 10 years younger.

Kate1949 Wed 01-Feb-23 15:03:46

My hair system has a fringe. It hides a multitude of sins!

M0nica Thu 02-Feb-23 14:03:29

I have had a fringe, since childhood.

No matter what I do my front hair always falls over my face. Even in the 1960s when I wore my hair in a French pleat and the front hair was back combed, lacquered until it was almost solid and held in place my myriad hair grips, it always managed to escape and fall over my face. so by the time i was 20, I had given up and, as I have said, I have had a fringe ever since.

MiniMoon Thu 02-Feb-23 14:24:45

I've had a fringe since childhood too. I keep my hair in a very short pixie cut, with my fringe cut above my eyebrows. It's funny I can't stand it if it grows long enough to touch them. I have a good hairdresser who does it exactly as I ask.

Alioop Thu 02-Feb-23 15:00:15

I had a bowl haircut with a wonky fringe all through my childhood, courtesy of my mother. Nowadays, I still have the fringe, but a lot straighter now. I call it my free Botox as it helps hide my wrinkly forehead, my hairdresser calls it my comfort blanket.

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 02-Feb-23 16:24:09

Haven't seen my forehead in decades...I think that it's pretty wrinkly.

Chestnut Thu 02-Feb-23 16:45:58

I also have hair which falls forward, so am obliged to keep a fairly heavy fringe. It grows very quickly which is annoying because it needs cutting before the rest of the hair. My hairdresser told me I have a double crown, not sure if that is the reason. My hair also grows in a side-sweep, so the right side tucks tidily into the neck while the left side points out! 😠

timetogo2016 Thu 02-Feb-23 16:54:42

My fringe hides some tram lines.
And a little scar that`s more prominent in the summer.

Dottydots Thu 02-Feb-23 18:40:33

I've had a fringe since I was about 16. My forehead doesn't have a single line on it. I wish I could say the same about the rest of my face.
Wrinkle city!

henetha Thu 02-Feb-23 22:41:17

I've got a sort of fringe which I comb slightly sideways. I've tried growing it out but look even weirder.

Callistemon21 Thu 02-Feb-23 23:10:45


I had a bowl haircut with a wonky fringe all through my childhood, courtesy of my mother. Nowadays, I still have the fringe, but a lot straighter now. I call it my free Botox as it helps hide my wrinkly forehead, my hairdresser calls it my comfort blanket.

I had a bowl haircut with a wonky fringe all through my childhood, courtesy of my mother
I didn't know you'd joined Gransnet, DD 😲

Kalu Thu 02-Feb-23 23:53:52

Chestnut you have just described my hair. 😄. Double crown on the left of my head which decides where my parting is, grows forward and also swirls left to right making the left side of my hair thicker than the right. I have wanted hair that grows back and a middle parting forever!

No fringe, poker straight, always tucked behind my ears.

Catterygirl Fri 03-Feb-23 00:23:55

Had lines on my forehead since 10. Was very studious. Tried a fringe but as I have a wide face it looked well, not a great look. Wore anti wrinkle cream on my neck since a teenager advised by dad. No matter how tired I am, like tonight I put it on. Nothing expensive, L’Oreal tonight and next jar will be back to the old faithful Nivea Q10. No lines on neck. Dreading when they start. Face has more of a treat with Estée Lauder. I show the forehead lines as no different to when I was 10. Maybe I need to go to Specsavers!

schnackie Sun 05-Feb-23 11:27:07

I have always had a high forehead (according to my mother) and have had a fringe since childhood. I agree that nowadays it hides a multitude of sins! About 6 years ago, a friend died suddenly, and another friend and I went to the funeral home to see her body. She was another life-long fringe wearer but the funeral home had combed her hair all back from her face! My friend - braver than I was - reached under the veil and rearranged her hair so that she had her fringe back. I don't know if the family noticed or not but I remember hoping that someone would do that for me if a similar situation occurred.

Summerfly Sun 05-Feb-23 11:29:51

In the sixties I didn’t and had poker straight, long dark hair. Still have lovely long hair, but it’s much lighter now ( coloured of course) and yes, I have a fringe. As others have said, it hides my forehead lines 😄

Rusume Sun 05-Feb-23 11:56:20

Kate1949. My hair system does too. I had a side parting for a month till I couldn't bear it any more. As soon as I had a fringe cut in it felt so much better. It absolutely hides a multitude of sins and people said I looked so much younger!

Davida1968 Sun 05-Feb-23 12:11:01

I've had a fringe since getting noticeable forehead wrinkles. I read somewhere that: "a fringe is cheaper and easier than Botox!"
Ain't that the truth!

grandtanteJE65 Sun 05-Feb-23 12:13:40

I had a fringe as a child, but regretted it, as it never lay straight, but curled madly like the rest of my hair.

I have been trying unsuccessfully for over 60 years to get what was once a fringe to grow to the same length as the rest of my hair.

It stubbornly refuses, but is too long to be a fringe, so I force it back with hair pins.

I have lines on my forehead, but have never given them a thought as both my parents and all my grandparents had, so I just thought they were part of being a person, like the lines on the palms of the hands.

4allweknow Sun 05-Feb-23 12:14:51

When I discovered the funny pointed bit of my hair on my brow was called a widow's peak I had to have a fringe to cover it up. The "peak" though has now disappeared through frontal alopecia. Still have a fringe.

Kate1949 Sun 05-Feb-23 12:20:38

Oh yes Rusume. My hair system has taken years off me. Well it would do wouldn't it as I have no hair at all!! I bet yours looks lovely smile

Gabrielle56 Sun 05-Feb-23 13:40:56

I've chopped and changed(!) about over the years with causal fringes, side swept and my natural flick, now I have very short back and sides and full bodied on top but I do keep fringes away from my forehead as I have aged and acquired a few more chins....! Straight hair is ageing and can drag down features, I'd say fringe if you're usually a fringie otherwise I'd steer away, they can look a bit...erm....nutty old bird-ish!? And a bit trying o look young-ish too, not flattering at all. Face framing and gentle unless your norm. Is a Cleopatra in which case carry on Cleo! Keeping a strong signature style is good look if done correctly with attention to minimal makeup , maybe a strong lip OR eyes but never both!!

Treetops05 Sun 05-Feb-23 13:46:13

I had a floppy fringe for years which drove me mad but was what my hair wanted to do. I moved and changed hairdresser, who repeatedly placed my fringe on the 'wrong' side. I asked why and she said it was the way my hair wanted to go - I agreed to try it for 6 weeks and see...a revelation! No more fringe permanently obscuring my view and hair staying tidy all day, fantastic

TheMaggiejane1 Sun 05-Feb-23 13:51:51

I spent a couple of years growing my fringe out. I’ve got very fine hair and thought the extra hair would make the rest look thicker. I was quite pleased when I managed to grow it to the same length as the rest of my hair. However, after a while I decided it was making me look a bit severe so I had the fringe cut back in and realised I looked much younger with it.

glammanana Sun 05-Feb-23 14:06:46

I have always had a deep fringe since the 60's when it was all the rage it suits my face and I have never thought to change it,I haven't changed my style for years always long hair either tied up or in a long thick plait easy to manage and only needs a trim twice a year.

Kate1949 Sun 05-Feb-23 14:10:50

Well Gabrielle A nutty old bird look will do for me. As I have alopecia totalis, any hair style will do me! My hair system is shoulder length, straight (ish) with a thick fringe. I also wear strong lips and eyes. Am I trying to look younger? I certainly am after years of tears and fear due to hair loss and feeling like a freak.