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Are they mine ?

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ginny Thu 02-Feb-23 20:16:50

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been looking for a pair of my glasses, I wear them for reading and close work. Yesterday evening at our WI meeting one of the ladies ( whose house I had been at for a meeting)gave me a bag with a pair of glasses and a pen inside.
“ Did you leave these at my house ? “ she asked.
Ah ! My lost glasses and yes the pen was mine, it had an unusual logo on it.
Standing in the kitchen this morning , DH asked if I had new glasses as did Dd3 when she called in a little later. They both said how well they suited me, much better than my usual choice.

Now these glasses fit perfectly and I can read every thing clearly but now I look at them they are nothing like the shape of frame I normally choose and are somewhat darker in colour. I always choose very light ones as I hate wearing them.
So is there someone out there wearing mine ? Are they quite happy with them not realising they are different ?
Should I be worried about me ?

crazyH Thu 02-Feb-23 20:20:54

Someone is probably using your glasses 😂

Grannybags Thu 02-Feb-23 20:28:45

Ha ha that's funny!

Elegran Thu 02-Feb-23 20:31:20

If they suit your eyes perfectly, and everyone thinks they look good on you, then presumably whoever has yours looks good in those, and can see perfectly with them too. A win-win situation. Keep wearing them, and keep watching for someone who was at that meeting and appears to be wearing your old specs. You can swap back after consultation - or not!

NotSpaghetti Thu 02-Feb-23 20:49:48

This really tickled me!
I nearly snorted my tea.

Callistemon21 Thu 02-Feb-23 21:42:48

I think you could have my favourite pair.

They have been missing for a few years, though, and my eyes have changed in the meantime so please keep them.

I really dislike my new ones, btw!

Floradora9 Thu 02-Feb-23 21:45:51

That is a bit like false teeth in hospital when they used to get muddled up .

Urmstongran Thu 02-Feb-23 22:20:32

Hehe! Loved this ginny. 🤣

nadateturbe Thu 02-Feb-23 23:15:17

So funny 😁

Abitbarmy Thu 02-Feb-23 23:26:01

If you take them to your opticians they can very easily tell from your records.

Hetty58 Thu 02-Feb-23 23:31:48

I'm always looking for my glasses - although I have six pairs - and often, there's some already balanced on my head or in my pocket.

Somebody left theirs here, too (I've haven't a clue who) so they wait by the front door to be claimed back.

Hetty58 Thu 02-Feb-23 23:37:26

Once, I left my old black cardigan at work. I found it the next day, though, a few chairs away from where I sat for a meeting. At home, I noticed it was (mysteriously) brand new - and very well made too! I never found out who it belonged to.

Yammy Fri 03-Feb-23 17:04:32

I had been to a talk with DH coming out I put my navy coat and red scarf on. I 'Knew "they were mine as DD had bought the scarf and it had the liberty Logo, A friend came up to me and said I like you in that coat but actually its P.... when I put my hands in the pocket I found a pair of gloves that I didn't poses. I had to go and find P.. and ask her to check yes we had each other's coats and scarves on but I was two sizes bigger than her and at least four inches taller.

midgey Fri 03-Feb-23 20:12:54

In the days when cars were left unlocked my mother regularly put her shopping in someone else’s car. There would be a phone call even before she arrived home.

lizzypopbottle Sun 05-Feb-23 11:15:11

That couldn't happen to me ginny because one eye is short sighted and the other one is long sighted. Anyone trying to wear my specs would be dizzy!

madeleine45 Sun 05-Feb-23 11:17:58

We had changed our car the day before and I came out of the shop into the carpark and walked to the red car and the key wouldnt fit. I stood back to check and a man was hurrying towards me.Suddenly I remembered that I now had a green car and looked round to see where it was. The man arrived and I apologised and explained and as I had a bag of shopping with me and with grey hair and holding a key ring probably looked the least like a car thief he could imagine. I apologized again and hurried of to the right car!

JaneJudge Sun 05-Feb-23 11:18:48

this is funny grin

my work colleague has been wearing my glasses (they are just ones from wilko) and I asked him repeatedly not to use them and suggested he buy his own but he just carried on wearing them, so I had to buy some more!

HeavenLeigh Sun 05-Feb-23 11:19:13

Oh glasses are the bane of my life! I’m always losing them ALWAYS! My DH tells me he’s going to get me a cord to wear them round my neck,but nope just don’t fancy that I’d feel like a librarian

Zoejory Sun 05-Feb-23 11:23:43

This happened with my husband. He'd gone off to work and had to come home because he couldn't see to drive. He was in a mild panic. Thought he was going blind as everything was fuzzy. About to call the GP when he looked over at me and asked if I had his glasses on. Of course not! But actually they were his. The relief that came over his face when he put them on.

I'd thought the world was slightly more blurry but decided this was due to the fact I'd not been awake long.

BlueBelle Sun 05-Feb-23 11:24:27

I ve got about 6 pair of £1 glasses and I work with a couple of ladies who also use the same sort they re probably all about -2 so it doesn’t really matter but I often go home with ones I don’t recognise

Juliet27 Sun 05-Feb-23 11:28:01

After a meal in a restaurant, I took my coat off the stand and I was quite a way down the road before I realised it wasn’t mine. I hoped no one saw when I put it back on the hook, and luckily mine was still there.

Azalea99 Sun 05-Feb-23 11:49:44

Somewhere out there is a labourer, a big ugly fellow, who was born with my dainty feminine hands!

Harris27 Sun 05-Feb-23 11:56:09

Laughed out loud at this thread! It’s usually the children in my room wearing my glasses!

Sueki44 Sun 05-Feb-23 12:00:45

Were they just bought for reading rather than prescribed? My husband wears those and loses them so frequently that I’m dreading him needing prescribed ones! As it is he has a pair by the loo, by his chair,bed and computer!

grandtanteJE65 Sun 05-Feb-23 12:07:22

I wouldn't trouble about it, if they are a cheap pair from any shop but if they are obviously bought at an optician's I would try to find the original owner, and ask everyone else who uses reading glasses to check whether they had mine.

I think at the next WI meeting, I would say, "Mrs Y gave me a pen I had forgotten at a meeting and my reading glasses. When I got home DH asked me when I had changed my specs, so is anyone wearing mine and as happy as I am with this pair, or is someone desperately looking for her reading glasses?"