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bevisp1 Sat 04-Feb-23 16:47:56

Any fellow gransnetters have or will be flying to Lanzarote, since Brexit changed travelers arrangements re passports. From my understanding my DH passport was issued before 2018, 2016 7th march to be precise, so expires 2026, 7th June, but means that may be a problem at the airport, possibly refused at airport!
Along with many EU countries including Spain, can anyone help where to direct me. I have gone round in circles with GOV.UK, they haven’t been able to help. I am thinking of contacting Spanish embassy in London, all because of some rules changing with passports re EU countries.

Fleurpepper Sat 04-Feb-23 16:52:11

Don't understand what the problem is. His passport is valid and has years to run.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 04-Feb-23 16:52:51

If your husband’s passport does not expire until 2026 there will not be a problem flying anywhere.

You need a year left outside of Europe and six months in Europe from date of issue.

Jaxjacky Sat 04-Feb-23 16:56:50

Your passport must be:

issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country (check the ‘date of issue’)
valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’)

From For travel from the UK to Schengen countries, of which, Spain is one.

Fleurpepper Sat 04-Feb-23 17:14:47

Officially 3 months, but 6 months advised

''Though British citizens can enter the Schengen area with three months of validity on their passports, the UK government recommends that they have six months validity.''

Aveline Sat 04-Feb-23 17:29:38

I thought Lanzarote wasn't wanting British tourists any more. I read about it. Go elsewhere?

bevisp1 Sat 04-Feb-23 17:44:41

We had already our holiday booked!

Fleurpepper Sat 04-Feb-23 17:52:35

I am sure bevispl will be ver well behaved, and therefore very welcome.

Hellogirl1 Sun 05-Feb-23 23:14:18

A friend is living on Lanzarote, has been there for well over20 years. She doesn`t report any problems with allowing British tourists to visit.

Callistemon21 Sun 05-Feb-23 23:16:28


I thought Lanzarote wasn't wanting British tourists any more. I read about it. Go elsewhere?

Aveline!! 😂

Callistemon21 Sun 05-Feb-23 23:18:00

At least his passport will be a red one with EU stamped on it, bevisp1 🙂