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Good Morning Sunday 5th February 2023

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Michael12 Sun 05-Feb-23 05:54:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry and cold outside this morning in brackley .
Today ,apart from watching cycling on TV this afternoon a quiet day in .
I have received a letter from hospital yesterday which throws confusion ,having had one as a phone conversation pre op assessment, this states aa outpatients appointment at the JR in the week I thought I would be operated on , changes?
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 05-Feb-23 06:06:18

Good morning from a moonlit E Kent.
I’m sorry, Mick, that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing…. I hope you manage to have it sorted quickly.
I visited my friend in the nursing home yesterday. She has become pathetic. Sharp as a nail, but physically unable to cope with much; just staying alive takes up all her energy. I now stay no more than 20 minutes instead of the hour a couple of years ago.
I did a whole lot of cleaning of paperwork yesterday. The paper recycling bin is overflowing and I’ve got two or three more boxes to E taken away on Tuesday.
I’m getting on really well with assembling that quilt. Should be finished by the end of the week.
One of DH’s school friends, who organises reunions, has invited me and got dates for a visit to Scotland. They live in Bo’ness. A long journey, but worth it as I am very fond of them although I barely know them.
DLis taking the main service (she is a retired vicar), but I don’t especially want to see her, so shall go to the early service instead.
I’m delighted for Marydoll that she has had such good, intelligent treatment in hospital, that her heart is not too compromised and that she is out of hospital. Trust that others have as good outcomes,have a gentle Sunday, and that all is well.
Carpe diem/horam 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

absent Sun 05-Feb-23 06:08:42

Good evening from New Zealand where it has been a very wet and windy day.

Ashcombe Sun 05-Feb-23 06:43:18

Good morning from a cloudy part of Sarthe,

Welcome to absent! Which part of NZ are you in?

You are an intrepid traveller, grandMattie so an invitation to such a lovely part of England is not to be refused!

I hope you continue to feel better, Marydoll and that you, Mick, can establish exactly what is happening when! Unsettling.

DH went out with his trusty rods and a hose and has managed to do the final ….er…… flush through of the soak away to the cess pit so it’s all systems go! Yes, he was feeling “flushed” with success! 😂

A relaxing day at home, although that’s never guaranteed with the two felines in residence. Perdito has his paws well under the table and is presenting quite a challenge to resident elderly Lola with his ferocity. (see second photo)

Wishing you all a blessed Sunday.🦩🥰✝️💐🦩

grandMattie Sun 05-Feb-23 06:48:11

Great about the dual flush, Ash, and good old Perdito…. Knows which side his bread is buttered, doesn’t he? 🤣

cornergran Sun 05-Feb-23 06:53:14

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset feels colder. Sunshine is forecast which is excellent.

Thoroughly enjoyed family time yesterday, the aches from a much longer than usual walk will pass. Teenagers and their dad coming to eat with us today, hope my offering suits, their food preferences are, well, changeable.

Mr C hopes to return the car to its actual colour rather than the current delicate shade of mud. I’ll try to prune a rose or two once the ironing is out of the way.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with contradictory information , mick. Perhaps a phone call tomorrow could clarify for you. Positive news about marydoll yesterday, hope a good nights sleep followed. Good to hear from you absent. You’re a very busy person grandmattie, tackling paper is my least favourite job. Take care everyone. Hope Sunday is kind to us all

Abitbarmy Sun 05-Feb-23 06:55:36

Good morning everyone from a still dark North Yorkshire. We were delighted to have our phone line and internet reconnected after 9 days with neither. Gosh we’ve come to rely on it and refer to Google so much. Using mobile data is ok if you’re very very careful and don’t tether to iPad but far from ideal. Had to go back to reading physical books and doing the crossword in the paper instead of Wordle etc. A fairly easy day planned for today, if the weather is ok I might get round to pruning the climbing rose. Enjoy your day if possible everyone.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 05-Feb-23 07:00:55

Morning all from a still dark West Oxfordshire. I’m still in bed and will have a bit of a lie in. I was up so early yesterday to go to my Science Fiction Day School. Today will consist of knitting, reading the papers, and sorting more things for the Charity shops. Tonight’s dinner will be roast chicken and ALL the trimmings including bread sauce. I don’t know anyone else who makes bread sauce. We love it. In fact there was a correspondence in the Guardian recently about how this wonderful accompaniment is being forgotten. Have a good day. Oh Mick, I’ve sometimes had contradictory letters from the hospital. I once had two separate letters inviting me to two different Oxford hospitals for the same procedure on different days! You just have to ring them up.

karmalady Sun 05-Feb-23 07:04:23

Good morning, s somerset seems to be expecting a lot of sun today, good

I need to finish insulating a duct pipe in a very confined and difficult area, I ran out of wrap-around insulation yesterday and more will arrive today. These jobs are not pleasant but are very satisfying, afterwards. I know how your DH feels Ash! A job well done.

Lots of exercise up there yesterday and I feel it today, squatting, balancing, tip toe work.

Whatever time is left today needs to be relaxation and hopefully grounding, such as hands and knees slow weeding, to clear my mind of problem solving

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 05-Feb-23 07:05:37

Just seen you are home Marydoll ! Wonderful news.

grandMattie Sun 05-Feb-23 07:13:29

Sunrise a couple of minutes ago!

Whitewavemark2 Sun 05-Feb-23 07:28:30

Good morning from the South Downs.

Dog nagging to go out so quick hello today.

Children coming over to eat later.

Roast lamb
Apple crumble and custard

Enjoy your day everyone.

dragonfly46 Sun 05-Feb-23 07:32:04

Good morning from Leicestershire. The sky is rosy pink this morning over the hill.

We are travelling down to see DD’s new house today to stay for a few days. They have moved north of the Dartford crossing so should be quicker.

I hope you get your appointments sorted out Mick it is indeed unsettling.
Wishing every one the best day especially Marydoll.

kittylester Sun 05-Feb-23 07:38:06

Good morning all from North Leicestershire. It is looking rather grey and the temperature is 1°.

DS1 and DH are going to the football today so I have to cook sausages for them before they go.

DS1 is being dropped off by his lovely girlfriend so a chance for a catch up with her too.

Chilli and mint lamb chops for dinner.

Lovely to see you on the gm thread, absent. Hope you are well. I still use a gf lemon cake recipe you gave me years ago.

Pittcity Sun 05-Feb-23 07:41:46

Good morning from sunny Colchester. A quiet Sunday here with roast pork and Happy Valley to look forward to.

Mick, my DD, who is pregnant, is getting lots of contradictory NHS letters which confuse her no end. You are not alone.
Love to all 🦩 x

BlueBalou Sun 05-Feb-23 07:45:55

Good morning everyone, clear skies here on a Wiltshire hill and apparently a sunny day!
Yesterday we had a new walk, I drove to a nearby village and explored a couple of footpaths that I have driven past many, many times. So a new route to do!
I didn’t start my painting, I did some hand and knees gardening, chatted to a friend and did more knitting instead. DH stated pressure washing the patio and has somehow broken the brand new washer 🤬😵‍💫. Goodness knows how, I am really cross, he never reads instructions and it’s always someone else’s fault (that means me!) despite my being nowhere near.
Today an early DDog walk, a bit more weed, cooking roast lamb for dinner, ironing to do then I am definitely starting the painting.
Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Grandmabatty Sun 05-Feb-23 07:48:17

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently -1° and cloudy. Not quite daybreak yet. Mick that's annoying for you. Ladyleftfieldlover I make my own bread sauce, courtesy of Delia. Sil had never had it before he met dd and can't get enough! Ash it's good that the problem is fixed.
Yesterday was full on playing. I have been a train, a Dimetrodon dinosaur, a dog, a lion and all round fixer of things. Dgs1 and I had a great time.
This morning I heard him coughing so went through to see if he was ok. His bed had these lumps in it which caused me alarm. I thought he'd had an Ash type problem with his soakaway in the night, if you see what I mean. No, indeed. It was worse. He had got up very early and found the playdough so the bed was covered in congealing lumps of the stuff. And the pristine white sheet! It now resembles a Jackson Pollock effort. I had to laugh. The artist is now lying on the couch wrapped up beside me watching his beloved trains. Later on, I'm taking him to get a toy for grandma's house and it'll not be more playdough! I'm making a slow cooker steak casserole for dinner. Have a good day all.

kittylester Sun 05-Feb-23 07:58:10

LLFL, I make bread sauce and usually have some in the freezer as the children quite often ask if there is any they can have. I leave the onion in mine, having finely chopped it first.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 05-Feb-23 08:02:21

Morning all

Oh dear Mick I hope you get the appointment mystery sorted.

I woke up at 5am laid here for a while, the next thing I knew it was 7.45 which is extremely unusual for me. I will be discombobulated all day 🤣

I really want to sort my wardrobe out today that is my only planned job other than cooking roast pork for dinner this evening.

I hope Marydoll is continuing to get her health puzzles cleared up and regains some of her va va voom

Have a serene Sunday folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 05-Feb-23 08:03:44


*LLFL*, I make bread sauce and usually have some in the freezer as the children quite often ask if there is any they can have. I leave the onion in mine, having finely chopped it first.

I leave the onion in mine too. I don’t use cloves, but freshly grated nutmeg. Lots of cream and butter. My children love it too.

Ashcombe Sun 05-Feb-23 08:04:00

I thought he'd had an Ash type problem with his soakaway in the night, if you see what I mean.

That made me smile, Grandmabatty! 😀

monk08 Sun 05-Feb-23 08:06:37

Good morning all from a frosty Black country.
No plans today I may do some more decluttering, DH finally went through his wardrobe yesterday and we have one very large bag for the charity shop.
Hope Marydoll had a good nights sleep in her own bed.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone and may you all find some ☀️.

Gingster Sun 05-Feb-23 08:15:53

Good morning all and it’s a lovely bright start here in Essex.

Frustrating for you Mick - it’s all very well that you have to phone for clarification - that’s if you can get through to the relevant department 😤.

It’s a shame GM that your friendship with DL has broken down. After all you did for her (and she’s a woman of God).😢.

Welcome absent. Tell us about yourself 👋.

Glad you’re home Marydoll . Take it easy 😉.

I’m about to put a gammon into the slow cooker for a late afternoon dinner. That should feed us for a few days. Lots of veg and stock .

I’ve ordered a painting by numbers kit for little DGD and one for myself. I haven’t been to my art group for a year now and just can’t get started, so this might give me a shove! 🤞. We’ll take our time and do them together .

Hoping you all have a lovely Sunday.☺️

GrannySomerset Sun 05-Feb-23 08:27:47

Sunny but feels quite cold. Planning a garden centre visit with DD and DSiL this morning but nothing else fixed. Last night’s duck was delicious so today will be a bit of a let down - quiche for lunch, spaghetti bol for supper (must remember to take it out of the freezer). Am enjoying having company.

Hope. Marydoll had a better night in her own bed.

Urmstongran Sun 05-Feb-23 08:30:06

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where the rooftops were frosty an hour ago but the morning sun is now up and melting them. We don’t have much planned today. Just a run over to see my stepfather for an hour. We are taking him back to Wythenshawe hospital tomorrow for his follow up ENT appointment. I expect they will discharge him as he’s had no more episodes. Then he plans to get himself ‘out and about’ again, weather permitting.

Glad to hear your good news Marydoll hopefully you will be less anxious going forward now you’ve had a huge dollop of reassurance from your Professor of cardiology. And Mick this must be so frustrating for you. Hopefully it will get sorted out tomorrow. I don’t blame you grandMattie for swerving the service being taken by your ex-lodger. She was a piece of work wasn’t she? Certainly selfish.

Enjoy Sunday all who can.