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Washer/Dryer machines

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Bigred18 Mon 06-Feb-23 08:30:58

Im travelling next month from Oz to UK. My accommodation has washer/dryer but ive heard they take hours to do a load. Might I be better to go to launderette! Won't hve a huge amount to be done. Thanks, no idea of machine brand

Pittcity Mon 06-Feb-23 08:47:46

Most have a quick wash cycle. Mine can take as little as 15 minutes to do a wash.
They are usually computerised and calculate the weight etc of the washing so times can vary.
Most modern ones can be set to come on using a timer. I set mine to do a wash and dry and finish just as I get up. I simply take the dry washing out and put it away. We usually dry on an airer or outside on the line.
I don't know where you're going but launderettes are thin on the ground around here.

crazyH Mon 06-Feb-23 08:51:02

I doubt there are many Launderettes now in the UK. Well, not where I live anyway. By the time you go searching for one, you may as well use the washer/drier. I use mine if it’s a wet day and I can’t hang the clothes out to dry. It does take a little while to get the clothes ‘cupboard dry’ - about an hour probably . Due to cost of electricity, I don’t use it often.

M0nica Mon 06-Feb-23 09:10:27

Once you get to your lodgings, there should be a set of operating instructions. If there aren't, you will know the ake and model so just google them. The intructions will be available on line.

Sago Mon 06-Feb-23 09:13:44

In our holiday let there is a washer/dryer but we also have a drying rack, most things dry overnight on that.

Fleurpepper Mon 06-Feb-23 10:18:56

Depends very much on the brand. Most washer-dryers can only dry half the lad at a time. I only use ours very rarely, when it is really impossible to dry otherwise.

JackyB Mon 06-Feb-23 16:20:31

Surely you won't be doing that much washing if you're on holiday. One load a day even sounds a lot. Even if the wash takes an hour and the drying 2 hours that is less than a day.

dogsmother Mon 06-Feb-23 16:33:09

My single children use them in their homes here. I can’t bear seeing the washing come out as it always looks so crumpled……that’s my bad not them.
I like to take stuff out of tumble dryers promptly and fold neither of these two do. Both of these singletons look tidy enough and I dare say never or rarely use an iron so it seems to work well for them.

Fleurpepper Mon 06-Feb-23 16:57:35

Is it perhaps because they put too much in- most washer-dryers state clearly that you can only wash half a load at a time- to lessen crumpling, but also for safety reasons, to avoid over-heating and catching fire.

Doodledog Mon 06-Feb-23 17:03:24

I have a washer dryer and am always mystified at the dislike of them on here.grin The wash cycle is infinitely adjustable, and whereas the dryer doesn't hold as much as a solo dryer, the programme itself is every bit as functional. The only downside is that you can't be drying one load whilst washing the next.

I can't imagine you'll have any problems, unless you are planning to wash and dry large numbers of bath sheets or several pairs of jeans.

Fleurpepper Mon 06-Feb-23 21:51:34

I like mine- and yes, can adjust so easily, length, spin, heat- but you have to accept that you can only dry half a load (it could over heat and catch fire if you dry too much at a time, never mind ruin the clothes).

Curlywhirly Mon 06-Feb-23 22:48:17

My son has a washer dryer; it washes fine but the dryer is absolutely dreadful. Even just drying a very small wash doesn't work (4 or 5 tee shirts), they end up really creased and it's almost impossible to iron the creases out as they appear to be baked in. Whereas my dryer does the opposite, it gets the creases out!

Doodledog Mon 06-Feb-23 22:53:09

Individual machines must vary. Mine dries perfectly well.

Bigred18 Tue 07-Feb-23 06:15:05

Thanks for responses! Im going to a university city and google maps show a few laundries! Wont hve much to wash!

Aveline Tue 07-Feb-23 07:00:47

I couldn't imagine life without my washer dryer. It's an Indesit. Infinitely adjustable.

Curlywhirly Tue 07-Feb-23 12:00:22


Individual machines must vary. Mine dries perfectly well.

Well I'm pleased to hear that not all washer dryers are the same. My son's is a Bosch and was really expensive! Wish I had done more research before choosing (he asked me which I would chose and as my washing machine (which is not a washer dryer) is a Bosch and the best machine I've ever had, I suggested he get a Bosch). 😪

Fleurpepper Tue 07-Feb-23 12:04:31

I've got a Bosch- great- but as said, only dried half a load at a time.

Doodledog Tue 07-Feb-23 12:12:44

Mine is a Bosch. It's really good. Maybe his is faulty.

Curlywhirly Tue 07-Feb-23 21:01:05


Mine is a Bosch. It's really good. Maybe his is faulty.

Oh never thought of that Doodledog. Trouble is it's out of warranty - but might give Bosch a ring anyway.

Sweetie222 Wed 08-Feb-23 01:21:34

Washer dryers are really useful. Most important thing is to take the washing out and give it a good shake before using the dryer function. Dry in two lots if there’s a full load of washing.

Take items out soon as the dryer finished, shake again and hang up. No ironing!