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Cold at night, any recommendations?

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DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 00:20:28

I heard on the news today that there is no prospect of energy bills coming down in the foreseeable future and I'm getting scared: if I don't have the heating on at night, I can not sleep through; I wake between 2 and 4am. I've tried everything - two or three duvets, hot water bottles, thermal vests, leggings and hats - and nothing works. Is there anyone out there who is as 'nesh' as me and do you have any suggestions? Maybe I just need to emigrate!

(nesh: "weak and delicate, in particular in being susceptible to the cold").

SueDonim Wed 08-Feb-23 00:35:45

Electric blanket? My dd has one and loves it!

Redhead56 Wed 08-Feb-23 01:00:00

Fleecy pjs teddy duvet cover teddy fitted sheet and pillow cases ( best things I ever bought) electric blanket. Cosy soft bed socks are the best and glass or two of red wine to send me asleep. I am warmer now at night than I ever was and my arthritic joints are grateful.

dotpocka Wed 08-Feb-23 01:01:57

i cant afford a blanket but bought a large heating pad it works

crazyH Wed 08-Feb-23 01:42:08

I am up - just couldn’t sleep, so, went down, turned up the heating, had a warm drink and back under the duvet. I just have to have a warm house, not just a warm bed. I will spend the children’s inheritance on my comfort ie a warm house.

BlueBelle Wed 08-Feb-23 04:18:18

I have never slept through the night for years always bunny hop with at least two wake periods
I have an old three story Victorian house with no central heating no way I could afford that I have a thermal on under thick hooded pyjamas two duvets and two hot water bottles and truly am as snug as a bug in a rug (I sleep in a single bed much warmer than a double) I take my kettle up to bed with me and if I wake cold in the night I pop it on while I go to the loo and refill my bottles and I go back to sleep
This year is the first time since childhood that I ve had ice on the inside of my bedroom window
Anyway I find these things keep me really cosy and if I wasn’t warm enough I d go in a sleeping bag under the duvets with the hotty bottles in with me 😃 (smaller spaces keep you warmer)

Warbler Wed 08-Feb-23 04:26:22

An aluminium hot water bottle in a sock. They stay toasty warm ALL night long and then, usually around 6a.m. I strip its sock off and I have another few hours of a hot toasty warm bed. I also wrap my dressing gown around it so that I have a warm dressing gown to put on in the morning before I creep out into the chilly air.

NotAGran55 Wed 08-Feb-23 06:01:10

I would have thought that an electric blanket on a low setting all night might work?

Susan56 Wed 08-Feb-23 06:31:21

I would definitely recommend a fleece fitted sheet, an absolute game changer!

Ashcombe Wed 08-Feb-23 06:44:06

I have cosy fleece pyjamas, bought in Lidl a few years ago, and in recent months, bed socks, too.

Charleygirl5 Wed 08-Feb-23 07:18:01

My duvet is 15 tog- so cosy and add a hot water bottle it does not take me long to get warm but when I am reading my book I am shivering with cold.

VioletSky Wed 08-Feb-23 07:28:28

Electric blanket, mine only costs a penny an hour

grandMattie Wed 08-Feb-23 07:35:22

A warm man? 🤣🤣🤣

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:39:11

You sound so well organised - lots of great ideas, especially PJs with a hood, that's a brilliant idea for having a warm head without helmet hair in the morning!

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:40:46

Tried that - can't kick it out in the morning like you can with hot water bottles after they get cold.

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:41:23

That is definitely worth checking out - thank you!

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:42:28

Good idea - is that an over- or an under-blanket?

cornergran Wed 08-Feb-23 07:43:51

When it’s very cold I wear a fleece cardigan type dressing gown, modern take on a bed jacket with fingerless gloves to read in bed. Otherwise it’s fleece pyjamas, warm duvet cover, two hot water bottles and a blanket on the top of the duvet. Our bedroom has 3 outside walls and gets very cold, fortunately I rarely need a night time bathroom trip.

It does seem as if you will need some sort of heating in your bedroom daisymac unless an electric blanket or heated throw would trick your body into sleep. Sounds as if breathing cold air disturbs you.

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:43:54

Thank you - will check this out

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:44:28

Is that an over blanket or under?

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:47:22

I never thought about cold air waking me up, but it's a good point. Thank you.

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:48:27

Spending their inheritance is what I think about at night!

DaisyMac Wed 08-Feb-23 07:48:49

Is that on overblanket or under?

Gingster Wed 08-Feb-23 07:53:35

Fleecy sheet and duvet cover,
Electric blanket (cheap)
Weighted blanket.

LRavenscroft Wed 08-Feb-23 08:01:25

My dad used to suffer terribly with the cold at night. We put a woollen blanket under his bottom sheet and kept an eco De Longhi heater on 18 degrees in his bedroom with the door shut all night to keep the heat in. I also bought him a surfer's beenie hat with a logo on the front. Bless him! He was as warm as toast and also looked cool! At 96!