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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

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soop Tue 14-Mar-23 14:25:17

Here we are again
Happy as we can possibly be
ALL GOOD Friends
And jolly good company.

Welcome. smile flowers brew wine cupcake

Charleygirl5 Tue 14-Mar-23 14:46:46

So nice as always to pop into such a pleasant, welcoming kitchen.

Has SweetiePie shown his face recently? It must be lovely to have all hands on deck providing his every need when he appears.

Please look after yourselves.

brook2704 Tue 14-Mar-23 15:18:56

What a beautiful new kitchen, thank you Soop
Hi Charleygirl 👋
I’ve started laying out the buffet on the side, some Spanish ham, mini tortillas, a selection of cheeses and some olives. Lots of vino blanco too so help yourselves, everyone is welcome and it’s lovely to see you all

brook2704 Tue 14-Mar-23 15:22:50

grandmabatty thinking of you and your dear friend ❤️

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 14-Mar-23 15:25:59

Lovely to have a new kitchen. I have a bowl of raspberry ruffle chocolates which might go down well. I hope there’s a comfy chair for Mr Soop. A chaise lounge maybe.

SueDonim Tue 14-Mar-23 15:39:18

I’m sending some sweet treats from the US of A to the new Kitchen!

Grandmabatty sending strength to you and your friend. You’re very special. flowers

Ds1 is feeling well enough to be taken for a wee outing today so we’re just off somewhere for coffee and cake. It’s been a tough few days. Still, we must remember that he’s half way through treatments and eyes on the prize.

We have sun today! It’s been snow flurries for two days so the light is nice, even if it’s still chilly.

Keep a place in the Kitchen for me, please! Take care of yourselves. Xx

Susan56 Tue 14-Mar-23 15:39:40

Grandmabatty thinking of you as you support your dear friend 💐

brook2704 Tue 14-Mar-23 15:43:35

Awww Susan that’s so lovely that your DS feels well enough to go out with his mum for coffee and a cake somewhere, enjoy the special time together ❤️

brook2704 Tue 14-Mar-23 15:44:28

Meant for SueD not Susan my apologies x

Carillion1 Tue 14-Mar-23 15:45:28

Sending tropezienne cake which is scrummy and some custard filled croissants from Cat in Brittany…I know tropezienne is from St Tropez but I don’t care it’s delish. soop, love you and miss you xx

soop Tue 14-Mar-23 16:04:26

Awww! Thank you, Carillion1.

Such delicious goodies - (virtually calorie free) will be shared equally.

SueDonim Your message has put a smile on the faces of we Kitcheners. flowers

The pet portrait has not exactly delighted me. I fear that it's over-worked. However, it is mounted and our friend can collect it tomorrow. I have assured her that, after the Glasgow hospital appointments, I shall paint another. I shall photograph it and share with you tomorrow.

Night night. smile moon

TopsyIrene06 Tue 14-Mar-23 16:15:25

Grandmabatty. How deeply profound and poignant that you can give this last bit of peace, care and everlasting comfort to your friend.

cornergran Tue 14-Mar-23 16:15:26

Super new kitchen soop. The spinal process was something called rhizolysis, Google explains it far better than I can smile but basically it uses heat applied via a hollow needle to sever nerves serving the facet joints.

We took off for a walk on a sunny if very windy sea front. Good to stretch. Mr C is delighted as the RNLI shop had three donated jigsaws with his name on them. Once completed they will go to a friend due to haves surgery which will keep her fairly immobile for some months, from her they will go back to the RNLI.

Lazy soul here hasn’t baked for months, there is however a large piece of Mr C’s birthday cake in a tin in the side. It would be doing us a kindness to share it.

soop Tue 14-Mar-23 16:33:14

Welcome TopsyIrene06

corner I shall Google your procedure. Take good care of yourself.

I have photo to share with you lovely lot of portraits of both dogs belonging to our pal. The latest is on the left. This Collie died some time ago.

soop Tue 14-Mar-23 16:34:09

Away to watch The Chase. It's educational. wink

Blossoming Tue 14-Mar-23 17:21:15

Hello everyone. What a delightful new kitchen and so many lovely treats to share! I have spent 2 hours in the chilly garden workshop setting up some CAD equipment for Mr.B. A fiddly business involving a Windows 11 laptop, a laser engraver and a laser cutter. I’m in need of a comfy chair in the warmth and a cake or two grin

Marvellous news SueD, hope the treatment continues to do its job.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 14-Mar-23 17:28:16

That’s a beautiful collie, Soop!
I’ll be finishing off the spag Bol soon - a bit of beurre manier (sp), grated cheese and the actual spaghetti! OH is going out early for his Bee keeping course. I will either watch Endeavour, a Midsomer Murder or the first part of a documentary on Paula Yates. No one has eaten any of the raspberry ruffle chocolates so I’ll eat them!

Yiayia4 Tue 14-Mar-23 17:43:29

Apple Dorset cake for all in this lovely kitchen.
Thinking of you Grandmabatty. 💐

Baggs Tue 14-Mar-23 18:31:13

Just popping in to note the address of the new litchen.

Hugs for grandmabatty.

Minibaggs is grieving for her recently deceased friend so if any spare virtual hugs could spirit their way to her student house I'd like to think they could help in some small way.

Grannmarie Tue 14-Mar-23 18:41:28

Happy New Kitchen!💐🥳🎂🍷🛋 🛋 🍵

Thank you, Soop, for another welcoming
haven, thanks to everyone involved for tasty treats, especially fancy ones from overseas. Yum.
I had a lovely time at the Glesca Grannies
meet up today, we blethered for Scotland and the time just flew in. What friendly, cheery ladies, great company!

Grandmabatty, thinking of you and your dear friend. Your presence and support at this sad time is your precious gift to her and will bring her much comfort. 💕🙏

Blossoming, that sounds like a labour of love, well done! I hope you are comfy and cosy now.

Cornergran, I hope your procedure brings you relief from pain.

SueD, great to hear that you and DS are having a wee trip out , enjoy your coffee and cake. So glad that his treatment has passed the halfway mark, the end is in sight.
DSister2 is still in Chicago, I'm looking after her cat!🙀


Grannmarie Tue 14-Mar-23 18:45:24

Crossed posts, Baggs, sending lots of virtual hugs to Minibaggs, to help comfort her in her sorrow.

Pittcity Tue 14-Mar-23 19:00:56

Turn my back and you've moved.
Soop you must give me the name of your kitchen designer. Such fantastic work at the speed of light and with no bill to pay!

Is the kettle on?

dustyangel Tue 14-Mar-23 19:39:06

I’m glad I’ve found the new kitchen so quickly, I was still wandering around looking for the old one.

I wanted to send hugs to Grandmabatty and of course there are hugs for Minibaggs as well.

We’ve just replaced our box of wine so I thought I might as well get one for the kitchen as well. Red this time. I hope there’s some of that buffet left wine

Ali23 Tue 14-Mar-23 19:53:21

Well, that was a surprise… I was just on my way to the old kitchen, and fell upon the new one.
As usual it’s cosy in here! I’m leaving coconut cookies on the side… comfort food for those who need it and a sweet treat for those for whom things are looking up. 🍪 💐 🤗

Urmstongran Tue 14-Mar-23 19:55:27

Ooh! A lovely new kitchen!
Thank you soop for setting up another warm and welcoming space.

‘Evening All’.

This is such a lovely place. We enjoy sharing news of our good times and in worrying times, we turn into here for support and wise words that will always be in here to comfort and sustain us. x

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