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Light hearted - what is your greatest weakness?

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LRavenscroft Wed 15-Mar-23 20:18:36

My greatest weakness is peanuts and Cadbury's Whole Nut chocolate? What is yours?

Greenfinch Wed 15-Mar-23 20:24:53

Peanut butter.

Patsy70 Wed 15-Mar-23 20:25:21


DaffyDill Wed 15-Mar-23 20:30:37

Peanut butter and Maltesers (not together) lol

Chocolatelovinggran Wed 15-Mar-23 20:38:05

I think that my name tells you all that you need to know.....

BlueBelle Wed 15-Mar-23 20:40:58

Hand cooked Crisps before they went up so expensive I don’t buy them now 😪

ShazzaKanazza Wed 15-Mar-23 20:46:02

It has to be red wine and marshmallows.

Alverstone25 Wed 15-Mar-23 20:46:33

Pringles and min cheddars.. can’t leave them alone once opened.. cheddars come in a 6 pack and I’ve been known to eat them all absentmindedly while watching tv

GrannyGravy13 Wed 15-Mar-23 20:49:02

Footwear and handbags 👠👢🥿👜🎒👛

Patsy70 Wed 15-Mar-23 20:49:32

DaffyDill peanut butter & Marmite might work! 😂

crazyH Wed 15-Mar-23 20:52:38

Kettle Crisps

dustyangel Wed 15-Mar-23 20:53:35

Snap Greenfinch, I tell myself that it is an alternative source of protein as I don’t eat meat but really I think I’m addicted.grin

Georgesgran Wed 15-Mar-23 20:57:25

Tunnocks Caramel Wafers.
Absolutely addicted.

Grannybags Wed 15-Mar-23 21:07:52

Lindt chocs - the round red ones

NanaDana Wed 15-Mar-23 21:09:49

Biscuits. Virtually all of them.. although Rich Tea don't do much for me. Daren't walk down the biscuit aisle in the supermarket now. It's the only way I can keep them out of the house. If they're there in the cupboard, I'll eat them.. and not just the one once that packet is opened. Is this an addiction? Close to it, perhaps...

Wyllow3 Wed 15-Mar-23 21:14:36

Asparagus out of season. mmmmm

Claretjan Wed 15-Mar-23 21:47:42

Red wine and Lancashire crisps. Oh and butter.

Kate1949 Wed 15-Mar-23 22:03:28

Chilled white wine.

Greenfinch Wed 15-Mar-23 22:04:05

I have been known to spoon it out of the jar dustyangel.It has to be smooth though and not crunchy.

GrannySomerset Wed 15-Mar-23 22:14:08

Salted Normandy butter.

Bridie22 Wed 15-Mar-23 22:17:16

Biscuits and handbags.

tanith Wed 15-Mar-23 22:20:32

Crusty bread and Welsh butter.

Deedaa Wed 15-Mar-23 22:22:49

The thing I couldn't live without is cheese. Almost any variety will do .

Redhead56 Thu 16-Mar-23 07:41:24

Wine Cava and red I love salted butter and Welsh teabags.

Ashcombe Thu 16-Mar-23 07:53:00

Walkers Baked crisps with a Babybel and wine, especially fizz!
Prawns and olives, too.