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Good Morning Sunday 19th March 2023

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Michael12 Sun 19-Mar-23 05:49:53

Good Morning Everyone,
The dawn is just about to break with a clear sky over brackley this morning.
Today , before operation tomorrow sees drinking liquid although I can have a tea without milk and a couple slices of toast , the remainder of the day will be water and vegetable juice.
I will also sort out a rucksack for essentials I need when in hospital .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Sun 19-Mar-23 05:59:38

Good morning from a still and dry Torbay.

A tough eating regime for you, Mick, but it will be worth it ultimately.

Happy Mothering Sunday to all mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunties, childminders and all who have care of children at home or professionally. Special thoughts to those who've lost children or long to be mothers.

Church this morning then a walk, weather permitting, followed by a quiet day at home, during which I hope to speak to my children on the phone. Yesterday, some beautiful flowers arrived from my DS, sent via Moonpig. They were on my doorstep when I arrived back from Lidl.

There were no shortages of fruit or vegetables in Lidl but the egg section was empty, causing me to remark that it looked like the chickens had gone on strike, much to the amusement of nearby customers!

Have a blessed Mothering Sunday, whatever you’re doing! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

grandMattie Sun 19-Mar-23 06:10:16

Good morning from E Kent. It has been raining.
Happy Mothering Sunday to all women who, by their very nature - atavistic - do the mothering….
I trust that Urms had a good journey and her heart full of joy being in her happy place.
I had a quiet day yesterday, made a couple of coffee and walnut sandwich cakes for DGS’s mother and Nanna, who will be visiting this afternoon. They love them.
I shall most likely have a visit from one of my Indian friends to practice her mendhi on my hands. I shall have splendidly hennaed and patterned hands for several weeks! 😂
I have borrowed a friend’s husband this morning after church, to help me dismantle my two double beds in advance of the SA collecting them on Tuesday, together with the remaining furniture. Last night was the very last time I slept in our marital bed. Feeling sad about that.
I hope all the ladies have a lovely Mothering Sunday with contact from their families. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩

BlueBalou Sun 19-Mar-23 06:33:29

Good morning, a grey sky here in Wiltshire.
I happily spent a lot of yesterday playing with my watercolour painting and looking for online classes to join- with success!
I have assembled the key needed for my next course just after Easter and done most of the prep work too.
Today it’s an early DDog walk because there’s clay pigeon shooting this morning and she’s terrified of guns so will be either hiding behind my chair or up with me in my craft room hidden under the table poor thing.
If it’s nice I will definitely do something in the garden, I have bedding plants for the pots that need putting out this week.

Mizuna Sun 19-Mar-23 06:48:14

Good morning from south Cornwall where sun is promised today. grandMattie your marital bed comment brought tears to my eyes.

I have a Mother's Day parcel to open from my daughter and am going to see a Marvel film, a first for me, with my younger son this afternoon, then joining the other son and his family for food in Wetherspoons after that (I don't live there, honestly!). This morning my vicar will collect a load of Easter week brochures I've been stapling.

Ash, your above comments to all women are beautiful and I echo them.

(*Marydoll*, my patio pear tree has leaves, and the others are in bud.)

cornergran Sun 19-Mar-23 06:52:40

Morning Mick morning All looks like our Somerset sky is clearing.

Some (more!) sorting and a walk in the sunshine yesterday was followed by an unexpected if very welcome visit from our Littlest and his minders. Always a joy to see them.

If the forecast sun appears we’ll go along the coast and walk for a while. Trying to build stamina in us both Will try to get some laundry out first. I’ll hear my ma in law’s voice reminding me she wouldn’t hang laundry out on a Sunday. Her method was to do the laundry and keep it inside until Monday smile.

Todays preparation will be well worth it mick. If you aren’t restricted in quantity try to keep well hydrated. Good wishes for tomorrow.

Take care everyone.

Greyduster Sun 19-Mar-23 07:13:08

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Mick have a gentle day and reserve your energy. Early for me but DS is coming down today so I can’t dawdle. We are going out with DD and her menfolk for lunch at noon and then DS has to go home mid afternoon. It will be nice to have them all together for a change. I made the base for a pineapple upside down cake last night so I just have the cake part to do this morning, and we can eat it later with some ice cream.
Have the best day you can, folks.

fancythat Sun 19-Mar-23 07:15:35

Good morning. Dry and quite blue sky from down South.
I have Mothers Day cards to open, addressed to Mum. One of them especially , often refuses to write my name officially on post. They cant see why they cant just use mum.

Beechnut Sun 19-Mar-23 07:20:09

Good Morning everyone from sunny Severnside. A joy to seethe blue sky.

Like Mizuna I found your bed comment rather emotional Mattie.

I had a good day in the garden yesterday and have moved some of my garden furniture onto the patio for the rain to wash off the dust.

I’m going to spend some time with Beechnutella when I’ve sorted myself out.

Happy Mother’s Day to all 💐
Best wishes for tomorrow Mick and take care.


brook2704 Sun 19-Mar-23 07:27:15

Good morning everyone from Almeria where another sunny day is forecast
Hoping all goes well for your operation tomorrow Mick, take care
gMattie sending 💐 if you can still find a vase somewhere!
We’re planning on doing a couple of museums today - nice and easy relaxing day with a couple of coffee stops somewhere .. Yesterday we got the bus along the coast to Roquetas, we walked along the seafront and visited the castle and a little lighthouse, another interesting place to explore.
Hoping Urms has arrived safely in Malaga 😎
Hoping everyone celebrating Mother’s Day today has a lovely time and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

luluaugust Sun 19-Mar-23 07:33:10

Good morning from a bright W Kent. A full house today with family visiting and a roast lunch. It’s a long time since I cooked one so hoping for the best.
Yesterday bought my first speeding summons in 52 years of driving which has thrown me.
All the best for tomorrow Mick
Best wishes to all

MawtheMerrier Sun 19-Mar-23 07:35:26

Good morning from Moseley where I have been awake since silly o clock. D is taking GD to a Gymnastics competition in Stoke at 7, GS2 being picked up to go to his Blues (under 11’s) match v Leicester at 8 and I am taking GS1 to his rugby at Moseley for 10! Where is SIL in all this? Conveniently forgot about Mothers Day when he and friends planned their regular week skiing in France. How he has got away with it I don’t know- but there will be a price to pay grin
Huge bouquet of flowers waiting for me in the kitchen , scented candle, Lindor chocs (get thee behind me) but for me it was good to be Mum again, helping out!
Best of luck with your procedure tomorrow Mick, hope it all goes smoothly and that you are soon home and getting back to normal. I had my gall bladder removed by keyhole surgery years and years ago and apart from being violently sick at the first food I was offered (an egg sandwich) I was fine. But I did have somebody staying with me overnight. Good luck anyway ☘️ and a peaceful Sunday to all.

baubles Sun 19-Mar-23 07:41:36

Good morning all from cloudy South Lanarkshire, no rain yet so that’s good.

Good luck with your preparations Mick.

Mattie thanks

Looks like a fabulous trip brook, love the photos.

A quiet day ahead, I must do a bit of ironing and I think DD will pop over this afternoon.

Have a good Sunday everyone.

GrannySomerset Sun 19-Mar-23 07:41:46

Cloudless sky and pale sunshine means a lovely start to Mothering Sunday. Shan’t see either of my children but flowers and cards arrived yesterday and are more than welcome. I think of my own dear mother who died when I was 16 and am so grateful for her unselfish love and care.

Another difficult day for grandMattie and in a different way for Mick. Thoughts with travellers and holiday makers and all those less than well. Have a good Sunday.

Jaxjacky Sun 19-Mar-23 07:41:48

Morning from sunny S Hants. Go gently today Mick.
A lot of memories gMattie you must be quite exhausted.
Yoga, lunch out with friends, a visit to see my daughter, that’s my day.
Enjoy yours 🦩🦩.

Pittcity Sun 19-Mar-23 07:42:35

Good morning from grey, damp Colchester. It looks to be brightening but the heavy rain woke me at about 4am.
A quiet Mothering Sunday here. I'll call my Mum and my girls will call me. DS will get up late and join us for a roast dinner before driving back to base.
We must go for a walk if it stays dry as we vegetated indoors yesterday
Love to all 🦩 x

ShazzaKanazza Sun 19-Mar-23 07:46:10

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Hull. A dry day is forecast I’m loving the mild weather.

Thoughts to you as always grandMattie you are so busy yet you still always find time for others💐

I also echo Ash’s lovely sentiment 💐

Yesterday we set up mum’s caravan ready for her to go in a couple of weeks. We gave it a good clean too. We visited my uncle and bought him some shopping. Later we visited sister in law and her partner who has been in hospital with Vasculitis and is still quite poorly.
Today the DC and GC will come over and we will put a little buffet out.
I hope GS will be with his mother as she has been away all week and I’d like to think she might have him for the day. I have a bunch of tulips for DD as son in law is still in far off waters. I asked GD1 if she wanted to make mummy a Mother’s Day card but she said granny had done one with her so that is ok.

Wishing everyone a lovely day with family friends and delicious Sunday lunches. Thinking of those estranged or lonely today. I’ve sent a lovely bunch of cheerfulness daffodils. 🌻🌻

Wyllow3 Sun 19-Mar-23 07:47:34

Morning from A mostly sunny S Yorks.

Nicely put, Ash.
Well done not he prep Mick
and special thoughts your way gMattie.

Mothering Sunday has never been a "big day" in our family: my mum never wanted to be fussed over: there will be WhatSapps flying around and DiL gets to stay in bed as long as she wants with breakfast, which with 4 little ones is a treat in itself.

Its Quakers - maybe the gym, maybe home to read, I'm really under the weather CFS these days.

Gala Sun 19-Mar-23 07:52:44

Good morning everyone. A dull day here in Sefton.
Family lunch gathering in a local restaurant is the only plan for today. It's not often we're all able to get together so looking forward to it.
Good wishes to Mick for a positive outcome tomorrow. Take care all.

Marydoll Sun 19-Mar-23 08:05:06

Happy Mother's Day all from Glasgow, where its 6°C.

As has been said, take it easy today Mick and best wishes for tomorrow.

brook, lovely photos. We had the holiday from hell in Almerimar, just as it was opening up thirty five years ago. A hotel and not much else. The weather was awful and I was covered head to toe in mosquito bites.
We used to escape on the bus to Almeria the shoe capital of Spain! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
You look as if you are having a better time! 😄

I received my gift from DD and SIL yesterday, They brought me a beautiful bouquet, then took me on a road trip to the posh charity shops in some villages about 25 minutes away. I had a ball!
In one of the villages, SIL spotted a gift shop, which was closing down. There was an unusual faux plant, which I admired, but was not priced. When I asked the price, the owner laughed and said it was a display item. She promptly put it in my bag and said I could have it for free! DD and SIL couldn't stop laughing😂

I seem to have a bit of a chest infection and I know where it came from. The menthol crystals and steamer will be coming out!
We had a surprise visit from DS2, DIL and the bold Dollie on Friday evening. She had a touch of croup and is now quite unwell. She was meant to have a girl's day with mummy yesterday, while DS was at the rugby. She was so upset that she didn't get.
We shall pop up and see her today.
For those spending the day with family enjoy and for those with sons and daughter's far away, 💐

A quiet day for me, yesterday has taken its toll, a morning's activities is ore than enough for me. I should listen to advice and pace myself!

Gingster Sun 19-Mar-23 08:11:25

Good morning all and it’s bright and sunny here in Essex.

I have little gd staying with us as Dd had to be admitted to hospital on Friday, as she was so poorly. She’s in the Oncology Assessment ward, which is brand new and she’s the only one in there. We’ll visit this afternoon.

Happy Mothers Day ! ❤️

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 19-Mar-23 08:14:08

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Church first in the smallest and oldest church in the Benefice. Campion hid nearby! Then OH and I are having lunch at our favourite restaurant for celebrations. I hope Steak Diane is on the menu. My two sons rarely remember Mothering Sunday but I’ve had a card from my daughter. She’ll bring me chocolate next weekend when she comes to stay. Have a good day.

ShazzaKanazza Sun 19-Mar-23 08:14:58

Sending love to your DD Gingster 💐

Aldom Sun 19-Mar-23 08:15:07

Gingster flowers for you and for all mothers who are sad or concerned for their children.

Marydoll Sun 19-Mar-23 08:16:52

Gingster, so sorry to hear about your daughter. Hopefully this admission will mean she gets the support she needs. 💐