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Delayed Mother's Day

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notgran Sun 19-Mar-23 10:48:13

Over the years, I have discovered going out for a celebratory meal on Mother's Day and expecting it to be fun doesn't happen. There are many reasons, little children racing around the restaurant unchecked, service not being too good because the restaurant is so busy etc. Having a meal at home means someone has to shop, prepare the meal and tidy up. So now we ignore the getting together bit on the day itself and go for a nice meal in the evening during the week. It works well for us. I have had text and e-mails with lovely messages and am looking forward to our meal out tomorrow.

icanhandthemback Sun 19-Mar-23 11:51:13

We took my Mum out yesterday. Expensive set menu's and crowded places aren't for her...or us.

Juliet27 Sun 19-Mar-23 12:02:25

Has Mother’s Day being earlier this year confused any other family members living abroad? Had a message from my son saying ‘oh no, my personal assistant didn’t tell me it’s Mother’s Day’, His PA being his wife of course!!
My daughter, also in Australia said she’d only just realised it was today. Wonder why earlier this year.

Granmarderby10 Sun 19-Mar-23 12:09:11

It’s all to do with the church calendar.

Ashcombe Sun 19-Mar-23 12:11:09

Juliet27: The date of Mothering Sunday is related to the church's year so it's always three weeks before Easter, the date of which varies from year to year. It stems from the tradition of visiting one's mother church that day.

When the Americans were here in WW2, it became more widely known as Mothers' Day. However, there and in Australia (and possibly elsewhere) it's celebrated in May, on the second Sunday, I believe.

Aldom Sun 19-Mar-23 12:13:34

Mothering Sunday is always the fourth Sunday in Lent.

TerriBull Sun 19-Mar-23 12:15:01

One of my sons is taking Friday off next week to take me out for a delayed Mother's Day Lunch, I forgot it was today actually, until my other son What's App me early this morning, saying he was coming by with "some things" for Mother's Day. which turned out to be flowers, chocolates and a card. My husband also announced "although you're not my mother I've booked a table in Cote late afternoon in the hope that there is a lull between lunch and dinner and it won't be too packed". I'm happy with anything really, just nice to be remembered.

Llamedos13 Sun 19-Mar-23 12:18:34

It’s in May here in Canada.

MiniMoon Sun 19-Mar-23 12:24:39

Likewise notgran. We are going out with DD and family next Sunday.
Today I have made a beef stew with baked potatoes and buttered cabbage as DS is coming round for his lunch. His partner is out with her mother and daughter.

Aldom Sun 19-Mar-23 12:47:36


It’s in May here in Canada.

But this isn't the original Christian Mothering Sunday. This is Mother's Day. smile

JaneJudge Sun 19-Mar-23 12:49:43

We saw our Mothers yesterday and my children are with me today (my husband is cooking, though I admit I bought the roast for £15 from ocado which is a roast in the bag chicken, ready roast potatoes etc not that he is useless, I just thought it was easier) I agree re eating out on Mother's day. Our pub looked packed when we drove past just and the service is hit and miss at the best of times

Norah Sun 19-Mar-23 13:20:14

My single brother flew in from NYC, yesterday, for 'Mum's Day' surprise to me - I thought he was off a week, didn't say so. Lovely gesture!

Cold Sun 19-Mar-23 13:44:05

Different countries celebrate wildly different days

I once got the cold shoulder from my Danish MIL because I failed to realize that Danish "Morsdag" is 2 weeks before the one in Sweden.

When you live abroad you don't see the advertising and displays in shops that serve as little reminders

Grannybags Sun 19-Mar-23 14:24:59

Saw eldest son last Wednesday and not seeing my youngest until Good Friday (although I did get a card in the post)

I hate the thought that they are only seeing me as a 'duty' visit and much prefer a random day.

foxie48 Sun 19-Mar-23 14:29:57

I had an early phone call followed by some beautiful flowers from my daughter. tbh I was very surprised as she's currently hiking across the Sahara and I didn't think she'd remember as she's been so busy with preparations for her trip but she'd organised everything before she left the UK.

Harris27 Sun 19-Mar-23 14:36:19

I told my sons as long as you’re a good son through the year that does me! But they’ve still turned up with chocolates and flowers . Do love the cards though .

SusieB50 Sun 19-Mar-23 14:45:24

Agree that restaurants are not a good plan on Mothering Sunday . Just got back from DS and DiL having had a nice brunch made by DS between DGS football match this morning and DGD netball this afternoon! DD called this morning and their family were off out for a chilly breakfast picnic on the beach at Dunwich not far away !

dustyangel Sun 19-Mar-23 14:59:05

Well I’ve am very lucky here in Portugal as I have both daughters staying this weekend. Coincidentally it’s Father’s Day here, always celebrated on St Joseph’s feast day on the 19th March. So it’s Dia de Pai (Father) here. Daughters have told their dad that he’ll have to wait until the traditional English celebration! I’ve got some lovely daffodils which I never see normally. They’d been kept in the fridge overnight on Thursday then kept secret until Friday afternoon and they are at their best today.

We will go out to eat later but more to round off our own family celebrations, we are going to be joined by the 15 who are still here. smile

Happygirl79 Sun 19-Mar-23 17:31:53

Wishing all you lovely mothers a fantastic special day

J52 Sun 19-Mar-23 18:59:53

We did Mother’s Day yesterday. I got my treats and lunch for me to enjoy. But more importantly my DILs got today just for them.

Dempie55 Sun 19-Mar-23 19:11:53

Agree totally. I went out one evening last week to a lovely Italian restaurant with my son and his wife and also my daughter, who happened to be visiting from London. We had a great catch up and all agreed the last thing we could bear would be a visit to a pub or restaurant on actual Mothers' Day with stressed staff, overpriced food and revolting children running around squealing (which seems to be the norm when eating out anywhere at weekends nowadays...)

Cabbie21 Sun 19-Mar-23 19:50:08

My daughter took me and her daughter out for a meal on Friday afternoon. She and her son popped in on Saturday with a card and flowers from her garden. It made me feel very honoured, and I am glad that the children are included and encouraged to appreciate their Gran as teenagers, not just as a babysitter when younger.
Today I was invited for Sunday roast cooked by my son at his house. His wife’s parents were there too, but the young adult grandchildren were both at work. We were well fed, and given cards, chocolates and flowers. Much better than eating out. A lovely weekend.

Sara1954 Sun 19-Mar-23 20:10:43

We never do the meal thing, we usually all meet up, somewhere outdoors where the children can all run around, usually NT or seaside, a cup of tea and a cake somewhere, perfect day.
The girls bring cards and flowers, but I just get a text from my son, which is fine.

rubysong Sun 19-Mar-23 20:33:11

Because the USA has a different mother's day DS2 always signs his card from himself and his brother. I am now awaiting a Skype with the USA family. As we saw the local DS and family last weekend and DH was out playing in a band, I chose to have a day to myself. I bumbled about in the big garden centre and had lunch there. Very enjoyable and it left DS and the local DGC to make a fuss of their mum.

Oreo Sun 19-Mar-23 20:51:28

Always best to book the day before if you can, food and service much better.
We all had a great meal out yesterday and it wasn’t too busy.