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Robot deliveries

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Mollygo Mon 20-Mar-23 18:58:30

Sounds interesting. I watched them in the news tonight, but how long before they get stolen?

Clawdy Mon 20-Mar-23 19:07:16

Or schoolkids leap on them for a ride! Or they get pushed into the road. Interesting to see what happens. I imagine to access the contents you have to have a code, or they would be a target for thieves.

BlueBelle Mon 20-Mar-23 19:09:50

Well not everyone watched it so maybe you can expand on what you’re talking about 😂

Mollygo Mon 20-Mar-23 19:14:11

Evidently they’ve been working in Milton Keynes for some time.
How quiet are they. They know when a car is coming to, but what about a pensioner?

JaneJudge Mon 20-Mar-23 19:16:42

dogs dont like them grin but I think humans have mainly stayed away from them

Treebee Mon 20-Mar-23 19:29:39

They make a whirring noise as they trundle along. They also have an orange flag that’s alight in the dark so you can see them. They’re very sweet and we’ve got used to them in MK. Yes, to open it you’re given a code.

Redhead56 Mon 20-Mar-23 19:32:05

My first thought was they wouldn't survive a bunch of teenagers hanging around bored.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 20-Mar-23 19:40:00

Thank goodness for living in the sticks!

lixy Mon 20-Mar-23 20:31:20

We have them here too - they're very sweet! I watched one waiting for the green man at a crossing yesterday!
Mollygo they are quiet but they stop and beep if there is anyone too close to them. They are about the same size as a coffee table.

A friend organised for her husband to have his birthday cake delivered by a robot. When he opened the delivery cabinet it sang happy birthday to him!

henetha Mon 20-Mar-23 23:37:26

I just googled them as I hadn't heard anything about them. They are kind of cute . And a good idea in some areas.
But very little chance of seeing one here out in the boondocks I think.

sharon103 Tue 21-Mar-23 00:56:53

We had them here in our village last Autumn delivering for the co-op. They seemed quite popular at the start for some but the novelty soon worn off. I haven't seen one for quite a while now.
Personally I think they're a dangerous distraction for drivers especially when it gets dark early.

BlueBelle Tue 21-Mar-23 06:00:37

The size of a coffee table isn’t sweet and small lixy you wouldn’t get too many coffee tables passing on our paths
I ve never heard of them or seen them, they obviously haven’t made their way to my part of the world I ve never read about the either
When you were all talking about small and sweet I was thinking much smaller than a coffee table ! Do they go up steps and open gates etc ?
I can see how they would save money for a firm and perhaps be more efficient getting addresses correct
But can they be damaged by people who didn’t like them or by bored muggins ?

lixy Tue 21-Mar-23 09:48:18

The size of a coffee table isn’t sweet and small lixy you wouldn’t get too many coffee tables passing on our paths

Guess that depends on the size of the coffee table - ours is about 2 foot square.

We are fortunate to have many cycle paths here as there are in Milton Keynes too. Our pavements are in decent condition too for the most part. Maybe that's why we have the robots.
I like them!

teabagwoman Fri 24-Mar-23 11:59:59

We have them here too. So far we’ve had very few problems with them, they stop if they sense anyone near them. They do sometimes get stuck if the pavement is obstructed and say thank you if you sort them out. Altogether they are far less of a concern than the dratted e-scooters and cyclists on the pavement.

Twig14 Fri 24-Mar-23 12:01:34

A friend who lives in a fairly isolated
Place and when we had a great deal of snow wasn’t able to get out. He had a chest infection a prescription given n medication arrived via drone! I was really surprised at this. Sign of things to come!

Lemontart Fri 24-Mar-23 12:04:39

We have them here in Northampton. They are kind of cute, although the novelty has worn off now. I have used one a few times, it works through an app which tracks its journey and they don't unlock until you confirm through the app that it is with you. They would be difficult to break into.

Galaxy Fri 24-Mar-23 12:06:31

I am all for it. Recently a human delivery person asked me if I wanted my photo taken whilst I picked up my Tesco bags shock. Wouldnt happen with robots.

Nannan2 Fri 24-Mar-23 12:06:57

I remember seeing something about these ages ago- but heard nothing since! Maybe they never took off anywhere else? Couldnt see them managing to deliver unscathed (or unrobbed) in 'rough' areas.?

Nannan2 Fri 24-Mar-23 12:08:59

Lemontart- i'm sure the 'rough' area types would find a way to break in.😅🫤

Tammie12 Fri 24-Mar-23 13:03:48

We have them here as well, often see them going past. My daughters nick named them Stan I thought that’s what they were called till they said it’s just what they called them. Several times my daughter has come out of her house to help stan get up the curb

Cambia Fri 24-Mar-23 13:07:28

As we are seven miles from the nearest shop, don’t expect to see these anytime soon!

Frankie51 Fri 24-Mar-23 13:19:16

They look interesting but I just worry that it's another job lost for a person. We are making ourselves redundant lol! The robots might not need us eventually .

BeverleyJB Fri 24-Mar-23 13:36:42

I live near MK and we had a robot delivery during lockdown - treated ourselves to a take-away.

During our lockdown walks, we often had to “assist” one that got stuck against a pole or something. They are very heavy!

I do feel a bit anxious though when I see one trying to cross a busy road shock!

Janeea Fri 24-Mar-23 13:57:36

We had one of the trials of them here, have now had them for about 5 years, no problems at all that I have heard of, certainly never seen anyone jumping on them or pushing them into the road 🤷‍♀️

sandelf Fri 24-Mar-23 14:01:11

Gosh fun! Our pavements are so awful they'd fall over.