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Doing something for the First Time

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InTheCove Tue 21-Mar-23 23:17:05

After reading through the post on doing something for the last time, it got me thinking about things I have done for the first time in the past year. Around this time last year, I began taking pilates and am now going 3 times per week. I learned how to use a Cricut machine and am making cards, t-shirts and decor. I am now embarking on making a cut flower garden. What else has any one done for the first time this past year?

Ali08 Wed 22-Mar-23 05:02:41

Crocheted a baby blanket! I'm just finished another one - that's 3 so far! Plus a couple for my DGD doll.
And crocheted around a CD/DVD to make a little bag. You can find tutorials on YouTube.
And crocheted a string bag.

fancythat Wed 22-Mar-23 09:31:27

Eat at lunchtime alone!

I grew up and married into, jobs which were done from home.
Now DH goes "out to work".

J52 Wed 22-Mar-23 09:49:06

Singing. When I was 11 we had to ‘audition’ in the school music lesson. I was told I couldn’t sing. Teachers word was law in those days, so for all of my life I didn’t sing.
When I moved to a village a few years ago I was persuaded to join the community choir that has a fabulous Director of Music. Guess what? I can sing!

timetogo2016 Thu 23-Mar-23 10:08:22

Or doing something stupid for the first time in my case.
I put a box of 6 eggs in the freezer and left the frozen prawns on the work surface in a deep dish,

fancythat Thu 23-Mar-23 18:56:11

I did something stupid for the first time as well, this week.
Put a glass saucepan lid on a casserole dish as couldnt find the proper lid.
Cooked casserole. All was well until the last 20 mins of cooking.
Then glass broke into several pieces.

Then, adding further to my stupidity, I ate some of the casserole.
Not sure I had any glass tiny pieces, but it took a day for me to feel comfortable eating again.

Fleurpepper Thu 23-Mar-23 19:03:42

Same here J52- joined a modern 'by ear' choir last autumn and love it.