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Good morning Wednesday 22 March 2023

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grandMattie Wed 22-Mar-23 06:13:32

Good morning from a windy, drizzly E Kent- things are not going well for “in like a lion, out like a lamb” this year.
I’m assuming Mick is still in hospital/unavailable.

grandMattie Wed 22-Mar-23 06:18:21

This week lurches from busy to busier….
Every day brings extra stuff to deal with. ATM it is the solicitor with a mountain of things to read - 67 pages of legal stuff regarding purchasing a leasehold property and making important decisions on sub clause 36a, subsection 42f, anyone?
I’ve got an MOT this morning, going to my knit and natter group, then lunch with a friend. She is a retired nurse and was so very helpful during DH’s last days. Always enjoyable company.
I hope today brings contentment (and health improvements) for all in need. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Mizuna Wed 22-Mar-23 06:21:26

Thanks for opening gM, and hope you're getting on ok Mick. It's windy and raining here in south Cornwall. On the bus to a pharmacy in a nearby town first thing where I'm booked in for an echocardiogram, then a visit to my favourite charity shop near there, where I'll have a cuppa and browse their 50p rail for more jeans to turn into something else, maybe with my ex daughter-in-law if she's up to it (she has M.E.).

Kalu Wed 22-Mar-23 06:30:38

Good morning from a very blustery Glasgow.

Hope all is going well for Mick

An early visit soon to M&S food hall as we are having a few friends coming for lunch. I have decided on a casual buffet type meal which will be catered for by M&S. Job done and I can relax and enjoy their company.

Hoping a good day is ahead for all.

Ashcombe Wed 22-Mar-23 06:35:12

Good morning from a damp looking Torbay. Hope Mick is feeling comfortable. Thanks for opening up, grandMattie, on what sounds like another busy day. Ideal catering arrangements, Kalu!

I hope the echocardiogram goes well, Mizuna. The hardest thing for me last week was having to undress and dress twice in quick succession for an ECG in one room before being taken to another for the echocardiogram!

My car has recovered! Both rear coil springs had broken but were replaced yesterday for £188, which was cheaper than I’d expected. As in many places, our road surfaces are in a poor state with several patches and potholes. Apparently, it’s possible that the salty air had also contributed to the corrosion of the covering. I suppose now it’s six years old, I should expect things to start failing. I’m glad it has happened here and not miles from home, particularly in France!

Our pub lunch was enjoyable and it made a change to relax with the Props team away from the demands of being in the theatre. I’m back there this afternoon for Wednesday Club for which we have to read out an extract from a favourite book. I’m pleased the regular leader is back from holiday so the responsibility for opening and locking up the complicated building, including dealing with the alarm, is no longer mine!

Happy hump day! 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

BlueBalou Wed 22-Mar-23 06:50:48

Good morning everyone from a very wet Wiltshire, the rain pelted down during the night awakening me several times.
I hope Mick’s recovering well from his op.
Off to the hairdressers first thing then pick up my medication from the surgery on my way back and pay the paper bill too. Painter and patio man here today (I don’t envy the man doing the patio, it’s horrible out!), I will sort out stuff to take away on holiday at the weekend and do the ironing. I suspect we’re in for a wet week by the seaside but I honestly don’t care! Wellies and waterproofs then I can beachcomber happily. I’m really looking forward to a crab sandwich too!
DH says he’s off to town on the bus so he’ll be gone for several hours.
I hope you all have a good day x

Sar53 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:52:18

Good morning from Essex by the sea where it has been a very windy night.
I've had about 3 hours sleep, thoughts going round and round in my head.
My DB is still in hospital on antibiotics and strong painkillers but no nearer to finding out what is wrong.
No plans today, I may go out for a walk later if I'm not too tired.
I hope Mick is recovering well.
Enjoy your day everyone xx

monk08 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:55:35

Good morning all from a slightly overcast Black country.
Yesterday's friends retirement went well and it was lovely to see so many ex work colleagues, some I haven't seen since leaving nearly 8yrs ago.
Ash glad your car is recovered and the expense better than you thought it would be.
Nursery pick up today and then we have a carvery booked for later and still the vouchers keep coming.
Best wishes for anyone celebrating, safe travels those on the move and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone and may you all find some ☀️.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 22-Mar-23 06:55:52

Morning all

Thank you grandMattie for opening our GM club

Mick hope you are recovering well and will back here soon 🌼

Gym this morning after which I have nothing planned but no doubt some household chores will pop up.

Thinking of Gingsters DD, Sar53’s DB and sending (((hugs))) to all in need.

Enjoy your day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Jaxjacky Wed 22-Mar-23 06:56:48

Morning from a blowy, soggy S Hants.
Good news on your car Ash. Enjoy your lunch gMattie a calm oasis.
Hope Mick is recovering well.
School run this week, hence early up, the traffic is horrendous, I’m taking my daughter tomorrow to get the cast off her hand.
Best wishes for all médicals today.

kittylester Wed 22-Mar-23 06:58:02

Good morning all from a damp North Leicestershire. It isn't currently raining.

I am going to the hairdressers this morning. My hair is in an awful state - very fine and flat - and I am hoping that highlights will give it some oomph.

Have the best day possible all.

Hope we hear from Mick.

hollysteers Wed 22-Mar-23 07:01:01

Good morning from Sunnyside northwest coast.
Good session at music club yesterday and cards etc for my upcoming birthday. Committee meeting at the end with the usual disparate thoughts…

Dreamt my son had moved to France and was living in intolerable conditions, had a big stomach and dyed his hair blonde lol.

Off to north Wales on a coach day trip, so sarnies, coffee book etc up packed up and me all wrapped up. Went to bed at 10 last night, most unusual for me, after watching ‘Life with Father’ 1947, dated but ok.

What a busy time GM! I hope Mick is recovering well and thoughts to Gingster

Susan56 Wed 22-Mar-23 07:01:26

Good morning from Shropshire where birds doing a clog dance on the roof have woken me.DH is sleeping like a baby through the noise!

I had a lovely catch up with my friend.After lunch we drove to the garden centre for coffee and to continue chatting.When I got home DH had given the lawns their first cut of the year.

Today we are going to Stafford to pick B up from school.

Good news on the car repair Ash🥳

Thoughts with Mick and Gingster and her DD and all with illness and struggles.

Have the best day you can everyone🦩

Beechnut Wed 22-Mar-23 07:01:28

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Damp outside and the sky not too grey.

I went for a dental check up yesterday and was told my dentist may have gone private by my next check. 🤪 It wasn’t a very good day as I’d had one of my dreams that leave me disturbed so I only pottered and then slept a lot.

Just a home working day and fish cakes with veg for my lunch today.

My car failed it’s last mot with a broken spring Ash. The garage man said ‘It’s the roads!’. Until recently the road to his garage was awful, more hole than road.

Hope you all have a good day and Mick and poorly relatives are recovering.

Pittcity Wed 22-Mar-23 07:01:52

Good morning from a grey, damp Colchester...that sentence comes up automatically now.
It's not cold, so my mid weight mac is out and the big coats are away.
Wednesday morning coffee meetup in the city centre followed by a bit of shopping in Aldi. DH is planning to go fishing overnight so I'll have a quiet evening.
Love to all 🦩 x

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 22-Mar-23 07:04:04

Morning all from a damp West Oxfordshire. I hope Mick is recovering well.
OH and I are out for lunch to an Italian restaurant we went with the U3A lunch group a few weeks ago. We enjoyed it so much we thought we’d make a return visit. If I had to choose one cuisine for the rest of my life, it would be Italian. If I was allowed to have roast beef and afternoon tea once a month! I will be listening to a talk on London’s canals later on. This is a WI talk on zoom. For those WI members this is connected with that wonderful house - Denham - that the the WI used to own. It is just a 20 minute drive from me and I attended many courses and day schools there. The best was when I won a bursary and spent two nights there and did a course on baking croissants and brioche etc. So, have a good day everyone, especially those of you who seem to be weighed down with multiple tasks.

Marydoll Wed 22-Mar-23 07:04:15

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where it is 7°C and rather breezy.

Thank you for opening up, GM.

We are off to Pitlochry for a few days and meeting DD and SIL at house of Bruar. Yippee!!
I was quite unwell again yesterday, the vertigo raised its ugly head again, so my packing isn't quite done and I'm slightly off kilter.
DH keeps asking if I'm OK to go, but after ten weeks of semi incarceration, I'm going!

Kalu, sounds the ideal lunch. I haven't been up there shopping for yonks, I may pay a visit soon.

I hope Mick is making good progress and Gingster's daughter is making some progress.
Ginger, I hope you too are looking after yourself.

Have a good day folks.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 22-Mar-23 07:07:48

Good morning from a wet and windy South Downs, which I shall be battling with in half an hour or so. Does anyone know when spring is arriving?

Commiserations to one and all who have a trial of a day ahead. Hope those in recovery will continue to do well.

Out to theatre today and The Ivy to eat - near the theatre. Did think about going on the bus for a change, but not in this weather - I would not fancy sitting in soggy clothes.

Enjoy your day everyone

Marydoll Wed 22-Mar-23 07:11:02

Beechnut, my dealership always does the MOT, then then charges for repairs and a retest.

Last week, my local independent garage did a pre MOT check, then the MOT. It cost only £130 for both a service and MOT.
So much cheaper than the dealership charged last year. Despite being under warranty last year, my car failed, this year it passed with flying colours.

Ash, I bet you felt relieved!

Greyduster Wed 22-Mar-23 07:18:09

Good morning to all GNs and Michael in absentia. Hope things are going well for you Mick.
My plans for seed sowing were scuppered yesterday. I washed all the seed trays and pots, but the wind was blowing so hard that they wouldn’t stay on the table so I gave up. It doesn’t look much better today. So I gave the house a good clean instead, then sat and read. DD rang and we had a long chat last night. First spell of good weather she plans to drag me for a walk along the Monsal Trail which is nice and flat. I will have to get into training! She is running yet another half marathon on Sunday. I have a visit from son in law’s accountant this morning and then I need to do a shop sometime this afternoon.
Glad you got your car sorted, Ash. Potholes are a pain round here. My car certainly doesn’t soak them up like the big car did.
A hug for anyone that needs it. Have the best day you can folks.

Grandmabatty Wed 22-Mar-23 07:23:28

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 6° and damp and windy. Ash Good news about the car. Marydoll enjoy Pitlochry. Whitewave that sounds like a lovely day.
Yesterday I was sent for by my friend's partner as she was really poorly. I dumped dgs2 unceremoniously and headed across and didn't leave until after six. And she's still here. No-one knows how as even the pharmacist is amazed. I sat and held her hand and blethered nonsense to her for ages. Her former husband has been quite difficult and tensions eased as he went home in the afternoon.
Today I have an early hair appointment and then a chiropodist appointment then I'll head back over. When my friend wanted us to be there at the end, I don't think even she thought she would last as long! Anyway, have a good day all

Urmstongran Wed 22-Mar-23 07:24:53

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from sunny Málaga. The seagulls are noisy this morning. I always think they sound as though they’re laughing together! We plan a stroll up into Arroyo de la Miel today. We need to call in at the solicitor’s office to pay our annual community fees and utilities, will sit and have a coffee and people watch in the buzzy town. Depending how we feel we may wander down to the paseo for lunch and call in at a bar owned by previous Urmston neighbours who moved out here pre-Covid times. It will be nice to see them and catch up. They have a new baby grandchild and I have brought a present to pass across.

Sar53 I really feel for your exhaustion. Acute anxiety is so draining. Ashcombe I’m glad you didn’t need to take out a second mortgage to pay for your car repairs and Gingster you and your family are often in my thoughts. I hope your daughter turns a corner soon towards good health and that you feel better in yourself very soon as you are much needed by your family and will need your own energy back. Safe journey home brook - your holiday photos have been fab.

Enjoy Wednesday.

karmalady Wed 22-Mar-23 07:31:18

Good morning, after a wet and blowy night, s somerset will have sun today sunshine

Days do evolve here, sometimes I am not sure about the days but they always get filled. I enjoyed my car run yesterday and came back to make a large keto vegan lasagne, ate one portion and have frozen 11 portions. I now have lots of ready meals for days when I have better things to do. It took me 2 1/2 hours to prep

I intend to sort out some kitchen top units today, unless I get side tracked

A good day to all

Kalu Wed 22-Mar-23 07:36:40

Marydoll. Enjoy your stay at Pitlochry, especially the House of Bruar part.😉 Fingers crossed you have a trouble free relaxing break, health wise too. 🤞
Two family members from Perthshire will be coming to lunch and having an overnight stay with us.

multicolourswapshop Wed 22-Mar-23 07:41:57

Good morning everyone from a very windy but sunny start to the day here on the east coast of Fife
I had a really good sleep last night and I’m looking forward to my trip out today with my carer
I’m going to treat her to a lovely lunch at my local farm shop
Hope Mick gets home today.
Here’s to a good day everyone smile