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do you shop at Sainsburys?

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infoman Wed 22-Mar-23 11:44:36

and use the recycling area?

Two of our stores in our City have stopped the plastic and tin can facilities.
It glass and paper only,is this the same in other Sainsburys or just my area?

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Mar-23 11:45:42

I think that they all have different set ups

timetogo2016 Wed 22-Mar-23 11:52:43

They have all of the recycling facilities in my area.
They take up a good chunk of space too,but it`s worth it
I`m in the midlands.

nanna8 Wed 22-Mar-23 11:58:09

I remember well when they banned paper bags because they were cutting down too many trees and ruining the environment!

1summer Wed 22-Mar-23 12:01:05

Our local Sainsbury’s got rid of the recycling completely. It was frequently a mess as people just dumped any rubbish besides the bins.
It’s now more parking spaces.

Rosie51 Wed 22-Mar-23 13:02:45

1summer I think ours will get rid of theirs too eventually. People leave all sorts as well as outright rubbish by the bins, and I'm sure some local businesses are dumping stuff there size oil cans, catering size cardboard boxes etc They clear it up and within days it's a huge mess again. I wouldn't blame them, why should their staff have to clear it up? I wonder if CCTV coverage of the area would cut it down?