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Good morning Thursday 23 March 2023

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grandMattie Thu 23-Mar-23 06:02:58

Good morning from E Kent. It is already daylight.
I hope that Mick is doing ok and recovering well.
News follows.

Ashcombe Thu 23-Mar-23 06:09:13

Good morning from a breezy but dry Torbay. Thank you for starting today's thread, grandMattie. I hope Mick is making good progress.

I'm planning to make my first visit of the year to my holiday static near Okehampton today. A residents' coffee morning is planned so I’ll aim to arrive in time for that. It’s rare I meet anyone else on site other than having brief exchanges when out walking but I don’t really go there to socialise; it’s a welcome, quiet retreat from the busy times here!

Wishing you all a good day, especially those with worries about health or other issues. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

BlueSapphire Thu 23-Mar-23 06:13:43

Good morning everyone from a warm but slightly cloudy morning in South Africa. Just turned 8am here.

We are now in its wine capital, Franschoek, and after breakfast we set off on the 'wine tram' to explore the various wineries. It is a hop-on/ hop-off trail, and am looking forward to trying different wines.

Just a few pictures of the last place we stayed, a country manor in the heart of the Swartberg Mountains.

Trust all is going well with Mick.

Wishing a good day to all.

grandMattie Thu 23-Mar-23 06:14:19

I’m opening in loco Mick again. I hope all is well with him.
Yesterday went well. I had a lovely time at the Age Concern “stay warm” craft group. The ladies are knitting/crocheting hat, blankets and gloves for the needy. The nicest blankets are sold; a particularly lovely one sold for £90 on Fb last week! Money goes to keep the centre open.
Lunch with my friend was very pleasant too. She can talk for England!
In the afternoon, I decided to bake. I made a coffee and walnut cake for my Indian friend. Her teenage son picked it up later, and also took 1/2 dozen biscoff cup cakes that had I made to “bribe” my solicitor today. (My rationale is if you are particularly nice to them, they will remember you and go the extra mile for you! 😂)
So, this morning, Spanish, the fictitious dog still chewing up my homework…. This afternoon, I’m seeing the solicitor to understand the implications of the lease, etc., before signing stuff. I’ll take the remaining dozen cup cakes to her.
I hope everyone is happy, getting better, coping with setbacks…. Carpe diem all 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩

Mizuna Thu 23-Mar-23 06:17:17

Good morning from south Cornwall where it's softly raining and the small birds are competing with the gulls' cries. Will finish emulsioning my purple bathroom today and complete a painting of St Ives for the wall. Found an unwrapped photo canvas of a row of puppies in the charity shop yesterday, perfect shape. Puppies are now painted out and St Ives gradually appearing. Also bought a small accordion, which my (blind) daughter will enjoy when she visits next time.

karmalady Thu 23-Mar-23 06:27:03

Thank you GM, I hope today`s meeting is calming and productive

Good morning from s somerset, it seems as though the march lion is roaring, when usually he would be sleeping. Some welcome sun is expected later

I fertilised all my roses yesterday and all my fruit plants, so I was glad to see rain afterwards. I did brink my ex-oildrum artisan seat inside again, I saw the forecast for the week, rain and more rain

Gentle pottering each day at the moment and am managing to discover things I can give away or take away, making space and future proofing. Similar today, with a wander to the shops. It is a calm and gentle life right now

Whitewavemark2 Thu 23-Mar-23 06:28:20

Good morning from the South Downs. Usual wet morning.

Thought the play at the theatre yesterday amateur and badly acted - very disappointing. Some of the dialogue was ridiculous. It is so annoying as it is certainly not cheap entertainment.

Nothing planned today, shopping delivery and probably - given the weather- some relaxing crafty stuff.

A blackbird is singing his heart out as I type - a lovely greeting to the day.

Enjoy your day one and all.

Greyduster Thu 23-Mar-23 06:33:48

Good morning to all GNs and Michael in absentia. I hope you’re doing ok Mick and will join us again soon. The sun is up in South Yorkshire but I have been awake for ages. I’m contemplating joining a group for a walk today in one of our local woodlands. One small step for mankind, another giant leap for Greyduster……. The logical thing thereafter would be to call in on DD who lives nearby but she tested positive for covid yesterday. She and SiL went to a concert in Birmingham on Friday night so she thinks she probably picked it up there. We were all together on Sunday but so far everyone else is ok.
Wonderful photos, Blue. A very special holiday, that!
Have the best day you can, folks.

Ashcombe Thu 23-Mar-23 06:38:50

Thought the play at the theatre yesterday amateur and badly acted - very disappointing. Some of the dialogue was ridiculous. It is so annoying as it is certainly not cheap entertainment.

How disappointing for you to support a company that doesn’t deliver to an acceptable standard when, as you say, it’s not cheap. I’m curious about the title of the play, for future reference when planning our season!

Susan56 Thu 23-Mar-23 06:39:25

Good morning from Shropshire.Rain overnight and dry now.

We had a pleasant drive over to Stafford stopping for a picnic halfway.B didn’t feel well when we collected him from school so a quiet couple of hours with him.

Today is H day so playgroup this morning and collecting DGD from school this afternoon.

I think I will start using future proofing karmalady,It describes what I am doing much better than de-cluttering.

I hope that Mick and Gingster’s DD are both feeling better.My thoughts to all unwell and struggling.

Have the best day you can everyone🦩

BlueBalou Thu 23-Mar-23 06:39:32

Good morning, there are clear skies over my Wiltshire corner, so I’m hoping for some sunshine!
Yesterday the painter finished, the gardener did the foundations for the new bit of patio and I had my haircut so a good day. I was so tired by late afternoon I couldn’t even think straight!
Today I’m having a manicure and this afternoon it’s stitch group. I will start putting the books into the bookcase too, after 6 months of boxes being stacked in the dining room bit it’s well overdue for sorting.
Tomorrow I will give the house a thorough clean then off to the seaside on Saturday 😊
I hope Mick’s doing well, I obviously mistakenly thought he’d said it was day surgery….
Have a great day x

Michael12 Thu 23-Mar-23 06:47:49

Good Morning Everyone,
I overslept this morning , its bright and sunny here in brackley as well.
The operation did not happen as to concerns as to my heart beat , the consultant would not take the risk , so I just had 3 days in the Hospital in a room on my own .
But overslept this morning due to being tired , I got home early evening , watched TV and fell asleep switched TV off and fell asleep in chair woke at 3 , then went to bed .
More later,
Take Care,

monk08 Thu 23-Mar-23 06:48:30

Good morning all from a dry but windy Black country.
No plans today didn't sleep well and DH appeared to be tossing and turning as well, although he's snoring away now.
Will take a trip round local shops need to pick up DH meds that were missing from prescription.
Lovely photos Blue something to look back on in the winter with special memories.
Enjoy your Thursday everyone and may you all find some ☀️.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 23-Mar-23 06:49:11

Morning all from a dampish West Oxfordshire. I hope Mick is recovering well. Today will be mainly admin. Why is there so much of it? It’s like being back at work! It is the Lent group meeting tonight. It is the final one for me as next Thursday we will be preparing for our holiday. Have a good day.

Mizuna Thu 23-Mar-23 06:50:08

Oh Mick, what a disappointment!

Susan56 Thu 23-Mar-23 06:55:21

Oh Mick I’m so sorry the operation didn’t happen.Take care💪🏼

kittylester Thu 23-Mar-23 06:55:22

Good morning from a brightish North Leicestershire. I doubt it will stay bright for long.

Yesterday we had torrential rain and a fabulous rainbow which appeared ro come down in a nearby garden. I doubt my neighbour would have been happy had I gone digging around for the pot of gold but I was tempted.

Lots of admin to do today and a Sainsbury's delivery. DH is doing an early drive again.

I'm getting a little worried about Mick as I also thought he was having day surgery.

fancythat Thu 23-Mar-23 06:58:09

Oh that is a disappointment Michael12

Quite a lot of blue sky, down South. Still chilly.

Getting ready for visit of family at Easter, and someone's significant birthday.

multicolourswapshop Thu 23-Mar-23 06:58:30

Good morning from a bright but cold start to the day here on the east coast of Fife
Im struggling to read at the moment specsavers took my glasses away to give me a new prescription and I’m forced into using my late husbands specs, thankfully they’re just about doing the trick.can’t wait until my own specs get delivered

Havea good day everyone flowers

Beechnut Thu 23-Mar-23 06:59:09

Good Morning everyone. The sun is here on Severnside monk 😃

How disappointing for you Mick.

Some shopping for me today. I’ll do it in Lidl so I can browse the middle. I see from a brochure they have something I’ve been keeping an eye out for. Some crafting I’ll do too.

Have a good day all 🌼🦩

BlueSapphire Thu 23-Mar-23 07:00:46

What a pity, Mick, I hope they will reschedule it if your heart settles down.

Grandmabatty Thu 23-Mar-23 07:06:00

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 5° and dry. There are patches of blue skies above. Mick what a disappointment for you. I hope they have a plan for you. Grandmattie you are very organised.
Yesterday I had a haircut. I have a lovely hairdresser who does what he can with my very sparse locks. He always gives me something as I think he feels sorry for me. Yesterday was a thickening serum. Then I had my regular chiropodist appointment. My feet seem fine. After that, I spent the rest of the day at my friend's house. NHS staff and the local hospice staff couldn't be more helpful and caring. Even the local pharmacy opened early at lunchtime when he saw someone waiting to get her prescription. I hoped this morning I would have had a message to say she'd gone, but nothing so far.
Today I've done a washing and put a small gammon in to roast. That'll make dinner easier to sort when I come back. I'll go back over about nine this morning and stay as long as I'm wanted. Have a good day all.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 23-Mar-23 07:09:59

What a disappointment Mick.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 23-Mar-23 07:10:11

Morning all

I have a couple of errands to do down the road this morning, should really do the washing…

Sorry that your operation didn’t happen Mick are they going to reschedule?

Thinking of all with troubles themselves or poorly family members (((hugs)))

It’s nearly the weekend 🙋‍♀️🦩

Georgesgran Thu 23-Mar-23 07:11:21

Good morning from my SinL’s house in Cheshire - Nantwich.
Just wanted to say how frustrating for you Mick not to have had your op - I hope there’s a Plan B?
Best wishes to all. X