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What does your typical weekend look like?

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Kandinsky Sun 26-Mar-23 13:44:05

I’m often asked by work colleagues ‘what plans have you got for the weekend?’ -
Well more often than not I haven’t got any plans. I do a bit of shopping & my daughter might pop over for an hour with the grandchildren, but that’s about it.
I’m happy just pottering around the house & garden.
I sometimes feel like I should be out & about doing exciting things every weekend & feel a bit embarrassed when I say ‘ I just stayed at home actually’

Is it normal to not do very much at weekends? ( I still work 4 days so like a rest! grin )

M0nica Sun 26-Mar-23 14:13:57

What is a typical weekend? Weekend, I understand, typical I don't.

timetogo2016 Sun 26-Mar-23 14:30:35

We usually do a small shop on a Saturday and pop out on Sunday for a walk and if theres a car boot on were there at around 6/7am.

crazyH Sun 26-Mar-23 14:48:24

My weekends are boring. Live alone. Yesterday was quite satisfying. Was almost about to order a new freezer, because my present one is about 20 years old. Instead, I decided to defrost it and once that was done, and cleaned, it looked good, so decided to keep it and save £500, although I did read that an old freezer uses more electric 😫never mind.
Occasionally, I am invited for Sunday lunch at my daughter’s (no call today ), or to my youngest son’s for tea - no invite forthcoming there either. So I shall sit on the sofa, have some left overs from the fridge and drink copious amounts of tea 😂

Kandinsky Sun 26-Mar-23 14:56:53

So I shall sit on the sofa, have some left overs from the fridge and drink copious amounts of tea

Sounds great to me grin

silverlining48 Sun 26-Mar-23 14:58:04

Our weekends are usually at home. The diary page fir Saturdays and Sundays is almost always emoty, though visiting friends next weekend, something nice to look forward to.
If weather is ok I would do a bit of gardening as it is good fir us all to get outdoors, but so far weather has been miserable. Heres to some sunshine. sunshine

GagaJo Sun 26-Mar-23 15:03:01

Work Saturday. Mostly have grandson Sunday.

I'd love a weekend off 😐

lixy Sun 26-Mar-23 15:07:30

Usually at home catching up with household chores and gardening. The crossword is a must!

We sometimes have family and friends catchups but we are more likely to see them during the week - G'children when they are poorly or on holiday from school, friends because places are quieter midweek.

When we worked most weekends were for rest and recuperation. Usually a chore-filled Saturday and a long walk on a Sunday, with a pub-lunch if we were feeling rich!

Cabbie21 Sun 26-Mar-23 15:08:38

Church choir practice Friday evening.
Chores Saturday morning.
Time on my laptop, often doing family history stuff.
TV in the evening.
Sunday morning church. Oven on the timer for Sunday roast at 1pm. Catch up with the papers.
Listen to Choral Evensong on Radio 3 at 3pm.
Time on my laptop, TV, later meal, just a sandwich.

Very occasionally I might spend an hour with my daughter on Saturday, or Sunday lunch with my son, but they are usually busy at weekends.
Sometimes my choir will have a concert, so rehearse Saturday afternoon, snack then concert in evening. Eat when I get home.

Fleurpepper Sun 26-Mar-23 15:08:43

Same answer as Monica.

Kim19 Sun 26-Mar-23 15:48:09

I do lots of lunches but have noticed that none of my friends or family ever suggest weekend dates. Strange but maybe a relic from working life. Don't know. Have to admit a weekend of doing 'nothing' suits me fine.

JaneJudge Sun 26-Mar-23 15:54:40

I am the same. I work full time, last week i did over 50 hours and tbh come Friday evening I just want to hve a bath and go to bed and Saturdays I just want to stay at home. Sunday family visit but it's about food and company. We occassionally have a night out to see a comedy or gig or the very occassional weekend away or popping to see our family elsewhere in the country but when I hear the youngsters weekend plans at work it often leaves me feeling exhausted smile

Grannybags Sun 26-Mar-23 15:58:06

I’m retired so usually the same as the rest of the week…I never know what day it is!

Georgesgran Sun 26-Mar-23 16:24:44

Weekends are usually kicked off by coffee with a friend at her house.
Often I have things arranged with both DDs and DGSs - the latter are at school and nursery respectively, so I hardly see them during the week, unless asked to pick up/babysit.
I’m actually having a very lazy weekend - did a bit of laundry, some gardening and I’ve been to a local garden centre.
Next week is full of busy, so I’m recharging the old batteries!

Helenlouise3 Sun 26-Mar-23 16:32:08

We've recently retired, so every day is now like a weekend. Saturday morning is usually a 4 mile or so walk with the dog. Hubby pops out for a game of cards in the afternoon and I might join him if there's a local game of footie or rugby at the park. We might have a takeaway or I'll have something cooking in the slow cooker for the evening. Sunday morning starts with myself ironing and hubby prepares the veg for a roast dinner. If it's dry we'll go and watch our youngest granddaughter playing footie. For the rest of the day we chill in front of the tv, or I knit/crochet.

LadyHonoriaDedlock Sun 26-Mar-23 16:39:13

Saturday: Long lie-in. Eat breakfast. Check mail and social media. Read papers online. Listen to radio. Eat supper. Open bottle of wine. Read book. Go to bed.

Sunday: Long lie-in. Eat breakfast. Check mail and social media. Read papers online. Listen to radio. Eat supper. Drink of wine. Read book. Go to bed.

kittylester Sun 26-Mar-23 16:46:32

Our weekends are variable. This weekend has been quiet - just dh and I pottering. But it could involve having visiting children and dgc, or brothers visiting for a meal, dh watching football with ds 1, going to watch dgc play sport or doing drama.

VioletSky Sun 26-Mar-23 16:48:59

Saturdays for socialising, being mum taxi, day trips out or walks or spending time in the garden or watching films with the family

Sundays are for a lie in, preparing for the work and school week and a big roast dinner for us and whoever of the AC that are available

NotAGran55 Sun 26-Mar-23 17:26:02

No typical here. Some Friday evenings a drink in the village pub or a glass of wine at home. Saturday morning husband nearly always works, football for me, always the home games and the occasional away game. Clean the car. Coffee with a friend.
Gigs as often as possible.
Sunday it’s usually lunch out but sometimes the occasional breakfast, with a walk throw in. Visit to family on Sunday afternoon if they are around. Take out SEN relative for a foodie treat and a walk by the river. TV and messing around on SM like now!
Strictly NO work or household chores or shopping on Sundays.

Juliet27 Sun 26-Mar-23 17:39:04

Saturday met at a friend’s house which is so perfect and tidy it’s minimalist minimalist!! Spent Sunday feeling depressed at how scruffy my house looks and didn’t have the motivation to do anything about it. 😩

LOUISA1523 Sun 26-Mar-23 17:54:55

Friday teatime ..
Meet friends at pub at tea time ....home by about 9pm....Saturday ....take grandkids out normally if parents are working....Sunday....big beach walk with dog....DD usually makes a roastie about 4pm or bbq in summer .....used to spend all my weekends cleaning when I worked full time...but only 2 days a week now so clean and do shopping mid werk now

Tenko Sun 26-Mar-23 17:55:49

We’re recently retired too. I’d say our weekends are sometimes quiet and sometimes busy .
Normally we go to our village pub on Friday evenings. Saturday and Sunday mornings we have a long dog walk. If the weather is dry we’ll spend some time in the garden. If the football or Rugby is on we will watch it at a friends home who has a bar . About once a month our AC come home and so spend time with them . And again about once a month we meet up with our neighbours either at theirs or ours .sometimes we meet up with friends for a Sunday pub lunch.
I care for my DM so I’m there over the weekend as well . If we’re at home in the evenings , I’ll cook and we watch a film or a series on Netflix or Amazon prime with a glass or two of vino .
I rarely do chores at the weekend, I try and get them done during the week .

Barmeyoldbat Sun 26-Mar-23 18:08:45

Being retired Sunday is no different especially as I have a problem knowing what day it is

BigBertha1 Sun 26-Mar-23 19:27:39

Golf on Friday so Friday evening is slumped by the TV, late to rise on Saturday and perhaps a garden centre/Waitrose visit. Sunday every 3rd Sunday lunch at daughters or pub lunch but in the warmer weather a country walk/garden visit/ few holes of golf. Dead boring I should think to most people.

MrsKen33 Sun 26-Mar-23 20:02:43

Quiet Saturday. Perhaps a walk or gardening.
Sunday a drive to get the Sunday papers. Then visit our DD for a coffee or stay to lunch.
Then home to read papers .
Mind you the week is also much the same.