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In my point of view this is ridiculous and needs stopping

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BlueBelle Mon 27-Mar-23 11:28:58

Just switched on to This morning I m not usually in so don’t watch it normally but I m so disgusted to see a couple of women who have set up a business of colouring dogs as an art project called Picasso poodles They made the point that the dye is natural and not harmful to the dogs but that’s not the point a dog isn’t a blooming canvas it should nt have to go through a period every month or two of being ‘painted’
Get yourselves a canvas and easel ladies
This has made me so cross on behalf of the dogs and because of all the idiots who will follow this ‘trend’ holly willoby and Alison Hammond were oohing and ahhing and admiring

A dog is an animal not a flipping mural everything that is bad about our treatment of animals these days

Kate1949 Mon 27-Mar-23 11:31:33

I'm not a dog lover but this is awful. Those silly women. This is not new unfortunately. They had a piece about this years ago in This Morning.

Anniebach Mon 27-Mar-23 11:36:07

Noooo, some idiots will do it this now 😡

FannyCornforth Mon 27-Mar-23 11:36:52

Yes, it’s been going on for years, it is awful.
I’m surprised that This Morning is condoning it now.

Or am I surprised?

I haven’t watched TM since the glory days of Richard & Judy, but Im aware of happens at ITV daytime, and it’s not exactly edifying.

LilyB14 Mon 27-Mar-23 11:38:51

No human is forced to have their hair coloured so why do they think it’s ok to put an innocent animal through it?
IMO it’s just cruel and thoughtless.

Moonwatcher1904 Mon 27-Mar-23 11:40:23

I've just been watching this. I've never seen anything so ridiculous. What is the world coming to?

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 27-Mar-23 11:42:18

It is ridiculous and not the way to treat any animal. Sadly, dogs, especially poodles, with dyed fur have been around for a long time. These stupid women should not be given publicity.

Mollygo Mon 27-Mar-23 11:43:14

Ridiculous-but wasn’t there a competition program about decorating dogs a while back? I saw one episode-just as silly and IMI unkind as this.

Baggs Mon 27-Mar-23 11:49:35

While ever dogs are regarded as accessories by some people, stuff like this will happen. I doubt it's actualy cruel – not like breeding dogs with squashed noses so they're susceptible to breathing difficulties. After all, is dyeing the hair of a human being cruel? One wouldn't think so given how many people do it to themselves or have it done.

FannyCornforth Mon 27-Mar-23 11:52:20

Animals should be allowed their dignity.
Unfortunately, only the very few are.
We are a bloody awful species really sad

nanna8 Mon 27-Mar-23 11:55:05

Ohh there’s some sick frickers around. I don’t like people who put bows in their dog’s hair, either, or dress them up with silly coats.

Baggs Mon 27-Mar-23 11:56:11

We are a bloody awful species really

No we aren't. Some people are bloody awful. Most aren't.

I really dislike all the anti-humanism floating around nowadays, helped on its way by sainted misanthropes in the public sphere.

Look at and

As a species we have improved and we still are doing.

Which doesn't mean no bad things happen because some people are wicked and or stupid.

Fleurpepper Mon 27-Mar-23 12:01:31

It's awful. and all those videos on tiktok and so on of animals dressed up, etc.

I saw this late 80s at the East of England show- a couple, 2 men in their 30s- were showing 3 large poodles, one pale green, one pale blue, one pale pink. We were truly upset- they obviously loved the dogs and cared for them well, but why, oh why, die them?

Agreed, has to stop and laws tightened.

Glorianny Mon 27-Mar-23 12:02:51

I remember that programme Mollygo I never knew before that people paid to have their dog remodelled. It's part of a trend for dogs changing them from pets to a fashion accessory/child substitute. They can be coloured and clipped to change them, just like you would a handbag, and unlike children, they don't grow up and tell you to stop fussing and leave them alone. It's sad really. As for an Art project well I suppose they think that sounds more acceptable than "Dyeing Dogs"

Joseanne Mon 27-Mar-23 12:10:51

they obviously loved the dogs and cared for them well, but why, oh why, die them?
Oooer, I hope that was meant to read dye! grin

Joking apart, I think it is ridiculous. After all, every single dog very much has its own personality, without needing any adornment.

Freya5 Mon 27-Mar-23 12:13:10

Appalling. A dog also has its dignity, they are beautiful as Nature intended, it has no say. To these appalling pair, being given a prime slot on mainstream television, please think again. They're not doing it to help dogs, they're doing it to make money, and wanna bees people will pay for it.

sodapop Mon 27-Mar-23 12:15:49

I've seen this before as well. Absolutely ridiculous and no thought for the poor animal suffering these indignities.
Of course this is something I would expect from that overpaid childish pair hosting This Morning.

Anniebach Mon 27-Mar-23 12:20:36

Do they love their dogs ? I have loved everyone of mine and wouldn’t want to change anything about them.

NanaDana Mon 27-Mar-23 12:22:09

Not in favour of this at all. IMHO, a dog is not a fashion accessory, although clearly, some would disagree. Why on earth would ITV choose to give this a positive slant on prime time? This is not "an art project". Wonder what the RSPCA's attitude is towards such activities?

FannyCornforth Mon 27-Mar-23 12:23:20

Baggs I really don’t think that our species is doing the planet any favours at all

FannyCornforth Mon 27-Mar-23 12:24:14

And I didn’t say ‘people’, I said ‘species’

Iam64 Mon 27-Mar-23 12:25:04

And - there are paint a pony parties. Poor ponies get painted by over excited children

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 27-Mar-23 12:30:40

Oh, no! How dreadful.

Maggiemaybe Mon 27-Mar-23 12:41:28

I like dogs, and hate to see them dressed up in silly outfits, with daft bows in their hair, called fur babies and treated like infants. This is a new low. Let them have some dignity, for goodness' sake!

hazel93 Mon 27-Mar-23 12:51:45

Of course it is ridiculous but as a species we have been exploiting other species for millennia. This is not cute it is showing zero respect for, as would be said, a much loved pet.
Had to take cat to vet last week, overnight stay and meds. on collection guy behind me on hearing the bill actually said "What .... , I'd have had the bu--er put down ". Says a lot.