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Drying the washing.

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Caramme Wed 29-Mar-23 10:40:31

It’s overcast here in N Cheshire this morning but I have risked putting my washing out on the line. Fingers crossed it will dry as I am fed up with damp stuff hanging around in my spare bedroom. These days my neighbour, also in her early 70s, and I are the only people who do actually hang washing outside. I assume others use tumble driers but I am wary of the costs of running these.
Last summer, one of my new neighbours who had just moved into a new build semi next-door-but-one said, ‘Oh yes, you’re the lady who puts her washing outside. My gran used to do that, but it doesn’t look very nice does it? No one wants to look at someone else’s washing. And it’s unhygienic.’ I was rendered speechless. Perhaps that was my first experience of passive aggression. She has ignored me ever since. For the record I do not ever put underwear on the line and my garden is relatively private. It upset me at the time as it was so unfriendly. I dried everything indoors for the rest of the year. I am wondering if I am doing the right thing by starting to dry my washing outside once more. It is just unacceptable these days?

henetha Wed 29-Mar-23 10:45:55

No it's not! That is absolute rubbish. You should do whatever you want to dry your washing. I put mine out all the time, and always have. Unhygienic? How? Unsightly? Not at all.
I hang my undies out too, but usually slightly disguised behind a large bath towel or something....
Just ignore Mrs-Poking-her nose-in and do what you want.

Doodledog Wed 29-Mar-23 10:48:27

Of course it's not unacceptable grin. If anything, using dryers is unacceptable as it uses power that could be saved. I use both, as well as an indoor heated airer, decision based on the weather and how likely it is to get things dry fairly quickly.

What is unacceptable, IMO is for a stranger to comment on your habits, particularly those you display in your own home, and even more so when she is a newcomer.

Oh, and the idea that hanging out washing is unhygienic is just ridiculous. Just ignore her.

NotSpaghetti Wed 29-Mar-23 10:49:24

No. Dry your washing outside!
It is softened and fragranced by the cool spring breezes and bleached by the rays of the sun.

How behind-the times your neighbour is. Has she never heard if climate change? grin

I dry my laundry outside as do my three adult daughters. Only the boys use a tumble dryer!

BTW I do put our underwear out. Usually on a twirly peg thing so I can bring it in easily.

kittylester Wed 29-Mar-23 10:52:01

I dry mine on a pulley rail in the utility room as our garden isn't huge but please do hang your washing out.

In our last house, our lovely next door neighbour asked if I would ming not hanging underwear out as 'it upset' her husband. grin

mamaa Wed 29-Mar-23 10:52:34

I'm originally from the NW and as soon as its dry enough washing lines are still used there- well they were last year during the visits I made.
Now I live in the East of England and as soon as it suitable outside, I peg out my washing, as do my neighbours.
I put my smalls ( or should that be bigs wink ) on the inner most lines of the dryer, so they are 'hidden' by the larger items which are placed in size order on the other lines so that eventually the largest or thicker items are on the longer, outer lines.
No complaints here up to date- and as for your neighbour saying its unhygienic...she seems not to understand the point of washing doesn't she? grin

Greenfinch Wed 29-Mar-23 10:54:11

I always dry my washing outdoors if I can. I love to see it drying on the line and the smell of it when it comes in. I have never considered what neighbours might think. My young neighbour never has washing out and I always think of the unnecessary expense of a tumble dryer and the environmental unfriendliness of it but I would not dream of saying anything. It is not my business and she may have her own reasons.

Bea65 Wed 29-Mar-23 10:58:57

I love to put my washing out to dry...what a rude person that neighbour is...also use a twirly peg drier for knickers and socks they are so useful and only a Pound to buy...tumble driers are expensive and often shrink items I've foundsmile

chickkygran Wed 29-Mar-23 11:00:00

Tbh, I think your neighbour is just lazy not hanging her washing out. It’s just her opinion. I hang my washing out whenever I can, underwear included but like others try to peg it out of sight. I’d just ignore and hang your washing out all the more

Shelflife Wed 29-Mar-23 11:00:02

I long for sunny breezy days so I can hang my washing on the line outside! It's one of the few household jobs I don't mind doing. Your neighbour is being ridiculous! As for hanging knickers on the line - why ever not!?
They are on public display in M and S. Go for it, ignore your neighbour. Hope your washing dries today!

Blossoming Wed 29-Mar-23 11:00:20

I dry washing outside whenever possible. Your neighbour sounds like Hyacinth Bucket.

VB000 Wed 29-Mar-23 11:00:49

Outside - wind and solar power vs tumble driers, which are the "work of the devil" in my book!! She's so wrong!

sharon103 Wed 29-Mar-23 11:02:46

I always hang my washing outside. If it doesn't quite dry then I finish it of in my tumble drier.
I remember my mum used to hang it out in the freezing cold of winter and she used to bring it in as stiff as a board.

biglouis Wed 29-Mar-23 11:02:58

I would probably have gone nuclear and told her to mind her own bl***y business. I hate whining neighbours.

Sara1954 Wed 29-Mar-23 11:05:07

Your neighbor is rude and ignorant.
I hang everything out whenever I can, I love the smell of it when it’s been outside.
My washing line isn’t visible to anyone, but everything goes on, knickers, bras, the lot.
If you ask me your neighbor is too idle to peg it out.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 29-Mar-23 11:05:12

Blimey 😄😄. It would never occur to me to “hide” my underwear.

Neither does it occur to me to notice whether and what a neighbour has hung out on their line.

Jaxjacky Wed 29-Mar-23 11:07:27

Ours goes outside on an airer, underwear on full display, we can do what we like in our garden, silly woman.

biglouis Wed 29-Mar-23 11:07:59

Is she has recently moved in then its not for her to comment on what the established residents do. I would very quickly have reminded her of her place in the pecking order.

J52 Wed 29-Mar-23 11:09:36

Whatever next! I hang all my washing out on a good day, underwear as well.
Do some people avoid the underwear section of M&S? Do they buy underwear with their eyes shut? I’d be very worried if my DH said the sight of underwear upset him.
Not only are tumble dryers bad for the environment they also expel microplastics into our water and eventually into everyone’s body. ( I know I’ve mentioned this before)
I have a very fast spin washing machine which leaves the washing damp and put on the indoor airer overnight. Even jumpers dry overnight.

Caramme Wed 29-Mar-23 11:12:40


I would probably have gone nuclear and told her to mind her own bl***y business. I hate whining neighbours.

Ha ha! I had loads of really clever answers for her, but only after I was back in my own sitting room. Too late.

Granmarderby10 Wed 29-Mar-23 11:16:40

Caramme your new neighbour in her newly built house is a freak
Believe me there is nothing finer than freshly washed laundry from the line both for you and the environment. I Can’t wait for those drying days to arrive.😀


kittylester Oooooh! So glad that wasn’t my neighbour😤, are you sure it was her husband that got upset by your washing?….just a thought.

Caramme Wed 29-Mar-23 11:16:53

I don’t put my underwear out because I am a DD cup. A bit of wind and they’d be off across the Cheshire plain like a couple of barrage balloons. Since I still have a condenser boiler and an airing cupboard I just lob them in there.

Granmarderby10 Wed 29-Mar-23 11:24:11

Ha ha! Caramme. Yes I have the “overtheshoulderboulderholder” size, still I don’t give a hoot😊

Shinamae Wed 29-Mar-23 11:27:31

How very bloody rude of her.I always hang my washing out and anybody who said anything against it would get short shrift from me..

Georgesgran Wed 29-Mar-23 11:33:40

I’d buy the biggest pair of bloomers and run them up a flag post!

Seriously though, very rude and uncalled for. I wonder if she’s rubbed other neighbours up the wrong way too.