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Soup throwing again

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Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 14:03:21

Over Posie Parker (as was. Kelly forgot the rest of her name)
On her NZ tour.

I dont do links, but it's probably easy to find.

The person who threw it followed up with a quick speech, saying something like she wished it was blood, or next time it should be blood. I couldnt really hear clearly.

Why such vitriol and violence?

(If there is another thread about this, apologies.)

NotSpaghetti Wed 29-Mar-23 14:12:15

This is new to me...
And very curious 🤔

volver3 Wed 29-Mar-23 14:12:43

Why such vitriol and violence?

That'll be because the Kelly woman is a Nazi.

(Cue the perpetually offended)

volver3 Wed 29-Mar-23 14:17:27

If you know who the woman on the right is, you'll know what I mean.

Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 14:19:46

Oh hello Volver
Typical to invoke the Nazi

Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 14:20:49

Free speech, the cornerstone of democracy.
Cant fault it.

volver3 Wed 29-Mar-23 14:24:42

Actual Nazis at Parker's rally in Melbourne.

You know which ones they are, they're the ones doing the Nazi salute.

Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 14:27:48

As you seem to know, did the perpetrator, who threw the soup salute in such a way?
And could you hear what they said about their actions in their follow up speech?
Be interesting to know.

Callistemon21 Wed 29-Mar-23 14:30:10

I must be out of the loop here 🤔

Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 14:36:53

Callistemon sorry if I had put a link it might have had the chance to understand my post.
Sorry again. If you are interested I'm sure putting posie parker and New Zealand into google or youtube would give you info for you to make up your own mind.

Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 14:37:30

It = you

volver3 Wed 29-Mar-23 14:39:53

Nah, didn't hear any speech.

Saw the first nation's senator who was thrown to the ground by the burly GC lass though. I think Posey or whatever her name is, bit off more than she could chew.

I can't find the NZ radio interview where she says the Trans are supported by billionaires either, or where she says women are ground up and made into sausages.

I think it is time to admit she's gone batshit crazy.

Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 14:45:21

As I said you, as is everyone are entitled to free speech.
In safety.
No violence or incitement thereof.
Btw Melbourne isnt in NZ. This was another leg of the tour.
Always better we are on the same page.

Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 14:48:16


This is new to me...
And very curious 🤔

Yes, quite new to me too.
Piqued my interest.

volver3 Wed 29-Mar-23 14:48:39

I know where Melbourne is...hmm

Have you seen the Adelaide extravaganza? I must find it.

Where was it she made a speech telling everyone she's not a feminist and she'd paid off her mortgage so everyone is jealous of her?

Free speech is good. Standing by while a madwoman makes claims that are meant to incite violence? Not so much.

Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 15:05:02

Standing by a mad woman who makes claims that are meant to incite violence, not so much

My thoughts entirely, especially as I watched the soup being thrown. 🤣

I'll try to find a better recording of the woman's speech, and clarify it.

volver3 Wed 29-Mar-23 15:33:29

Oh yes, love to see that.

Wonder if its the same blood JKR was talking about when she tweeted that having blood transfusions from the opposite sex would kill you?

(Not true of course.)

ParlorGames Wed 29-Mar-23 15:37:42

Errrr.......I made soup today......but certainly didn't throw any!
Incidentally, it was leek and potato - just in case you were wondering. grin

volver3 Wed 29-Mar-23 15:40:03

It wasn't even soup, it was juice. hmm

Still no blood talk.

Iam64 Wed 29-Mar-23 15:45:34

Good to see the ‘ perpetually offended’ being accused of being Nazis. We aren’t the group threatening to rape terfs to death with our lady penis. But, let’s never let reason into a ‘debate’ about a complex issue. Not that I see rape threats or soup throwing as reasonable mind

volver3 Wed 29-Mar-23 15:49:38

No Iam64, and with respect misrepresenting what people say is half the problem.

I said PP was a Nazi, and as evidence posted pictures of actual Nazis at her rallies, and a picture of her with Pauline Hansen.

The "perpetually offended" stepped right up and got indignant about the word "Nazi". If someone's a Nazi, we shouldn't stand by and be nice about them in case other people get offended.


Namsnanny Wed 29-Mar-23 19:10:02

Ok calm down Basil.

Glad weve got that sorted, juice not soup eh?
But both red liquids yes?
To represent blood.
An assault.

Honestly, the use of the word Nazi to shut discussion down is so hackneyed. So bloomin' obviously about obfuscation

And so 😴 boooooring.

As for perpetually offended.
You might think that, but I couldnt possibly comment

To quote a very wily fictional character I admire. 😉

Freya5 Wed 29-Mar-23 19:21:53

Yes, if you can't argue rationally, start throwing insults around. Obviously those people can't listen to different views, start being violent.

Bridie22 Wed 29-Mar-23 19:23:10

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Patsy70 Wed 29-Mar-23 19:25:46


I must be out of the loop here 🤔

Me too! 😳