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Amazon pass the parcel

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Littleannie Wed 29-Mar-23 22:36:49

I ordered something from Amazon, with next day Prime delivery, which should have been on Monday. Since then it has been to Bristol, West Yorkshire, Milton Keynes, Banbury Cross, Stoke in Staffordshire (which is usually the last depot before it reaches me), Litchfield, back to Stoke, and then Hemel Hempstead, which is where it currently is. I have a bet with my husband over where it will go next. I say St Ives, he says Glasgow. We live in Cheshire.
I suppose I will get it eventually!

Callistemon21 Wed 29-Mar-23 22:43:06


One of mine travelled from Bristol to Kent and back to Bristol before finally arriving on a doorstep somewhere locally. They sent me a nice photo of the doorstep, it wasn't mine and I didn't recognise it.
Amazon did replace the item.