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Doodledog Thu 30-Mar-23 00:27:25

This is going to sound strange, but please bear with me? Do you ever have dreams which are untrue but very believable?

Yesterday morning I 'remembered' a time in the recent past when I took up smoking. I could picture the cigarettes in my bag (packs of 10, which I don't know if you can still buy?) and a gold lighter. I couldn't picture actually smoking one, or remember giving up, but I was absolutely certain that I had been a regular but temporary smoker in the past couple of years or so.

I have asthma, which has relapsed badly of late - there is no chance that I would take up smoking. Not only that, but I hardly left the house during Covid, and am not exactly painting the town red now, so where I would have gone to smoke them is a mystery.

I assume I dreamt about it, but I don't remember the dream, and it was later in the morning that the 'memory' came to me.

Has anyone else had an experience like that? It was most odd.

DanniRae Thu 30-Mar-23 09:20:35

Sorry no ... but I will be interested to read what others say.
I hope your asthma improves soon.

Doodledog Thu 30-Mar-23 09:24:04

Thanks. I have a new inhaler which seems to be helping. I need to break the vicious circle in which breathlessness prevents exercise which causes unfitness that aggravates breathlessness.

I hope someone else has had a similar dream too. It was almost like a glimpse into a previous life.

Keeper1 Thu 30-Mar-23 09:37:23

I had a dream that I was working as a temp for a firm of accountants in the town near where I live. It was so real to me in the dream and afterwards in fact I still think it was true now although I know it wasn’t and isn’t but when I drive in I look for the offices where I “worked”.

Doodledog Thu 30-Mar-23 09:47:55

Hurrah! I'm not going mad (unless you are, too, Keeper grin.

It's disconcerting, isn't it? I wonder what's going on in our subconscious when that happens.

MayBee70 Thu 30-Mar-23 10:27:39

I dreamt last night that I was at Paul McCartneys and I needed to get home so I either took or stole a car from him but then realised I couldn’t drive it. But it turned out to be a car that drove itself. I have very vivid dreams most night, many of which stay with me throughout the day. It does worry me to be honest.

Theexwife Thu 30-Mar-23 11:26:41

Yes, I thought I had to reply to a work email, which needed one question to be answered in French. Although it did not make sense I still searched my emails, and read through old ones to see if French was mentioned.

It must have been a dream, one that I have had more than once as there have been a few mornings when I think of somewhere else to look or some reason as to why French was needed.

Keeper1 Thu 30-Mar-23 12:25:25

I must be going mad but for whatever reason I still think that maybe it did happen. It feels very real maybe another life?

Nicolenet Sun 02-Apr-23 11:15:29

I dream about people that I have not
seen or thought of for ages. Nightmares really. Hahaha

HousePlantQueen Sun 02-Apr-23 11:37:47

Every few years I dream about the same place, and it is somewhere that I haven't been so it will be interesting if I ever get there and 'recognise' it. It is nothing special, just a bit of a city, central reservation with railings, but I am always heading somewhere purposefully when I am there, as if I know where I am going. I also once woke up speaking fluent French; I am a passable speaker, but certainly not as fluent as that morning.

sazz1 Sun 02-Apr-23 11:38:50

I dreamed that I won the lottery and told OH about it in the morning. Just for fun I bought a lucky dip that week. Woke very early next day and a message came saying I'd won a prize. Really excited I checked how much but it was only £70.

Coconut Sun 02-Apr-23 11:41:39

I dreamt that I was heavily pregnant again ! I’m 70, with 3 AC and 5GC …..but I have no man and no womb 🤣 In the dream I went thro all the emotions of dreading the birth, but feeling the excitement of having another beautiful little baby. When I woke and realised I was not pregnant, I felt really upset as it was all so real ! I don’t think my maternal instincts will ever fade !

sandelf Sun 02-Apr-23 12:17:53

Oh I used to have an awful one. Someone (totally unknown to me) had been murdered. I was suspected. The problem of the dream was how to prove I had not done something... Yes it was a real nightmare, but it has left me with a bit more feeling towards those wrongly suspected of offences.

ExDancer Sun 02-Apr-23 12:30:26

Oh Sandelf I have a similar one, but in mine it's my DH who is accusing me of having killed the unknown person. He is trying to convince me to take my punishment like a man (?) and stop telling lies.
I have to remind myself when I wake up that I don't need to explain my innocence to him, and convince myself that he doesn't really think I could do such a thing.

Scottiebear Sun 02-Apr-23 12:46:47

I sometimes think I remember things, but have to question myself whether it was a dream or really happened. Suppose as we get older we can't totally rely on our memories.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 02-Apr-23 14:13:59

Yes, I have often had dreams about things that seemed absolutely real, but which I realised on waking, or sometimes not until I had been awake for some time had never happened.

I honestly thought everyone had dreams of this kind, so I don't think you need to worry about it.

As yet no-one has been able to fully fathom the way our brains work, sometimes I think we in our dreams convert something we have read or heard of into first-hand experiences, which they obviously are not.

Nicegranny Sun 02-Apr-23 14:19:45

I have dreams like full length feature films 😂 I always have had.

sandelf Sun 02-Apr-23 14:52:13

ExDancer Nice to know it's not just me.

JaneJudge Sun 02-Apr-23 14:58:54

I have really vivid 'real' dreams but the last one I had I got stabbed in a busy market and someone got me a wheelchair and people were trying to help and I was so shook up when I actually woke up!

JaneJudge Sun 02-Apr-23 15:04:41

Does anyone have to rising sea dreams? I just wondered what they are about? Trying to get away from the rising sea but it keeps joining with other seas whilst i battle to get to higher ground confused

RakshaMK Sun 02-Apr-23 15:14:26

I often have lucid dreams, in the main theatre pleasant, but I can be quite discombobulated for several hours afterwards

Bodach Sun 02-Apr-23 15:21:20

I used regularly to dream that I could levitate. All I had to do was concentrate on levitating myself, and (Shazam!) I would rise off the ground and float gently upwards to the ceiling - from whence I could 'swim' through any open windows and fly gently around outside. I would stay airborne so long as I could keep the 'levitate' thought uppermost in my mind. If I lost concentration, I would float gently earthwards. No-one in my dream ever noticed that I was floating around, and I never came to harm. Very enjoyable dreams, which (sadly) I don't experience so often these days.

LadyGaGa Sun 02-Apr-23 15:22:58

Years ago I had a dream about an alternate life in a small town by the sea. I felt that I had actually been in that life for years, and I remember it shook me up a bit. I remembered the town, my job, the people I met, my partner etc, and the thought of not being there again left me feeling a bit bereft. I can still see what the town looked like. The mind is a weird thing.

SachaMac Sun 02-Apr-23 16:46:01

I have a recurrent dream where I am knocking on my Grandmas door (she has been dead since 1988) she opens it and says why haven’t you been to see me for so long. I go in & sit in the kitchen like I always did & everything is just as it was. I tell her my news & any of my troubles. She makes me a cup of tea, hugs me and then I leave. In the dream I’m the age I am now and I’m kind of aware that my Grandma died years ago. I’m always so pleased that I have managed to get to see her. It’s like she is still around in a parallel world and I have managed to get through, so weird.

Notagranyet1234 Sun 02-Apr-23 17:29:22

I used to have a recurring dream about a house that I lived in.
The dreams continued for months quite mundane in content, feeding chickens, arriving home from work, celebrating Christmas.
The only thing was I have never lived in the house.
In real life I became convinced that I must have seen the property on my long commute to and from work and actually started looking for it. I never found it, but I would have loved to live that life💓