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do you ever get days like these?

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travelsafar Thu 30-Mar-23 11:33:33

I woke early this morning and struggled to get out of bed after lying there trying to go back to sleep. Eventually i got up and had breakfast took my pills and had a shower and hairwash. I have a friend en route as i type then i wil go out a bit later. BUt while making my bed i wanted so much to just crawl bad into it and put the duvet over my head. I try to fill my mornigs with activities or pottering in the house, garden and greenhouse. But this morning i just couldnt rouse myself to do anything not even.....pointless pottering!!!
I hate feeling like this and wasting a lovely morning. I could have gone for a walk, done some exercises, but i seemed to have just drifted. Anyone else get days like this???

GrannyGravy13 Thu 30-Mar-23 11:37:37

I could have written your post.

There are days when I struggle to get out of bed, I go from bed to shower to sitting in the kitchen scrolling GN and online shops despite having multiple jobs which I could/should be doing.

I take this as my body telling me to slow down, also my mind can wander off to some very strange places in the middle of the night which leaves me feeling exhausted and sometimes perplexed/worried for the rest of the day.

Blossoming Thu 30-Mar-23 11:38:54

Yes travelsafar and sometimes I give in to it. I don’t know where the feeling comes from.

b1zzle Thu 30-Mar-23 11:44:56

Absolutely. This morning I have no energy whatsoever. The garden's calling to me which is normally something I relish, but CBA at the moment. Maybe it's because I know I have the whole day with nothing else in particular planned...

Whitewavemark2 Thu 30-Mar-23 11:57:59

Yes! I’m going through a period just like that at the moment. I’m sure it is the weather, and I badly need sun and warmth. I could happily sit all day at the moment just reading or doing a bit of watercolouring - anything else I have zero motivation at all.

Marydoll Thu 30-Mar-23 11:58:39


Yes travelsafar and sometimes I give in to it. I don’t know where the feeling comes from.

Same here! I want to do things, but cannot find the energy! I then get annoyed, because I have wasted the day.

crazyH Thu 30-Mar-23 12:06:42

Me too - just want to get back into bed, but I’ve got a dreaded Dental appointment - hate going to the Dentist 😫

kircubbin2000 Thu 30-Mar-23 12:10:43

I've been like this all week as I am stuck in the house. Not allowed to drive until I get some stitches out next week and my leg is too sore to go for a walk.

MadeInYorkshire Thu 30-Mar-23 12:13:22

Sadly, every day for the last 13 years ....

Gymstagran Thu 30-Mar-23 12:21:16

I wasted a day yesterday. It was grey and rained nearly all day. I felt chilly. I had plenty that I could/should have done and an indoor exercise bike lookin at me that I should have used. However today the sun is shining through the clouds and I have spent two hours outside gardening. Definately weather related for me.

Coffeenut Thu 30-Mar-23 12:37:22

Most days are like that. Wake up, don't want to face the world, pull duvet over head.
Finally get up, breakfast, coffee, emails etc., waste the day away. Then think Oh its such a nice sunny day, why didn't I go for a walk, do some (much needed) cleaning, or gardening. Then I feel real guilty and lazy.

kittylester Thu 30-Mar-23 12:43:35

I get days like that too. I suspect we all do. Like GrannyGravy says, it's most likely our bodies telling us to just relax a bit. Well, that's my excuse!!

eazybee Thu 30-Mar-23 13:28:10

Well, I had a week last week:
Boiler and central heating broke down on Monday,
Dyson jammed Wednesday
printer broke on Saturday
power cut Saturday due to iron malfunction
new printer ordered Sunday, none to be found in store despite 6 in stock on computer
special delivery on Monday, note pushed through door to tell me I was out, (NO); chased driver down road in bare feet and caught him so did receive printer;
and now it looks as though something dreadful has happened to Karen in Doctors
Really made me appreciate dull days!

SueDonim Thu 30-Mar-23 13:49:55

This was me last week, with jet lag and miserable weather. Doris is my soul mate.

Caramme Thu 30-Mar-23 13:51:30

I often feel like this, just don’t want to get out of bed. But even though I bury myself under the duvet I can still hear the protests of my cat, who squeaks rather than meows - incessantly.. If I don’t capitulate he squirms under the cover and starts pawing at my hair, and frankly it is already thin enough, so I give in and get up.

IrishDancing Thu 30-Mar-23 14:00:39

I felt like that this morning, just didn’t want to get out of my nice warm bed, every joint seemed to be aching. But I did get up and hung the washing out and discovered it was quite warm so sat outside for a bit and then pottered round the garden for a bit. It was a really miserable, slow start but it improved.
flowers MadeInYorkshire

MayBee70 Thu 30-Mar-23 14:12:00

I’m like that all the time these days. I could happily sleep all the time. There was the most beautiful sunrise the other day and I should have thrown on some clothes and walked down to the beach but I just went back to sleep. I do hate the cold now though and can’t motivate myself to go out walking. When I do motivate myself to go somewhere I’m fine: it’s just getting the motivation to do it. I do find, though, that I now get tired in a way that I never did just a year or so ago. I used to love walking in the dunes but after finding a tick on my leg the other year I no longer walk through them: it freaked me out so much. Silly little things like that have a lasting effect on me.

Greyduster Thu 30-Mar-23 14:31:46

I do too. Some days I have to force myself to get up, and then can’t settle to anything and waste the day doing not a lot. I feel incredibly guilty about it because I never used to lack motivation.

annsixty Thu 30-Mar-23 14:41:07

I actually did it today, just stayed in bed and I’m still here.
I had a busy but fraught day yesterday, my S is very unwell with stress,I have a difficult financial decision to make in the next couple of weeks and the weather is getting me down.
Today would have been my H’s birthday, he would have been 87.
My GD sent me a short video she made of him on his 82nd birthday which brought tears so I have given up for the day.

kittylester Thu 30-Mar-23 15:15:23

Crikey, not Karen! I'm not up to date with Doctors - I save it till Saturday afternoons.

Smileless2012 Thu 30-Mar-23 15:27:30

Oh yes and am always relieved when a day like that is over.



cornergran Thu 30-Mar-23 15:37:18

flowers for ann and everyone finding life a bit like running up a sand hill and never getting to the top.

Greyduster Thu 30-Mar-23 16:17:36


FishandChips15 Thu 30-Mar-23 16:29:17

All the time. Have wasted so many days of my life not being motivated.

Won't spoil it for anyone, but in Doctors I did not see that coming!

Marydoll Thu 30-Mar-23 16:43:14

Haven't watched Doctors for a while, now I will need to see what has happened.