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Good Morning Friday 31st March 2023

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Michael12 Fri 31-Mar-23 05:47:47

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , wet and miserable outside here in brackley this morning.
Plans to do local shop and maybe venture on the bus to Bicester.
Otherwise stay in .
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 31-Mar-23 05:58:39

Good morning from E Kent. Snap, Mick, re. weather! Very windy too, to boot.
My Spanish class went well. I was very touched by a beautiful silk scarf in shades of indigo which was given to me. Everyone said they’d miss my cakes (and me). 😂. One lady’s DH hadn’t realised that she got cake almost every week…
My teacher brought me home (still not driving), and shared a bowl of soup. She’s become a good friend, a very sweet lady, with a ginormous heart.
In the late afternoon, my lovely friendly decorators popped in to say goodbye and, when I jokingly suggested they should come and paint my flat when the time came, they assented with pleasure, saying it was a great holiday for them!
Quiet evening followed.
Today, I’m meeting our ex-vicar, who officiated at both DS2 and DH’s funerals, for coffee before meeting some WI friends for lunch in Canterbury. I’m going by bus.
Take care all of you, perform that random act of kindness. Who knows,it might change someone’s life. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Greyduster Fri 31-Mar-23 06:14:40

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It’s still dark in South Yorkshire and very wet. I have been awake since three☹️. Had a nice if rather sludgy walk yesterday morning and then lunch with DD. I didn’t stay long as she had stuff to do, but it was lovely to see her now she is covid free! Today I have a meeting to sort out some financial stuff which might entail a visit to the bank in town afterwards. Something I could do without. Right! I need coffee! Have the best day you can folks. Hope it’s dry somewhere!

cornergran Fri 31-Mar-23 06:17:13

Morning Mick, Morning All from a wet and windy corner of Somerset. It’s foul out there.

A very enjoyable lunch yesterday, weather too unpleasant to make an outside walk enjoyable we contented ourselves with a couple of shops. A bit of a jolt yesterday evening, Happened to look out to see a windowless private ambulance pull in. A neighbour, not close rather someone we passed the time of day with, left his home for the last time with much solemnity and great respect. He was 94, a sudden death. An opportunity for us to say a brief goodbye.

Not sure what today will bring. Looking forward to a day with friends tomorrow, we’ve a steam train trip booked.

So many goodbyes grandmattie. You’ll be missed. Stay dry out there mick.

Take care everyone. Hope Friday is kind to us all.

karmalady Fri 31-Mar-23 06:17:28

Good morning from a wet s somerset. I woke up with the ditty in my head `rain rain go away...`

A moving post GM, it is difficult to break friendship bonds flowers

Winter does seem very long this year, not many opportunities to sit on the patio, in the warmth, with my coffee. I did get outside a bit yesterday and put some carrot seeds in, the soil does feel nice in my fingers. Pottering and an evolving day today

Have a good day

Ashcombe Fri 31-Mar-23 06:28:47

Good morning from a wet and very windy Torbay.

I understand that Brittany Ferries have had to cancel at least one crossing due to the weather, rather than the strikes in France! DH’s next visit, planned for the 13th April, hangs in the balance until we know if transport of any kind is running on the day! He is already making contingency plans to drive to Ostend and catch a boat to Dover.

Some of your farewells must be quite poignant, grandMattie, but it sounds as if you are coping with them with your usual fortitude. You'll be missed locally for your “random acts of kindness”, I'm sure!

It sounds as if this awful weather is being evenly distributed throughout the country, which is about all I can say about it!! 🌧💨☁️

Have a good weekend, everyone! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

baubles Fri 31-Mar-23 06:38:30

Good morning all from South Lanarkshire where we’ve had some overnight rain.

Yesterday was glorious, we walked with the children along the front at Portobello and daft dug was able to charge along the beach which tired her out.

I’ve a gp appointment this morning and I’m meeting a couple of friends for an early dinner this evening. One moved south last summer and I do miss her so I’m looking forward to seeing her in person again.

Have the best day possible everyone.

BlueBalou Fri 31-Mar-23 06:41:28

Good morning from a stormy Dorset coast, I can hear the wind and rain from my bed 🙄
We went into Bridport yesterday for a wander, an interesting selection of independent shops and bought some art bits and yummy bread. We had fish and chips for lunch by the sea, very windy but the sun shone which was very welcome.
Another beach walk later, I am really going to miss wandering along enjoying the sea air.
Today depends on the weather, definitely dog walks in wellies and waterproofs, a bit of getting ready to go home tomorrow I guess.
I hope you all have a lovely day despite the foul weather x

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 31-Mar-23 06:43:27

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I’ll be up soon. The taxi will be here at 8.15 am to take us to catch the airport bus. Then the plane to Budapest and eventually the boat on the Danube! Have a good day.

fancythat Fri 31-Mar-23 06:45:08

Good morning from down South. Windy with some rain.
Going to a catering discount type place today. Hopefully there will be a few good prices on things.

Marydoll Fri 31-Mar-23 06:57:28

Good morning all from a dark Glasgow, where its currently 7°C, with showers predicted.

That was very kind of your friends GM. Its amazing how little acts of kindness can brighten our day.

Yesterday's journey to the hospital (the route you advised, Kalu ) was really stressful for poor DH, closed lanes and a plethora of bus lanes, meant traffic had come to a complete standstill. Thank goodness we left early.
I may visit the Silverburn mall today, which is on the same route, but I shall take the back roads to avoid the jams. I have a notion for some lamb.
However, t all depends on how I am when I get up, I never know how I will feel.

A lovely young man, performed my lung function tests, which confirmed that my heart is the cause of my breathlessness not my COPD. I think I knew that. The bad news, I have shrunk again!
He even helped me put on my coat, a gentleman!

I queried why I was sent to this hospital and not any of my usual ones, he explained that this was the COPD pathway for my area. My local one is only fifteen minutes away, with a respiratory dept, thank goodness we can drive. It would have been a faff otherwise.
While I was in the hospital scrolling through my phone, I noticed a missed call from the GP surgery.
They were asking me to come for an asthma review, which I was due last year. I found it quite amusing, when I was at the respiratory clinic!
I eventually persuaded the receptionist to wait for my results to come back, makes more sense, before making an appointment and developing a new asthma plan.

DH needs to renew his driving licence, so I decided to check mine. Oops, mine needs renewed along with my Blue Badge.
That's an admin job, I dislike, but will look out proof of ID today.

An anxious day for us today. DIL2 has an appointment to try and turn Babydoll, my grandchild is being stubborn and refusing to turn.

Wishing you all a pleasant day, whatever your plans and best wishes for those in the sick bay or struggling.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 31-Mar-23 06:58:00

Good Morning Mick and everyone from Hull. It’s gloomy and wet.

grandMattie you are going to be very much missed by all your friends. 💐

I am picking up GS from DSs so need to be there for 8 so he can go to work. I’ll bring him back here. We are dropping him at his mums at 1 and then heading over to Mums to help her with my uncle’s end of year audit. She is losing sleep over it bless her. When mum isn’t here it will fall to us I expect.

Enjoy the last day of your holiday BlueBalou.

Have a lovely day everyone thoughts to those poorly and stressed🌻🌻

Grammaretto Fri 31-Mar-23 06:59:46

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It's dry and quiet here so far.
Volunteering at the store today .
I shall try to be kind gMattie . Your good-byes are poignant.
I hope you aren't saying goodbye to us!

Baubles those beach walks sound fun. We lived at Portobello when our boys were small .
And BlueBalou fossil hunting must be exciting and bracing.

Have a pleasant day whatever you do.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 31-Mar-23 07:01:55

Have a lovely holiday Ladyleftfieldlover 🌞
Thinking of your DIL Marydoll. 💐

kittylester Fri 31-Mar-23 07:02:01

Good morning all from a grey and drizzly North Leicestershire.

I am helping on a Dementia Post Diagnostic course today and calling into Waitrose and the butcher's.

Have the best day possible all.

Beechnut Fri 31-Mar-23 07:14:10

Good Morning everyone. 🎤It’s raining again🎤

I fancy a trip to Hobbycraft today. There are a few things I could do with and they tell me I have a voucher that’s nearly out of date.
I had my electric bill yesterday and a letter to say the £66/67 will end. I have accumulated just over fifty pounds in credit from the programme so that will go towards my next bill. I was also happy to find that a tank full of fuel did not cost as much as last time.
I’ve not read any posts yet so I’ll eat my breakfast and go back to read after.
Take care all 🌺🦩

Grandmabatty Fri 31-Mar-23 07:20:58

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 7°. We don't have the wind and rain that you seem to be experiencing. Grandmattie how nice to be so loved. You will be missed. Shazza you are such a help to your family. Marydoll I keep putting off renewing my licence. Time to sort things out, I think. Enjoy your shopping trip today.
Yesterday the dentist appointment went well. She wants to see me in six months,not four and my gums are healthy. The rest of the day I pottered and caught up on things.
Today I was going to have a long lie until I remembered it was bucket day so had to dash out in my dressing gown with the household waste bin. Not a pretty sight. Fortunately no-one was around to see me. However once I'm up, I'm up. I won't go back to bed. I intend to buy a couple of frames for art work and I have a tesco delivery coming later. Have a good day all.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 31-Mar-23 07:22:47

Morning all from a grey, damp and breezy S E Essex.

We are on Granny duty today as pre-school has closed for the Easter holidays. Then we pick up the 8yr old after school until DD gets home from work.

Have a good day folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Whitewavemark2 Fri 31-Mar-23 07:44:17

Good morning from a wet and windy South Downs - I shall need to put on the full regalia for this mornings walk.

This Gale and heavy rain due to last all day so will be staying put I think.

Role on the better weather.

Fish pie for dinner.

Pittcity Fri 31-Mar-23 07:51:49

Good morning from a grey, damp Colchester.
Yesterday was very busy here with people in and out all day. Lots of chat.
We're on a neighbourhood crusade against illegal parking and there's a persistent offender on yellow lines opposite our house who, we believe, doesn't even live on the estate.
It's the residents committee AGM tonight and it's on the agenda.
Otherwise it's ironing and shopping for the weekend today.
Love to all 🦩 x

Wyllow3 Fri 31-Mar-23 07:55:10

Morning from a wet S Yorks.

In a couple of hours am driving up the M1 to visit family in Co Durham and would rather it wasn't raining!

Such a trek to the bank there days * Greyduster* used to be there were local ones but if needed its town for me too.

Take care all see you somewhat further north next.

Gala Fri 31-Mar-23 08:03:10

Good morning from a wet & breezy Sefton. Yesterday it was a bit of rain, bit of sun, bit of rain, bit of sun all day but did manage to get bedding dry in between the showers ....just.
Hour long Zoom Masterclass this morning. Sounds like our instructor is throwing everything at it - aerobics, strength, dance, balance etc. Will spend the rest of the day 'helping' at D in L's if I have any energy left.
Wishing you all the best day possible.

Greyduster Fri 31-Mar-23 08:03:29

Travel safe Wyllow and enjoy your break!

NannyJan53 Fri 31-Mar-23 08:05:47

Good morning from a cloudy Black Country where it obviously rained overnight.

Once I had sorted the holiday washing yesterday I went into a 'clear-out mode'. Emptied wardrobe and decided to get rid of winter clothes I had not worn this winter. There were quite a few and I now have 3 bags for the charity shop! Now I need to do the same for summer clothes as I have far too much of them also. There is satisfaction in seeing a far less bulging wardrobe though, where I can see what I have.

Today I am driving over to Mums and we are meeting DS in Wolverhampton for lunch in his lunch break. We try to do this regularly when he is in the office and not working from home.

Many sad goodbyes gM but I am sure you will make many new friends when you move. Lucky people indeed.

Wishing you all a joyful Friday.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 31-Mar-23 08:06:28

Good morning from a very wet and windy Oxfordshire, it will be a wet dog walk today if we can persuade her to go out.
A disappointing visit to the Rheumatologist yesterday for MissOops to be told that the only thing she can do now is take pain killers, as she hadn’t even heard of the new therapies that seem to be available ( one drug might even stop the Erosive Arthritis) we are going to get a second opinion.
Nephew has his appointment at the Spinal Unit today, he is in such pain with his back and was told by the Clinician that he need an op urgently, but that was 3 weeks ago, he has some numb areas, so something needs to be done soon. The appointment is at 4 so traffic will be a nightmare, they will to leave around 2.30, to do a 20 mile trip.
Anyway enough of my problems.
I hope everyone has a good day.