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only fools beep their horns

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infoman Sat 01-Apr-23 01:19:06

on April the 1st and as well as every other day of the year.

Why do some drivers think the horn is their to vent their anger on another motorist who they think has annoyed them?
Can anyone honestly say they have never commited one error in their driving around the neighbourhood.
The horn is their for an emergency if you have time to sound the horn,you have time to avoid the emergency.
Lets reduce noise pollution and stop sounding the horn to vent anger.

Sallywally1 Sat 01-Apr-23 06:29:14

The Highway Code states that the horn is only to be used to let another motorist, or pedestrian know you are there, for example reversing round a hidden corner. It is nit allowed in built up areas. That’s the law.

grandMattie Sat 01-Apr-23 06:36:35

It makes me laugh, unless directed at me. (My late son always used to beep back. 😂)
In India and such places, the use of the horn is almost greater than the accelerator…

FannyCornforth Sat 01-Apr-23 06:40:41

Oh yes Mattie! The roads in India grin
What a wonderful experience that country is

Whitewavemark2 Sat 01-Apr-23 06:43:34

I have cause to be grateful for a white van man giving me a gentle beep on his horn last week, as I had driven into a lane of oncoming traffic - not realising the road had been changed since my last visit.

White van man held up the traffic to let me get back on course.

Eternally grateful for that gentle beep.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 01-Apr-23 06:44:34

Sicily is quite an experience as well.

Galaxy Sat 01-Apr-23 08:21:14

I peeped at the man reversing towards me a while back, he hadnt seen me, I saved us both a lot of hassle and money.

nanna8 Sat 01-Apr-23 08:33:40

It is mainly for a warning and saves a lot of crashes. Sometimes if you are sitting at the lights and the person in front doesn’t move when they change it is useful,too.

Greyduster Sat 01-Apr-23 09:06:22

I’d be embarrassed to sound mine. I have gone from a grown up honk to a ridiculous toot! People would fall about laughing. In fact, when I first heard it I did! It sounds like Noddy’s car!

shysal Sat 01-Apr-23 09:14:14

Another annoying use of the horn is by visitors (not mine), to say goodbye as they drive off. Makes me seethe!

Foxygloves Sat 01-Apr-23 09:17:23


Note: it was Mr Toad who went “Poop, poop!”

Kim19 Sat 01-Apr-23 09:42:41

Interestingly, when I was taught to drive in 1963 my instructor said that only poor drivers use their horn. I've always remembered that with a slight area of question.

JenniferEccles Sat 01-Apr-23 09:56:34

Compared with a lot of other countries I think we are extraordinarily restrained here in that respect !
In Italy for example they all seem to beep their horns when waiting at red traffic lights. It just seems to be accepted behaviour.
And then there’s Istanbul! Terrifying driving by taxi drivers. I was almost too scared to look!
Similarly horn happy in the Caribbean islands.

When we’ve come back from foreign travel and are driving home from Gatwick, we often comment on how quiet and civilised (with a few exceptions of course) the roads are here.

Oldnproud Sat 01-Apr-23 09:57:53

I gently beeped at a neighbour when she set off without seeing that I was already moving . The different angles involved meant that I had to pass in front of her and I had reached the point of no-return so she would have hit me if she'd carried on. Luckily, my beep did stop her in time, but you should have seen the glare she gave me. Honestly, if looks could kill ...!

Brahumbug Sat 01-Apr-23 16:59:48

I always thought that in Italy it was the law that your horn has to be sounded every 5 meters of travel.