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Here comes the sun……..

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Sago Sat 27-May-23 07:51:48

This is our first weekend at home for weeks.
I have a clean home, full fridge, empty ironing and washing baskets and the garden is looking fabulous.
I am so looking forward to an enjoying the sunshine at home.
Our son, DIL and their new puppy are coming up from London later this morning and I cannot wait.
How are you spending this sunny Bank Holiday weekend?

Sago Sat 27-May-23 07:52:45

Forgot to add the pic of our wisteria!

Sago Sat 27-May-23 08:01:19

Finally posted.

NanaDana Sat 27-May-23 08:02:03

Visiting bonny Berwick upon Tweed just now. Will be taking a stroll with the pooches along the Elizabethan town walls later this morning, and dropping into the Arts and Crafts market in the old barrack square. Lunch at Lowry's on the Tweed quayside, one of our favourite dog-friendly watering holes, and a visit to the car boot sale in the town centre tomorrow morning. Nothing in particular planned for Monday, but there's lots going on locally, so we'll just play it by ear.

Sago Sat 27-May-23 08:02:04

No! Photo not working..I give up!

Hetty58 Sat 27-May-23 08:10:50

Sago, I'm not all organised like you (the total opposite, in fact) but, regardless, I'll be reading my book, sitting under the tree. My excuse is that it's half term next week - so I need to rest up and gather my strength!

tanith Sat 27-May-23 09:38:34

Just had crunchy fresh croissant and coffee and will now continue the job I started yesterday of repainting with Seagrass Cuprinol my garage door and garden shed. I wish I were ambidextrous as it don’t arf make my arm ache. 🤣

In between I’ll be reading/relaxing in the sun.

loopyloo Sat 27-May-23 09:44:32

Was at drs yesterday with a lesion on my nose.
Don't forget the factor 50! And a hat.
Off to see DS and help tidy up his garden.
Have a great weekend.

fiorentina51 Sat 27-May-23 09:48:22

Scrubbed and oiled my balcony decking over the past 2 days. I ache a bit but was determined to get it done before my New Zealand cousins arrive for a visit.
I can't compete with the view from their balcony, it's the Pacific Ocean.
Still, I'm happy with mine.

Foxygloves Sat 27-May-23 09:53:48

As a retired teacher and now no longer “economically active” BHs have never featured in my thinking as they were always attached to a school holiday/half term holiday so …no big deal!
The AC will all have fled their respective cities for Somerset, Norfolk and Suffolk but as the local kennels booked up about 6 months ago for any school holidays, Rosie and I will not be joining them.
It’s not sour grapes but I really don’t want to be out on the roads this weekend unless I have to. Seeing the (largely stationary) traffic heading towards the A1 yesterday on my way home from a trip to a very nice shop in St Neots, I was glad I was not in that queue!
So home, the garden, a book, maybe a jug of Pimms but sad resigning myself to a three day weekend, before my activities pick up next week.
Don’t I sound miserable? Not really! Wishing you all 🌝 and🤹‍♀️

henetha Sat 27-May-23 10:10:39

I've just returned from a short break so will be at home this weekend. There are lots of cosmos, begonias etc waiting to be planted. And I've got a new garden table so will sit out with somewhere to put my drink, phone etc. instead of on the ground. Progress!
I might pop up onto the moors on Monday though.

Shinamae Sat 27-May-23 10:14:49

Working tomorrow and Monday..🤓

ginny Sat 27-May-23 10:16:45

We are on holiday in Devon with all the family. Ages 2 to 91.
It will be busy but lots of fun planned.

Sago Sat 27-May-23 10:20:13

Keep them coming it’s lovely to hear your plans and imagine you in the different settings.
I will try again to post a pic of my Wisteria.

M0nica Sat 27-May-23 10:21:46

We return from a break in France tomorrow and go to Inverness on Thursday. The days in between, seem chockablock with necessary activity, watering the garden, getting a haircut and catching up wity Sewing bee as I could not get the first episode last week because we cannot get BBC tv programmes online in France.

fancythat Sat 27-May-23 12:20:55

Forgot it was a Bank Holiday.
3rd lot of visitors this weekend.
Going to beach later for 3rd time!
Like it so long as not there all day.

fiorentina51 Sat 27-May-23 12:53:51

Forgot to mention that I have my son, daughter in law and 3 grandsons visiting tomorrow. I have some jobs in the garden which need some muscle. I cook lunch and they provide the muscles.

Joseann Sat 27-May-23 13:53:40

Brilliant sunshine and blue skies here.
DH is 100 or so miles away on cathedral chorister duty this weekend, (boys' choir on half term). I am home alone packing cases and stopping the dog from eating 30 raw eggs again like last weekend. Our sailing across the channel this week might be very unpleasant otherwise! 😆

merlotgran Sat 27-May-23 14:00:58

I managed to get Peggy into kennels half an hour way. Not really that far but the traffic was horrendous.

Going to a concert tonight. It’s black tie so I’m borrowing a suitable frock from DD. Thank goodness we’re the same size!

At the moment I’m lazing on the day bed enjoying the sun in their lovely garden.

Drinky poos at 3.30. 😀🍷

timetogo2016 Sat 27-May-23 14:51:11

Going to hospital with dh as he is having his eye op.
3 hours in a hospital isn`t what i am looking forward to .

M0nica Sun 28-May-23 09:57:42

timetogo2116 I hope the eye op went well.

pascal30 Sun 28-May-23 10:06:00

Just been to the Charleston Festival to hear a talk by Pattie Boyd and Philip Norman about the 60's.. it was fabulous and such fun.. In a huge Marquee surrounded by the wonderful gardens and beautiful landscape

nadateturbe Sun 28-May-23 10:10:50

Goodness, some of you are so active and having a really interesting time.
Hope you both got through yesterday OK timetogo2116.

swampy1961 Sun 28-May-23 10:38:18

Was away last weekend down south seeing DS and dil so hanging around home for this weekend. Spent the day pottering yesterday with DH in the garden and planted up some seedlings so now have wait and see if they will do their bit and grow colourfully!!
Other projects in the garden are progressing - garden has been undergoing complete major refurb ever since COVID after we knocked down the garage so it's nice to see it looking like a garden again with real grass, flower beds and veg planters.
DD and family are away with her in-laws so have been watering her plants and keeping an eye on their house but it gave me an excuse to return home via KFC and not bother cooking!!
As it's half term no GC's to look after either so no getting up with clock - could almost be on holiday but unfortunately not abroad!!

Katyj Sun 28-May-23 10:48:28

So looking forward to a warm weekend, but it’s 13c here and feels cold after yesterdays warm sun. Going for a walk around a garden centre instead 🥲