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Soop's kitchen for kindly folk.

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soop Sat 27-May-23 20:46:37

Here we are again...

Welcome to you lovely lot. Enjoy the buffet and open the chilled Champagne. There are limitless treats for everyone.

Thank you for being truly good, supportive friends. flowers cupcake wine brew [sunshine} and much more besides.

Grandmabatty Sat 27-May-23 20:51:16

I've brought strawberries and cream to go with the champagne. I love the folk in your kitchen Soop. They are incredibly nice.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sat 27-May-23 20:52:57

Hello! Just spotted the new kitchen Soop. I’ve opened the Champagne - always my favourite drink - and I just love the tasty snacks. I’m afraid I’ve eaten all the garlic prawns.

Nannytopsy Sat 27-May-23 21:10:52

Here’s a plate of sausage rolls …

brook2704 Sat 27-May-23 21:28:05

Thanks for the champagne and treats, such a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening!
I’ve brought along a few savoury crackers and cheese and some Pringles 😀

Ali23 Sat 27-May-23 21:32:35

Hello Soop and everyone. What a surprise! I expected you all to be in the old kitchen, and came upon the new one instead 😊 Nice view, such a sunny outlook! I bring double ginger cookies for us all to share.
Looking forward to chatting with you all.

Charleygirl5 Sat 27-May-23 22:27:35

Sorry, I was caught on the hop. I am about to have a shower and go to bed, not expecting a new kitchen.

Blossoming Sat 27-May-23 22:29:27

Hello everyone. I have some delicious farmhouse Lancashire cheese to go with the crackers and a bottle of Shiraz.

SueDonim Sat 27-May-23 23:07:14

My first post in the new Kitchen simply must refer to the previous one - your garden, Soop! It’s glorious! 🤩

Here is some wonderful shortbread. I’m not that keen on shortbread but this is the bees knees.

I have had a long day looking after the GC. They’ve really been very good, all things considered. The baby would have gone to bed at 5:30 if I’d let him but I don’t think his mum would have been too pleased at 5am tomorrow morning. 😂

I’m just waiting for dd and sil to get back so I can go home and be ready to meet ds2 and family who I think will arrive around midnight after a long journey. No early night for me!

Sleep well, everyone. X

Yiayia4 Sun 28-May-23 09:18:44

Good morning bright sunny new kitchen.Plenty of Pan. Aux raisins and lattes for everyone.

Beautiful garden Soop so tranquil.
Hope your family arrived safely Sue.

The search goes on dear Kitcheners.A few flats to look at next week.(still my beating heart!!)The good news our buyers are sticking with us for the moment, apparently they love the house and don’t want to lose it.We were going to Greece this month but feel we need to be here for now.Shame but hopefully go later on.
Enjoy this wonderful warm sunny day everyone.

Jaxjacky Sun 28-May-23 09:36:21

It seems never ending Yia I hope you can get to Greece soon.
There is a vegetable frittata on the side and croissants, help yourselves.
A good day yesterday, at my annual GP checkup over five weeks ago my cholesterol was high at 6, I’ve a phone call next Wednesday with my GP to discuss statins. So, I changed my lifestyle and had a retest at the pharmacy yesterday, it’s now 4.85., I’m hoping that will do, just need to maintain it!
Have a lovely day all.

hulahoop Sun 28-May-23 11:39:05

Well done jaxjacky
Yia hope your new home is just around the corner.
Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather most of us are having .
I have left white wine in kitchen which I won in a raffle while away.
Hope poorlies pick up soon.

Blossoming Sun 28-May-23 11:46:38

Well done JaxJacky. Vegetable frittata sounds perfect. Shame about that holiday Yia but I think you’re wise to postpone it. Good luck with the property hunt. Hope you’re having a good day with the family Sue.

soop Sun 28-May-23 13:10:14

I have a feeling that our new kitchen will continue to thrive and be a place of comfort and conversation for some time to come. You are all super-special Gransnetters.

We watched a programme last night featuring Michael Palin talking to the Welsh historian and author, Jan Morris. She died at the age of 94 in 2020. What an incredible individual. We are in awe of her many achievements. As a male she climbed Everest. Please Google her life story for details of an amazing life. You won't be disappointed, methinks.

aggie Sun 28-May-23 13:12:49

I saw that last night Soop , it was such a good interview

Grandmabatty Sun 28-May-23 14:10:27

I know about Jan Morris Soop as a credit close reading paper in the Standard Grade English exam of many years ago used one of her travelogues on Aberdeen. It was very challenging! One of the most difficult papers ever

soop Sun 28-May-23 14:12:39

aggie and Grandmabatty smile

Charleygirl5 Sun 28-May-23 14:53:05

soop has Sweetie Pie popped in for a meal or three recently?

Please look after yourself and enjoy sitting out in that gorgeous garden. I am well aware of the angst it caused you over the years.

Yia I would love to house hunt on your behalf.

Grannmarie Sun 28-May-23 17:00:17

Aww, no, I've just lost my post!😭

Suffice to say, I'm very late to this wonderful new kitchen, so sorry. I've brought balloons, banners and party 🎉 poppers to celebrate the grand opening!

I had a busy week with unexpected childcare cos wee DGS2 was under the weather and couldn't attend nursery. Also, I am still knee deep in hundreds of photos, real and digital, trying to select 100 to create a 50th birthday photo book for DS1...decisions, decisions....I may be some time.

I'm ready for a cup of tea and a catch up on all your news, I haven'tgot to the end of the old kitchen yet, let alone start on the new one!


Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 28-May-23 17:07:14

Hello everyone. I’m back home. The drive from Kew wasn’t too bad. At least there aren’t lorries everywhere on the motorway like during the week. I loved looking after my granddaughter for the weekend. It was good that my daughter and younger son were able to pop round yesterday. After we had lunch they took her to Kew Gardens while I had a break and watched HIGNFY on catch-up. Have a good evening . OH and I are going out for dinner.

soop Sun 28-May-23 17:08:03

Charleygirl Sweetie Pie last feasted (at our expense) a little over a week ago. We anticipate the next visit with love in our hearts. wink

Yesterday's bake and plant sale raised an impressive £1186.11p. Not bad for a village of approximately 160 inhabitants. grin Proceeds are going to boost the coffers towards a much needed village hall.

Guess what? I am painting an additional portrait of my sister's puppy dog. I must be crazy. She has two portraits hanging on her wall. One was a reject...but she loves it. In this portrait, the Boston Terrier has his ears standing to attention. They are a sight to behold.

I trust that you you are all settling into our new kitchen. I shall endeavour to keep updated with "happenings".

An early visit to the surgery for bloods tomorrow morning. Hey ho!

Enjoy your evening. Thank you for all your much appreciated support. flowers smile moon

Blossoming Sun 28-May-23 18:15:36

Good afternoon all, a lovely sunny Sunday here. Everywhere is looking so green and lush. Had a stroll across the bridge, waved to the trains. Mr. B is making cheese omelettes for tea, with some fresh crusty bread and butter.

My stomach problems seem to have settled, fingers crossed!

Have a lovely evening all.

cornergran Sun 28-May-23 20:03:57

Wow. A new kitchen already? Many thanks soop. Busy time ahead here, forgive me if I go missing. TOYA

Grandmabatty Sun 28-May-23 20:24:42

Good evening Kitcheners. Blossoming I'm glad your innards have settled down. Soop I think you are a glutton for artistic punishment! Yiayia it's very hard for you just now. House hunting can be very demoralising. Grannmarie my dgs1 isn't well at all with a d and b bug. He's passed it on to his mum now too. I'm keeping out of the way. Jaxjacky well done on lowering your cholesterol.
I've just had a lovely ham salad with new potatoes and I'm considering strawberries and ice cream. I did my usual visit to mum who is getting better, although she didn't eat much today. They are giving her complan type drinks to help her. She's getting a shower tomorrow from the two lovely health care workers who couldn't be kinder. Take care all

Nannytopsy Sun 28-May-23 20:33:47

We have reached the end of the beginning in the garden, as Churchill would say. I feel I can see a point when we can sit and enjoy it, rather than thinking there is so much left to do.
Well, for this summer anyway!
I hope everyone is enjoying their evening

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