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Good morning Tuesday 30th May

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grandMattie Tue 30-May-23 06:50:38

Good morning from a sunny Bristol.
I’m opening in case something has happened to Mick.
I’ll be back…

Mizuna Tue 30-May-23 06:56:56

Thanks gM, it's a bit worrying. Hope you're ok Mick. Sunny here in Cornwall. Will venture out carefully today, not far enough to be naughty, to test my stents. Weird, horrid dreams last night, had better speak to my doctor about medication side effects. Otherwise, more Boro sewing today.

BlueBalou Tue 30-May-23 06:57:15

Good morning grandMattie, rather strange Mick hasn’t opened the day , I hope he’s ok. It’s cloudy skies here in Wiltshire, hopefully it’ll brighten up.

Yesterday Dd and her DDog went home early morning and everyone else went for a 11 mile walk, I had a pottering morning and cooked lunch. The rest of the day was quiet as they were all worn out!
The DGCs are loving all the art materials, it seemed to be a great hit!
Fingers crossed Mick’s just overslept.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 30-May-23 06:58:59

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Well done GM for opening up. I hope Mick is ok. I will be mainly shopping in Waitrose today and going through a small mountain of WI admin.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 30-May-23 06:59:28

Good Morning GM I hope Mick is ok, maybe computer trouble?
Very windy again today, let’s hope the sun shines.
Hairdresser is due this morning, apart from that nothing to do except look after MissOops, she is eating little and often rather than a set meal as she still feels queasy, so I’m trying to sort out some tasty morsels……..
Best wishes for Gingsters DD and of course to Urms
Hope everyone has a good day, hugs for those who are stressed or unhappy.

karmalady Tue 30-May-23 07:04:44

good morning, I hope Mick is ok

Nice weather again today, I might go out for exercise, just a circular route on my bike for no more than an hour. Then back to ply my spun fibres

Hm kefir is already sorted. I am dabbling with secondary fermentation, so far so good and the kefir made that way tastes nice

I am feeling worried about Mick

grandMattie Tue 30-May-23 07:05:04

I’m back.
I had a successful morning at Specsavers getting new glasses. One pair turned out to be pink in some lights - I must have been very tired when I chose them as I’m not that keen on coloured frames.
Had lunch and a good chat with DS when I’d finished. I had a long nap once home; unfortunately it was too long as I had trouble sleeping last night.
Today, I’m having a visit from a financial advisor to help sort out house equity and DH’s investments.
Please keep Urmsin your hearts; her DH is having his first chemotherapy infusion. Not unnaturally, she is very anxious.
Carpe diem, my very dear virtual friends. 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩

Grandmabatty Tue 30-May-23 07:05:14

Good morning. Grandmattie thank you for opening up in the absence of Mick. It is quite worrying. Polmont is clear and sunny and is cool at 6° but that'll change as the day goes on.
I'll probably have both boys today as dgs1 still isn't fully well and now dgs2 is poorly. It'll be a long day. I've put all the garden toys out, including a pop up tent and a tepee in a shady corner. There will be lots of water drinking and I have plenty of fruit and ice lollies. Have a good day all.

Pittcity Tue 30-May-23 07:07:58

Good morning from an overcast Colchester. Dry, breezy and cool here.
Back to usual with Tuesday charity shop volunteering.
I must go and put the bins out. We have a local fox who can open locked food bins so we can't leave them out overnight.
I hope all is OK with Mick.
Love to all 🦩 x

monk08 Tue 30-May-23 07:08:11

Good morning GM and all who follow from the Black country, I do hope Mick is ok.
Hairdressers today then DS is meeting us with the boys perhaps we shall go to a park we have a wide range local to us will see what the boys want to do.
Will come back later to read everyone's happenings, best wishes to anyone celebrating, safe travels those on the move and virtual hugs where needed .
Enjoy your Tuesday and may you all find some ☀️.

Greyduster Tue 30-May-23 07:10:21

Good morning, Michael (who I hope is just having a lie in!) and all GNs. Thank you for opening Mattie. It’s unsettling when he doesn’t open up isn’t it?
The sun is just about getting its act together in South Yorkshire. DD and I had a lovely afternoon in our botanical gardens yesterday. It was all looking rather splendid and the Paxton glasshouses were open. There was a lovely cat sunning itself in the long border yesterday, enjoying being admired by one and all!
I am out this morning, but must get some ironing done this afternoon.
Have the best day you can folks. Hope Mick is okay.

monk08 Tue 30-May-23 07:12:05

Urms 💐🙏

Grammaretto Tue 30-May-23 07:16:15

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Another bright, sunny day.

I hope you are alright Mick

DMiL died at the weekend which was a shock despite her great age. She was the matriarch and we will miss her greatly

A funeral today for a local man who did much good work in the community. His wife died just a few months ago.

First I have a chiropractor appointment and later my NZ cousins arrive to stay for a couple of days.

I hope the Oops and Gingster DDs are getting better and that Mizuna is taking it easy

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine everyone.

ShazzaKanazza Tue 30-May-23 07:16:37

Good Morning grandMattie and everyone from Hull.
I was wondering if Mick was ok when I saw he hadn’t opened.

My son has brought his family home from hospital. They are all well. Son had bought and arranged DIL flowers as a surprise. I’ve just had a video call with them. Baby has the cutest dimples.

I’m picking up DGS from his mums. Not sure what we will do but a visit to a large park will be on the cards and possibly McDonald’s. He’s just had two days at Chessington so might like a chilled day.

Have a lovely day enjoying sunshine if you can. Thoughts to those worrying about loved ones🌻🌻

luluaugust Tue 30-May-23 07:17:29

Good morning from a grey W Kent. I hope all is ok with Mick.
Off to visit a friend this morning, just hoping I can drive as I have now developed a painful thumb.
Best wishes to all

ShazzaKanazza Tue 30-May-23 07:19:41

Sending Urms and her husband my thoughts and best wishes💐

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 30-May-23 07:21:29


monk08 Tue 30-May-23 07:23:08

Condolences Grammaretto to you and your family 💐.

Aldom Tue 30-May-23 07:23:15

flowers flowers. For Mr. and Mrs. Urms with my good wishes.

brook2704 Tue 30-May-23 07:25:29

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve light grey cloud but it’s set to be warm and sunny later
Hoping all is ok with mick
So sorry to hear about your DMiL grammaretto sending condolences
Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, I was busy in the garden most of the day. This morning I’ve got to attend at the court for my Jury service, I’ve been selected as a reserve juror so not sure if I’ll be needed yet or not. We should be doing the usual Tuesday helping out with DGD after school, DH will have to manage in his own if I’m not around
Thinking of Urms and her DH
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

harrigran Tue 30-May-23 07:26:22

Good morning from Angus, another beautiful sunny day.
Did a walk yesterday by the river then watched the film Elvis in the house cinema, terrific acting.
Going to Glamis Castle today, pre booked online.
I was pleased to wake up this morning, was dreaming about applying to university in Dublin and was having trouble filling in the application forms.
Thinking of the Urmstons.
Hoping Mick is okay.

Gala Tue 30-May-23 07:28:38

Good morning all. Another lovely sunny start to the day here in Sefton.
Strength exercise class on Zoom this morning. Then lunch out at a very nice country pub /restaurant.
Off to water the garden right now. Will catch up later.
Enjoy the lovely weather if you can. ((Hugs)) for those of you that may need one.

Marydoll Tue 30-May-23 07:39:57

Good morning all from a sunny Glasgow.

Thank you for opening up GM, It's a bit worrying about Mick. Hopefully it's just tech issues.

Sending best wishes to the Urms family for the difficult times ahead.

Yesterday, DD turned up unexpectedly on her way home from work. It was a lovely surprise, as I haven't seen her for two weeks due to heavy work commitments.
I sat in my new arbour in the shade, while we had a good old catch up.
As usual, she didn't leave empty handed. I had a brand new pair of summer trousers, which did absolutely nothing for me! Ruthless is my new motto. I'm keeping nothing, which I'm iffy about.

We are hoping to go for a wee run down the coast today and see Babydoll on the way home, but for the first time in ages, my COPD has flared up, I have been up half the night with a congested chest.
I was so looking forward to getting out, but will need to see how I feel once I get up.

Mizuna, take it slowly and prayers for all the poorlies.

Enjoy your day, folks.

Marydoll Tue 30-May-23 07:42:33

Grammaretto, I'm so sorry to hear your news. I know how close you were to your mother in law. 💐

Sar53 Tue 30-May-23 07:42:39

Good morning from another cloudy, breezy day in Essex by the sea. It's about time the wind dropped and we had some warm, sunny weather.
I do hope Mick is ok and I'm thinking of Urms and her DH today.
I'm up and dressed waiting for the scaffolders to arrive. Our air conditioning unit is being fitted today. It would be nice to have the weather to be able to use it !!!
I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday xxx