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🍪 It’s National Biscuit Day! 🍪

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FannyCornforth Tue 30-May-23 09:30:25

Yes, 29th May is National Biscuit Day!

So, go on, what’s your favourite? ☕️

FannyCornforth Tue 30-May-23 09:31:34

Hang on, it’s the 30th today 🤦‍♀️
Damn and blast!

Salti Tue 30-May-23 09:48:57

Never mind, have a blackberry bun instead when they've cooled.

MiniMoon Tue 30-May-23 09:49:27

The 29th might be national biscuit day but in my book it's Royal Oak Day, or oak apple day. It celebrates the restoration of the monarchy.

Rosie51 Tue 30-May-23 09:49:51

You could have told us yesterday FannyCornforth! Great excuse to over indulge grin

FannyCornforth Tue 30-May-23 09:54:25

Rosie no worries, we can have Gransnet Biscuit Day! 🥳

FannyCornforth Tue 30-May-23 09:56:07

Salti they look scrumptious!

MiniMoon too my shame, I haven’t heard of that, I’ll have to educate myself, thank you

Granny23 Tue 30-May-23 10:00:46

For me it has to be Border Biscuits, dark chocolate and ginger biscuits. It is not safe to have a whole packet in my house, so I only buy them when DD and DGS are due to visit. They are subject to my late DM's rule (I.E. "NEVER DRINK ALONE)

henetha Tue 30-May-23 10:07:35

Well, I did eat one rich tea biscuit yesterday. (I'm on a diet)

Greyduster Tue 30-May-23 10:14:18

I had my two statutory early morning digestives at 0625! But I’m with Granny23 on the dark chocolate gingers! Impossible to leave them alone!

Grandma70s Tue 30-May-23 10:17:22

Every day is National Biscuit Day as far as I’m concerned. Ginger nuts, jammy dodgers, custard creams - anything!

Beechnut Tue 30-May-23 10:50:37

Wafer type biscuits are my favourite.

Norah Tue 30-May-23 11:12:00

Banana Oat.

Easy way to use up soft bananas. Adored by children.

Aldom Tue 30-May-23 11:46:09

Border dark chocolate and ginger are one of my favourites. I recently discovered Waitrose Duchy Shortbread biscuits. Sooo buttery. They melt in the mouth.

MiniMoon Tue 30-May-23 11:50:58

FannyCornforth, when my late mother was at school, if they all recited the following when the morning's school began the teacher would give the pupils a half day holiday.
" They 29th of May is Royal Oak Day,
If you don't give us holiday, we'll all run away."
The whole class had to remember and recite it.

Kim19 Tue 30-May-23 14:44:27

I'm with you Granny23. Love 'em. Just had 2 as I think I missed last year's celebration as well as yesterday!

Norah Wed 31-May-23 14:16:59

I made cookies for GC today - healthy and loved. Chickpeas, oat milk, muscovado, peanut butter, chocolate chips, oat flour.