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What do you think I would do?

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merlotgran Thu 01-Jun-23 17:31:14

This is intended to be a light hearted ‘dilemma’ based on a Radio 2 Saturday morning feature, ‘What would Sally do?’

I realise it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I often listen in while doing housework.

So….following the same format, what do you think I would do faced with the following dilemma…

“I’m getting ready to meet a friend for a walk along the seafront and ironing a favourite top when I notice the top button is very loose and if it’s undone reveals far too much (wrinkly) cleavage for my liking. I’m running short of time so do I…

a) Grab the loose thread and wind it round where the button is sewn on hoping it will hold?

b) Message my friend telling her I’ll be a bit late while I search for the sewing box?

c) Pull the button off so as not to lose it and think, To hell with the unflattering décolletage?”

What do you think I would do and what would you do?

Do add a ‘dilemma’ of your own for us to solve. 🤔😋

Allsorts Thu 01-Jun-23 17:34:40

😬I would do neither, just put another top on. If that was the only top I had I would pull the button off.

Knittynatter Thu 01-Jun-23 17:50:04

D) pretend I’d not noticed and hope for the best 😂

HowVeryDareYou2 Thu 01-Jun-23 17:58:26

Wear a different top
put a camisole underneath

Jaxjacky Thu 01-Jun-23 17:59:43

A and search, probably unsuccessfully, for a safety pin.

Theexwife Thu 01-Jun-23 18:07:41

If those were the only choices then a.

tanith Thu 01-Jun-23 19:18:46

Wear another top.

Siope Thu 01-Jun-23 19:20:05

You lost me at ‘ironing’.

Enidd Thu 01-Jun-23 19:22:25

I’d definitely pick another top to wear.

seadragon Thu 01-Jun-23 19:27:26


You lost me at ‘ironing’.

Me too, Siope...! I might put a brooch - (have double checked spelling and it seems the 'e ' at the end has been dropped since 1955) - over the offending aperture...but if it needs ironing, I wouldn't have it in the first place. Washing - mostly 100% cotton or wool goes out to breeze dry then carefully folded or put on hangers to air or till needed.....

merlotgran Thu 01-Jun-23 19:53:43

Ah! Thank you for reminding me I must buy another top to go with the trousers I wanted to wear because I only have two in the right colour and the other one was in the wash!

I should have thought of a brooch. Vintage is very ‘in’ even if the family heirloom looks like a squashed turtle!

Too hot for a camisole.☀️☀️

Callistemon21 Thu 01-Jun-23 20:04:14

(a) but take a safety pin

Callistemon21 Thu 01-Jun-23 20:04:56


I’d definitely pick another top to wear.

They're all in the wash!

midgey Thu 01-Jun-23 20:08:47

Trouble is those little gold safety pins are very very rare these days…..I know because I needed one to hold my glasses together!

LRavenscroft Thu 01-Jun-23 20:11:47

Probably tie a really nice scarf doubled up down my front.

Callistemon21 Thu 01-Jun-23 20:14:05

This reminded me of another thread:

^*You’re never going out looking like that?^*


Serendipity22 Thu 01-Jun-23 20:18:54

Put another top on ... 😃

crazyH Thu 01-Jun-23 20:26:43

Put another top !

Callistemon21 Thu 01-Jun-23 20:28:54

They're all in the wash!!

Callistemon21 Thu 01-Jun-23 20:29:36

You're not allowed to think outside the box 😁

Redhead56 Thu 01-Jun-23 20:34:59

I would grab the loose thread wrapped it round hope for the best done it many times.

pascal30 Thu 01-Jun-23 20:47:37

I'd sew it back on and be late

lixy Thu 01-Jun-23 21:41:38

ironing? What is this ironing thing?

I'd do a) wrap the thread around

but maybe my un-ironed top would be as wrinkly as my skin so no one would notice anyway.

Serendipity22 Thu 01-Jun-23 22:26:26

Ok.... considering i can never be late for anything and anyone, i would choose a) wrap the loose thread around button and show up on time as arranged.... 😃

Wyllow3 Thu 01-Jun-23 22:50:12

Another "not get past the ironing" bit.