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Kiwiqueen123 Fri 02-Jun-23 09:03:49

Just been having a spring clean under my kitchen sink cupboard. Have disposed of a lot of bottles, sprays etc which were absolutely useless. However what I've found that really works for me is Vanish carpet cleaner spray. Brilliant for getting rid of odd spots etc. Another one is called Elbow Grease. Not sure where I got it (probably our local ironmongers) but its a really good efficient spray for kitchen tiles etc.

Bathroom: Sudocrem. Couldn't live without it. So useful for minor sores, eczema patches. I also have lots of shampoos I've bought over time which haven't suited my hair. Recently had highlights which have almost disappeared but found a shampoo called Provoke highlight boost which really works for me (at the moment anyway).

Finally I really like Method bathroom cleaner. Buy it when its on special offer which is quite often. As they say "it does what it says on the tin".

Anyone else got any tips?

Septimia Fri 02-Jun-23 09:20:42

Washing soda. Brilliant at getting grease off oven components etc and for all sorts of other things.

JackyB Fri 02-Jun-23 09:29:23

I only have a few bottles of proprietary products left. When they are used up I shall try not to replace them. I make my own mixtures for floor, glass and general cleaning. Soda crystals, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are staple ingredients. I have a box full of old spray bottles to fill them into.

I do have one abrasive cream that comes in a tube (not plastic) which I use to clean the ceramic hob. Regular wiping down and immediate treatment of stains along with (human) elbow grease works for most things.

Sorry, this sounds a bit smug. Basically, I am just trying to cut back on plastic bottles and containers

Hetty58 Fri 02-Jun-23 09:30:37

White vinegar cleans almost everything - especially if warmed in the microwave. Bicarbonate of soda is brilliant too. I don't buy sprays - why inhale chemicals?

All those leftover shampoos etc. can be recycled as loo cleaner. I just love the Provoke purple shampoo.

Caramme Fri 02-Jun-23 11:57:21

As others have said vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are effective for many things. I do like Pink Stuff paste though. It is similar to Gumption, something we cleaned the pans with in Domestic Science lessons way back when.
I too use Sudocrem for everything skin related. I have given up the oh so convenient wipes and now use microfibre cloths for almost everything. They shine things beautifully, wash well at high temps and are cheap enough to buy.

Caramme Fri 02-Jun-23 13:13:25

As others have said vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are effective for many things. I have learned the hard way to clean my oven once a week. I do like Pink Stuff paste though. It is similar to Gumption, something we cleaned the pans with in Domestic Science lessons way back when.
I too use Sudocrem

Caramme Fri 02-Jun-23 13:14:30

Sorry everyone. Didn’t mean to post twice. Sun getting to my brain.

Chocolatelovinggran Fri 02-Jun-23 13:38:03

Oh please tell me that someone has the answer to cleaning the bottom of a dirty/ sticky iron. Lakeland no longer sell the wonder product " hot iron cleaner".

kittylester Fri 02-Jun-23 14:11:21

Wow, luckily I bought 2 tubes last time I had a lakeland order.

Open to the highest bidder.

JackyB Fri 02-Jun-23 14:24:56

I think I saw something once about standing it in a tray of salt. Haven't tried it though.

In fact I think I've been known to buy a new iron because the bottom of the old one was black and gunged up. The Tefal one I have at the moment hasn't got any of the black stuff on it. Must be the non-stick sole.

Foxygloves Fri 02-Jun-23 14:35:12

My mother was a great believer in “elbow grease” - but not the sort you can buy in a shop!

Bella23 Fri 02-Jun-23 15:22:03

Be careful if you are using bicarb,vinegar and something else. Someone I know read it was an efficient drain unblocked if followed by boiling water.
IT caused a chemical reaction which burned their face and especially their eyes. Their Gp could not deal with it and had to go to A&E . They are still suffering from blurred vision 12 months on.

Liaise Fri 02-Jun-23 15:24:44

One of my favourites is sugar soap. It is a yellow liquid in a bottle, widely available in places like Homebase. I use it on grouting especially the kitchen floor.

Charleygirl5 Fri 02-Jun-23 18:45:21

Be careful when buying distilled vinegar. I only buy it for cleaning because I hate the smell of it. I noticed in very small print that mine also had malt vinegar in it although it was white. Malt vinegar is not interested in cleaning anything.

At present I use Elbow Grease but mine is for washing dishes.

Esmay Fri 02-Jun-23 19:54:11

I had some sauce pans with burnt bases to clean .

After soaking and scrubbing to no avail - I finally covered them with some out of date brown sauce and tomato ketchup and the burnt bits came off easily .

I dread to think what those sauces do to your insides !

At the moment , I'm struggling to get tea stains out of bedlinen - any ideas ?

Theexwife Fri 02-Jun-23 20:36:50

Another fan of sugar soap, I haven't found anything it cannot clean. I buy cheaply from Home Bargains.

DamaskRose Fri 02-Jun-23 21:26:52

Has anybody any suggestions for cleaning the iron pot stands on my hob? They’re quite badly stained. I try to use eco friendly products as much as possible but for these I’d try anything!!

Hetty58 Fri 02-Jun-23 22:13:39

DamaskRose, I scrub iron pans with salt, scrape with a wooden spatula - then use detergent and/or bicarb on them, rinsing with very hot water.

Letitbleed Fri 02-Jun-23 22:40:23

For stubborn stains on most things, I use The Pink Stuff paste, might be worth a try?

Nannapat1 Sun 04-Jun-23 11:18:19

I love all Method products, Vanish soap bar and sprays for both caroets/upholstery and clothing.
In the bathroom I love Sudocrem which works for a variety of ailments but, having dark hair, I've never used that purple shampoo, although my DDs do and I hate the mess it makes in the bathroom 😫

Bella23 Sun 04-Jun-23 11:33:37

Baby wipes without lanolin. I know they are not "Green' and never flush them away but find them brilliant for spots on pale carpets and upholstery. Isolated big splashes of bird poo on windows, house and car and the fronts of my Kitchen cupboard doors which have a small pitted surface and mark easily.
Also, tea and coffee if spilt on cloth.

JaneJudge Sun 04-Jun-23 11:35:58

I like the vanish carpet cleaner too. Astonish mould and mildew spray is brilliant too

grandMattie Sun 04-Jun-23 12:17:43

I’m another fan of Method bathroom cleaner. Love Viakal for scale. Washing soda in machine to use less powder.

Milest0ne Sun 04-Jun-23 13:01:06

The only use I can think of for Cola is for cleaning the loo and brass ornaments,

Ampersand Sun 04-Jun-23 13:16:21

Bar Keepers Friend might do the trick & best place to buy is Home Bargains - £1.49